I'm 4. What's the story behind your number?

By 10:00 AM
Turning 26 in a few months’ time has definitely got me thinking about the milestones I have reached thus far.

Yes, I have completed my O levels, graduated from University with a degree and secured a full-time job. I guess these milestones are pretty much age-specific.

Singaporeans usually start working around 22 or 23 . The next milestone would probably be marriage and having children. I guess that’s the question most ladies my age will get from their aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year. What’s your job? Do you have a boyfriend— if yes, when are you getting married? And if you are married, when are you going to have kids?

The milestones in my life have been a little unconventional. They are defined by the adventures that I’ve embarked on; adventures that my future self will thank me for - a YOLO attitude to try out new things in life!

So if I had to choose a number to represent my accomplishments, my number would be 4.