I'm 4. What's the story behind your number?

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Turning 26 in a few months’ time has definitely got me thinking about the milestones I have reached thus far.

Yes, I have completed my O levels, graduated from University with a degree and secured a full-time job. I guess these milestones are pretty much age-specific.

Singaporeans usually start working around 22 or 23 . The next milestone would probably be marriage and having children. I guess that’s the question most ladies my age will get from their aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year. What’s your job? Do you have a boyfriend— if yes, when are you getting married? And if you are married, when are you going to have kids?

The milestones in my life have been a little unconventional. They are defined by the adventures that I’ve embarked on; adventures that my future self will thank me for - a YOLO attitude to try out new things in life!

So if I had to choose a number to represent my accomplishments, my number would be 4.

1) I skydived

Like most people, my parents think that skydiving is too dangerous, and do not understand why I would pay so much to endanger my own life. I think that it’s just a matter of changing your mindset. If not now, then when? The skydiving experience I had was amazing! I felt as free as a bird and I’m so glad I did it! It was a moment I was truly proud of; the moment when I took a leap of faith— literally ^^

2) I walked the runway for ASOS & Local Designer label— WOMB
Frankly speaking, I was under the impression that I was too old and amateurish for the runway. But with much encouragement, I took up the challenge! My heart was beating so hard during the first runway walk. I was afraid of what might happen, but at the same time, excited, because it was something new! All eyes were on me as I posed on the runway and in that moment, I felt a sense of liberation.

3) I swam with whale sharks

The adrenaline rush I felt when I dived with my guide to get up close with the whale sharks was an experience I would never forget. I was thrilled when the friendly giants swam up close to me. The old me would never have done that. At that very moment, I felt at one with the whale sharks and that experience has helped to reduce my fear of being in the sea.

4) I abseiled down a waterfall

I felt like Tarzan when we abseiled a waterfall with no equipment, just our bare hands and feet. I was lamenting, “No, we can’t do it. How is this even possible?” The next moment, I was within the curtains of the beautiful waterfalls, jumping down and having the time of my life. This experience tested my limits and I discovered that there was so much more that I could achieve if I simply tried it out.

I’m proud that I managed to fulfill these goals on my bucket list. It keeps me motivated, gets me through my everyday life and makes my life story.

Why? Because I’ve always been known as the quiet and shy city girl, only capable of going on shopping adventures. But come on; I jumped out of a plane, strutted down a runway, swam with whale sharks and abseiled down a waterfall. I am proud to say that these four accomplishments have changed me greatly. I’m more confident, not just in trying new things, but in my everyday life as well.

So I would say, no matter what age you are at, just do it! Do what you like, be who you want to be, and be proud of your every little milestone in life.

What’s the story behind your number? 

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