SG BusLeh App - The iOS app developed in Singapore!

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Have you tried out the SG BusLeh app? :) It's one of my must have iOS app developed in Singapore! It's developed by the local mobile app development consultancy Originally US. They specialize in designing and developing amazing apps that look and feels great!

Launched in 2015, I have been an avid user of this bus app after my friends recommended to me! It's one of the most comprehensive bus app that is super informative! 
Some of my favourite functions of the app are as follows:

1. It's the first bus app to also provide SMRT train timing! Love transport apps that gives you all in one information!
2. It's the first bus app to introduce 3rd arrival timing. Usually other bus apps in Singapore only offers up to 2 bus arrival timing per bus. This is really useful especially for Kiasu people like me >.<
3. The first bus iOS app to introduce bus locator. You get to 'stalk' and see the actual current physical location of upcoming buses!
This is my ultimate favourite because i'm a control freak hahaha.. 
4. It is also the first bus app to inform commuters whether upcoming buses are double deckers, bendy or single decks and predict how full each bus will be when it arrives. 
Very useful when you want to gauge if there's sufficient space to board /sufficient empty seats or you might just have some extra time to get a cup of drink while waiting for the next bus :)

5. It's also the first bus app to feature Singlish! HAHHAA..
You understand how we can't find some locations because we are so used to it being named in Singlish right? ;)

5. Did you know that this is also the first bus app where you get to check your EZ-link card balance using your phone (on supported devices)? Super cool right! I always wanted a way to check my card balance and this is perfect!

6. Last but not least, this is super useful for people who are afraid of missing their stops! The app lets you know roughly how many stops you have and you will not miss the stop anymore! Super awesome!!

The SG Busleh app is available on both iOS and Android platforms :) Go download it now! I'm sure you will find it really useful like I did!


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