Laneige Top 3 Must-Have for Bright & Radiant Skin [Review]

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As promised, let me elaborate more on the Top 3 Must-Haves from my favourite brand- Laneige to combat the dry & hot season in SG now! Apart from drinking more water, these 3 essentials from Laneige will help to enhance the hydration level and whiten your skin :D
Laneige upgraded their White Plus Renew Line this Spring, to help Asian women achieve brighter, clearer and flawless looking skin through its Melacrusher whitening technology.
 So you may ask, what is Melacrusher whitening technology? 

Here's Dr Shim Boem explaining to us how the MelaCrusher Technology works :)
Formulated with truffle yeast & green tea extracts, it effectively breaks down and removes melanin, helping your skin achieve a radiant, even toned complexion. 

Melacrucher technology is based on the concept of Autophagy brightening which accelerates the self purification system by cells to regulate melanin & waste materials that contribute to dull skin and pigmentation, while inhibiting melanin formation and transfer.

Three key ingredients:
Truffle Yeast Extract- Anti-oxidant & anti-yellowness care
Green Tea Extract- Whitening & moisturising agent
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)- Anti redness care, soothes skin & removes melanin

Free of these harmful elements: Animal products, artificial pigments, mineral oil and 1,4-dioxane.

Here's a fantastic new product for those who loved the Laneige Sleeping pack! To me, it's an upgraded version that provides you both hydration & whitening effects all in one! If you are lazy & forgetful like me, this sleeping pack is perfect for you :D Simply mix both the whitening capsule and hydro gel cream where the ampoules continues the 2 tones brighter treatment during a good night's sleep.

My review:
 Simply love this product as it is packed individually, very hygienic, travel friendly and most importantly the mask is very moisturising! Tried & tested! Hydration factor: 5 stars! 
Moreover, the cream is non sticky a few mins after application, and it simply feels like a layer of film on your face when you are sleeping :D

PS: Don't forget to layer the leftover sleeping pack over your neck as well!

Pretty worth it & economical for $42 for a box, only ~$2.60 per capsule :D Get this sleeping pack from the Laneige stores now before it gets sold out!
Next up, we have the White Plus Renew Original Essence! I guess this is familiar to Laneige fans since this is the Best Seller! It was my first try at this essence though :) Have been using the hydration series, but now I am convinced to switch over to the White Plus Renew series hehe!!

According to a survey, 99% of women experienced improved skin condition after only 2 weeks of use! :D 

My review:
I think I am part of the 99% hehe! Love how my skin appears to be brighter after using this essence for the past 2 weeks! It's true! I will definitely be stocking this up when I head to Seoul next month! :D That's how good it is! It's pretty mild and gentle to my skin, yet delivers amazing brightening effect. Guess that's what justifies for the higher price tag for this essence :p 
Last but not least, apart from skincare, I would like to introduce the new, improved & even more powerful BB Cushion with 6-in-1 benefits! :D You definitely need to layer UV protection when you head outdoors/ head for school or work if you would like to achieve fairer skin. This new BB cushion comes with Melacrusher Technology incorporated to target melanin formation, as well as bead tree extract and natural mineral water for added skincare and hydration benefits.

Further elaboration on the 6-in-1 benefits:

1. Brightening effect (*new) 
With the patented Melacrusher™ Technology, the new and improved Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion enables skin to recover its ability to self-deceompose melanin in a safe and natural way to give skin a brighter, more transparent and milky texture without blemishes.

2. UV Protection (50+, PA+++)
With Laneige's enhanced UV Protection function with SPF50+, PA+++ that may be used in replacement of a sun block lotion, it helps to protect your skin without clogging pores.

3. Moisturising Effect
Intensified with upgraded functions, the BB cushion is added with strong moisturising effect of optimal mineral water that moisturises immediately from deep within the skin for moist and healthy skin, inside and out.

4. Water-Resistant
The water-resistant feature maintains the effects of a dewy skin despite sweat or sebum which is highly suited for Singapore's humid tropical weather all year round, for a longer-lasting coverage.

5. Make-up Tint
Laneige's BB Cushion's make up tint effect tightens up natural and clean tone with medium coverage.

6. Soothing Effect
The new Laneige BB Cushion contains 34% more moisture and optimal mineral water that immediately cools, soothes and refreshes skin fatigue by heat. Clinical data has shown that skin temperature drops by 4°C immediately after use.

Just check out this model's before & after look (after applying the latest BB cushion) :D
My review:
I use this everyday when I head for work! Pretty happy with the more natural and dewy feel! :D If you prefer a matt makeup look, simply apply a layer of loose powder after the BB cushion application.

Currently, I use both #13 True Beige & #21 Natural Beige thanks to Tina's advice :D #13 is lighter, hence I would use it on areas that I would like to brighten up on my face. #21 will be used on the sides of my face where it will produce the contouring effect due to it being a darker shade :) You can try it out too! Do approach the Laneige counters to determine the shade of BB cushion you should get :p

And here are the several shades of BB cushion swatches available: 
And last but no least, here's some images from the launch event :D Thank you for the invite! Love it as we got to try out the entire White Plus Renew series with skincare & makeup experts sharing their advice! Thank you Tina, Melissa & the rest of the Laneige team! :D  
Just check out the entire range of makeup and skin care products from Laneige! How i wish I can bag them home hahaha.. 

PS: Love the cute silhouette which we got! :D  

Hope you like my review of these top 3 products to get from Laneige to combat this hot and hazy season!! I love all of the 3 products and I do hope you love it too! <3 Thank you Laneige!

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