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ITOH Collagen Powder [Review]

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Hello everyone! I'm back! PS: Do keep a look out for the upcoming blogposts as I will be doing my first blog giveaway soon~! :)
Back to today's post~
Do you know... that sugar gives you wrinkles as it breaks down collagen?? 

"In a nutshell, sugar hastens the
degradation of elastin and collagen, both key
skin proteins. In other words, it actively
ages you" :(

as quoted from:
This is really bad news for me, especially when I love sweet treats so so much!! :( *Sobs*
You know how girls love to eat sweet treats so often right? I am definitely one of them! Check out my food posts and you will understand. :x 

So what can you do if you can't seem to give up on your dessert and sweet treats? I guess the only way would be to replenish and increase your daily collagen intake! :D 
Here's a beauty supplement to my rescue! Thanks to the samplestore and ITOH Collagen Powder, I can have my sweet treats and slow down the process of ageing too! 
*But of course, I will also need to reduce my intake of sweet treats (for the sake of beauty) :p*

I was so happy when I received this box of collagen powder! :D Something to boost my collagen level since I'm hitting my quarter life crisis soon! >.< 

Ma Chérie & Majolica Majorca Winter Launch

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Hello everyone! :) Sorry for the hiatus, was away for quite a while as I went on a holiday and was down with food poisoning, my iPhoto crashed, as well as the overwhelming workload after I was back! So sorry to all! I will be updating this space more regularly to make up for it! I promise! :D Please don't abandon me okay?

Anyway, I'm back to show you the pretty Ma Cherie and Majolica Majorca Winter Launch which i've attended! :D Thank you for the invite!
I love the fairylights! :D

The Fabulous Baker Boy

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Hihi! :D Are you thinking of somewhere to go to for sweet treats or desserts?

I'm sure most of you have heard about people raving about the cakes from The Fabulous Baker Boy right? :) And so.. we went to check out how good the cakes were! It is located directly opposite Liang Court in the Foothills.

This is a rather backdated post :p but since I am craving to go back to try the famous red velvet cake, I better post up this post before my next visit hehe~ B brought me here as part of my b'day celebration, sweet treats after the yummy brunch at La Villa! :D 
You have to walk quite a bit from the entrance. The distance seems rather far as it was too sunny (scorching hot) and the both of us were sweating by the time we reached the end. (it's located at the last building in this picture *points up*)
When you see these pretty human sized tulips, you are reaching the cafe! :D really wanted an OOTD with the tulips as the background but... the weather was really too hot, all you want to do is quickly run to a shady area :x

And we are finally here!

Backbeatgo2 - The Perfect Travel Companion

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It's nearing the end of 2013 soon! :) I'm sure many of you have upcoming vacations or travel plans in the next few months to come~ It's time to unleash the wanderlust in you! One important thing to do is to have a travel checklist to ensure that you don't miss out on anything for your vacation~

Pic credits:

This is part of my SOP before any trips :) To print out a travel checklist hehe! Typical traits of a Virgo. Lol! I guess many people do this too! :p Hmm.. So many things to bring, but what are the items to bring with you wherever you head to? 

Minions date at St Marc's Cafe

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Bello!  Do you remember your Minionese? :p

Here's a recap for the Minion fans~
pic credits:

This is a rather long overdue blogpost with images that I just found in my hard disk :p I didn't want to park them away without sharing with all of you, so here I am! :D

I hope this blogpost brings back happy memories of the Minion fever~ I'm sure most of you are minion fans right? *winks* 

Do you recall the crazy rush for the happy meal minion figurines? :D Teehee~
Here's one of them which lights up!
*cues song!*

La Villa - Missing le Squid Ink Pasta

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Today, I will be introducing this Mediterranean eatery located at 341 River Valley Road - La Villa [Italian Grill & Bar]. It's easier to take a cab or drive to this Italian Grill & Bar~ Highly recommended to plan a trip to this quaint location soon, as this restaurant will be relocated due to upcoming MRT plans :( Heard that the last day of operation at this pretty place will be on 8th Dec 13~ So do it give a try at this quaint chill-out spot, away from the hustle and bustle before their last day there! :)
This was B's attempt at surprising me for my B'day this year by having the entire day planned out for me~ and he succeeded! Never expected to dine at such a nice quaint place for lunch hehe~ So it was a pleasant surprise! Thanks B! <3

Beauty In the Eyes

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"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin."
-Gwyneth Paltrow-
Although one might say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, being comfortable in your own skin is more important :) To achieve this, a good skincare regime with reliable skincare products are essential! 

The Sample Store: Free Hada Labo samples anyone? [Review]

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Hello everyone! I'm back again! Check out this pretty parcel that I've just received a few days ago! Woohoo! Yippee! I just can't contain my excitement when I saw this parcel on my table! Prettiest parcel received ever~! Thank you SampleStore! :D
So you may ask: What is all about? :) It is a website where you get to redeem free samples from body, hair, face products etc!

Confessions of a Shopaholic: 8 Things to buy from Korea! :D

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Hi everyone! :) So sorry for the hiatus as I was trying to dig out the photos for this post! 8 Main things to buy from Korea!!! :D These are my 2012 Korea Trip Hauls~ Confessions of a shopaholic haha.. I know this is a really backdated post but nevertheless, I think this will serve as a pretty good guide to those who are heading to Korea soon, so you can plan how much cash to bring for your shopping expenses! :D

Personally, I am a shopaholic.. So, these 8 things to buy might not apply to everyone! :p Hope it helps in your planning for your trip to Korea!

Beat stress with Plantronics BackBeatGo2! [Review]

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Beat Stress with Plantronics' newly launched #SGBackBeatGo2! :D
What do you usually do during your leisure time? :) Do you head for a jog after a long and hectic day of work? I do!!! :p I'm sure most of you go for a jogging session/ take part in some sports activities at least once a week :) Personally, I feel that jogging provides me with some personal me-time and having plugged in music is essential when I'm jogging alone~ Today I'm going to introduce to you Plantronics BackBeat Go2 wireless earbuds that will serve as your perfect jogging companion! <3 
Say Bye to your old earpiece which makes you feel restricted as you have wires looping around you while you jog! :x Your phone no longer needs to be "physically" connected to your earpiece to enjoy jogging with music on the go! :) Combating stress is more effective when you no longer hear the irritating sound of the earpiece banging against your body when running. It can get really frustrating to deal with easily tangled wires~

5 Things to do at Gyeongbokgung Palace! :D

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Hello! :D I'm back with another part of my Korea Travelogue! :)

Here's another MUST GO attraction when you visit Seoul~ It is none other than the Gyeongbokgung Palace!

Presenting to you the five main things you gotta do when you are at the Gyeongbokgung Palace :)

Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013 x Thai Express

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And so.. this year B & I decided to head for the Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013! :D It was super near to my office haha.. Unfortunately.. we were rather disappointed by the whole event :( *sobs* 

Simple weekends spent with B :)

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Hi everyone! :) So sorry for the delay in posts :x I promise 2 blogposts this weekend to make up for it! One will be on my Korea Travelogue and the other post..i am still thinking hehe..

In the meantime, I shall tempt you with yummy cranberry scones at B's school! They are my favourite! Tastes really good when it is piping hot and u spread strawberry jam over it! :D :D :D

Biggest and best scones in my food dictionary thus far :p

Space & Light Studios: 5 things that constitue a happy yoga session!

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Hello everyone! :) 

Sorry for the delay again! :x Too much office work to clear is giving me a severe case of Monday, Tuesday & Mid week blues~ Anyway, I have finally compiled my very first Yoga experience and will be sharing with you! 
I have a great deal to share!! :D How does 4 free yoga lessons sound to you? Hehe!! More details at the end of this post!

So.. what are the five things that constitute my happy first Yoga lesson? 

We arrived at Space & Light Studios after taking the comfy shuttle bus from Ion Orchard :) They have shuttle services from both Redhill Mrt & Ion Orchard! It's quite convenient right! You can shop around Orchard before heading for your Yoga session and head for high tea in Orchard with your yoga mates after lesson! Click on the link to find out how to get to Space & Light Studios!

*Look out for the bus which has the "Verita" Logo :)*

So.. you must be thinking.. why yoga? :) The end of 2013 is drawing close and I'm sure many of you have put weight loss, toner and fitter body as one of your 2013 New Year's resolutions. If you are not near your goal or still working hard towards it, do try out Yoga! :D I personally felt the effects it has on my round tummy and problematic areas! I do hope I can continue to do yoga to relax my tense muscles and build on my core muscles.

Horlicks Doggies Cookies

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Hello everyone!! :D This is my first attempt at a baking post! Had a date with B by baking Horlicks Doggies Cookies at his house one day :) Hope this gives boyfriends and girlfriends out there some ideas on what to do for the weekends! Cheap and fun! But, slightly time consuming haha..  :) Without further ado, here's the recipe! 
So what are the ingredients needed? :)

Laneige's New Silk Intense Lipstick colours & Art Play Liners [Review]

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As promised in my previous blogpost, here are the new products from Laneige!! :D :D :D
Are you excited?? :D Laneige's new Silk Intense Lipstick colours are now launched in stores! 6 new shades for pretty pouty looking lips! :p

To me, one of the essential makeup items to looking good would be the lipstick! :D I look so ghastly without any lipstick arghh.. Does anyone feel the same way as me? Are you tired of using the same shade of pink lipstick over and over again? Fret not! Here's Laneige coming to our rescue with 6 new shades of colours to choose from! 

Looks good right?? :D All the colours looks so pretty!!! And i got the colour that I wanted to try out! :p Have been purchasing colours that gives off a subtle hint of pink hehe.. so now I would like to try out a shade of pink that is bolder and more striking! Can you guess which shade I got?

Laneige Bb Cushion Party! :D

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Hello everyone! :D I'm back with more updates! Apologies for the delay for this post! I have just received the photos taken by the event's professional photographer and was trying to replace some of my poorly taken pictures so it took quite a while hehe.. Those pictures with the "Laneige" watermark are from the professional photographer hehe!

Moving on! Firstly, thank you Laneige once again for inviting me to such a fun event! :D I was so excited to see Song Joong Ki welcoming us at the entrance haha.. 

New Look A/W 2013 Preview :D

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Hello everyone! Apologies for the late post! Was having some problems trying to upload this post and the Laneige post as well.. Argh.. :( 

But anyway.. here it is! Finally uploaded! :D I was so excited to receive the invite for the New Look Autumn Winter 2013 preview! Went down to the Suntec outlet which was HUGE!!! Perfect for shopaholics like me! Haha..

Psst! Please read on till the end of this post! I have a good deal to share with my readers!! :D

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this brand "New Look" and would have probably at least bought an item or two from this shop! :) Do you know that New Look is currently the 2nd largest retailer in the UK women's clothing and accessories? New Look emphasises on translating the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets. There will always be weekly new arrivals in stores! Are you excited to find out more about the latest trends for the new season? :)

*cues: YES!!!* Lol!

Happy 9th B! :D

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Happy 9th B! Cheers to the start of the 9th promise :)

"Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you in their life."

Thank you for being here lovey! Love you! Thank you for the quote! :D


The Beautiful Briksdal Glacier

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Hi everyone! it's the weekends's sunday already.. *Sobs* Pre-monday blues~ Currently lazing in bed and dreaming of the next dream holiday destination.. hehe! In the meantime, i shall fill this space with some wanderlust pictures! 

Let me bring you through our troll car ride to get up close to the Briksdal Glacier, as promised! :D The scenery was so pretty I just kept snapping photos non stop.. *I'm not exaggerating!* 

This is part 2 where we travel deeper into the Jostedal Glacier National Park to view the beautiful Briksdal Glacier! Woohoo! 1 more item off my bucket list! :D
That's the mini troll car bringing you super close to the pretty waterfalls..

Ma Chérie X Majolica Majorca X Chérie Fantasy

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Hello September! 
Sorry everyone for the delay in updates because it was my birthday week and work was (and is still) piling up continuously~ Please pardon me! >.<

Without further ado, let me show you the pretty Ma Cherie X Majolica Majorca event that I attended a few weeks ago!
I was thrilled when I received the invitation! Especially when the card is personalised with your own picture! :D #narcissismstrikes

The event was held at Mu Parlour @ Holland V specially for the Majolica Majorca Chapter 38- Fantastic Fantasy  & Ma Cherie Autumn Launch 2013! <3

Busy busy busy

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Hello everyone! :D Sorry for the lack of posts this week! I just came back from "Owl" Staycation at M Hotel! It has been a really busy and hectic week! Here's one of my favourite pictures to fill up this space for the time being!

Do look forward to the Ma Cherie x Majolica Majorca post coming right up! :D


Bonjour! Welcome to Celio!

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{Bonjour! Welcome to Celio*!}

Last Saturday, B & I visited this new shop at Plaza Singapura to shop for some new clothes! Have you heard about this brand? 

"Celio was founded in 1985 in Paris, France and has 1000 over stores in over 60 countries all over the world. They focus mainly on decoding trends into simple wearable pieces that can be worn daily by the young urban male."

This new Celio* outlet is located at the new extension of Plaza Sing #03-41.

Full House Cafe {Closed}

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Hello everyone! :) I was sieving through the photos that I had in my hard disk and I found these photos of our visit to Full House Cafe quite a while back.. However, it has unfortunately closed down as of now..  but I thought I might just do a quick post and show you some of our past pictures! :)

Looking at the pictures makes me miss the time I spent mugging with B at his school! :( I miss being a student.. This post is mainly to reminisce the days when I was mugging for my exams and our mini indulgences :D

Journey into the Norwegian Fjordland

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Day-dreaming of the next holiday destination when I thought of my Scandinavia travelogue that is not updated fully.. :p Time to settle my wanderlust mood with these pictures for now!

Today's travel post is one of the most scenic portion of my entire 2012 Scandinavia trip! :D

Bringing to you pictures of our journey into the depth of the Norwegian Fjordlands, one of the prettiest place I have seen so far! It's a wonderful place filled with soaring mountains, icy glaciers and rivers.. Simply magnificent~ Almost any picture taken would be postcard scenery.. *in my opinion :p* Of course, do pardon my amateur photography skills as I feel that they don't do justice to the pretty scenery.. Would love to head there again one day with my tripod in hand and lots of free and easy time to take even more photos! *daydreams*
Rise & shine and it was time to journey into the beautiful Norwegian Fjordland!

50% off Dominos Pizza!!

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Hello everyone! :D With the upcoming long weekends this week, I have a great deal for all of you! 
I know i should have shared about this deal last month but I've been super duper busy, so thousand apologies about sharing this deal late.. oopsy!

50% off all Domino's Pizzas!!!
Simply use the discount code: BLG82

Finally got my pictures sorted out and I can't wait to show you the Dominos Pizza Party that I was invited to attend! Thank you for the invite! :D

Bintan Escapade with B

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Thousand apologies for neglecting this space of mine for quite a while.. Work has really been quite overwhelming.. :( and luck is not on my side. Before I lose more blog readers, here are pictures from my recent Bintan Escapade with B! :D

I have lots of other backlog of pictures and events to blog about but.. I can't help but post these pictures first! :p

I will be blogging a more detailed post on our short vacation at Bintan Lagoon Resort soon, but in the meantime, here are my favourite snapshots from our trip!

I shall let the pictures do the talking~ Enjoy! :D

Something sweet for the week ...?

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Hello! :D I know i'm suppose to blog about pizzas first but I can't resist the pictures of these sweet treats that I want to share with all of you! Here's a post to brighten up your last day of the weekend before we begin another hectic week of work! :D

Presenting to you: 
Four places to head to for sweet & savoury treats! :D 

Simply spell STRESSED the other way around and it would be DESSERTS
So.. here's a compilation of four cafes for the sweet tooth in you! Let's indulge in desserts before the stressful week ahead~

Tiong Bahru Bakery
This bakery needs no further introduction~ I'm sure many of you have been to one of the outlets for the large variety of yummy goodies!
Anyway, here's the addresses for the 2 outlets:

56 Eng Hoon St #01-70 S(160056)
Tel: 62203430
8am-8pm daily

252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-11/12 S(179103)
Tel: 63334160
9am-10pm daily

My preferred outlet is the Raffles City one! :p Probably becos I did not get any good service from the Eng Hoon St outlet when I went there the other time. It was too crowded for my liking too. The Raffles City outlet is far more accessible :D

Anyway.. Introducing my favourite pick from Tiong Bahru Bakery:

*Chocolate croissant*

It has to be the chocolate croissant! :D YUMS! When you have it while it's piping hot, it is simply heavenly heheehee! I will always order this whenever I head to the Tiong Bahru Bakery! Do try this out! :)

I'm back!!! :D

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Hi everyone!! :D Thousand apologies for neglecting this space for the past 2 weeks.. :( Please don't abandon my blog kk? *pretty please*
I have been really really busy with work after my Taiwan trip with ABE! Le inbox exploded to a new high again.. 300 and more.. *stressed out* hais.. #majorpostholidayblues #woesofaworkingadult

Laneige Beauty Blogger Challenge - My dream make up workshop!

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Hi everyone!!! :D
I’m so excited to share with you all that I have learnt from Laneige make up workshop on a fruitful Saturday! I was so happy and excited on Friday after I received the phone call from Nuffnang that I’m one of the 10 selected bloggers! *hyperventilates*
 I literally laughed out loud while I was having lunch with my colleagues. This is my first attempt in writing a beauty blog post and I’m so happy that it has gained some recognition, furthermore from my favourite skincare & makeup brand! This recognition has provided me with a huge motivation to continue writing on beauty blog posts! If you know me personally, you will realise that I’m a really huge fan of Laneige! Really thankful!

Please read on and vote for me!!! :D
Vote for CHLOE TEO! :p
Thank you in advance hehe!!

Without further ado, let me show you pictures of my dream make up workshop! When we first arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff from Amore Pacific Corporation / Laneige.

First up, we had our welcome pictures taken with the Laneige background! We were treated like VIPs with a designated photographer to take the photos for you! The photographer was really nice and friendly too! But.. This was how my first picture turned out to be.. *yikes* Awkward to the max..! I guess I’m not really used to taking photos with a professional photographer.. but luckily the photos for the final look turned out better! :p as the saying goes: ‘Practice makes perfect!’

Top 3 Cheap thrills in Seoul! Of Neoprints, Supermarket & Noraebang!

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Hello i'm back!!! :D
OmgOmgOmg!! *hyperventilates* I got chosen as one of the top 10 bloggers for Laneige's beauty blogger challenge! :D 
*so thankful*
It's like a dream come true! I can't believe it! Hahha.. okok enough of excitement. Please pardon me for being so 'sua gu'! I'm still in the midst of preparing my blogpost so do wait for details on the dream laneige makeover event that I've attended! The girls i met there are all sooo pretty with really good complexion! And the staff were v friendly and helpful too! :D Thank you so much for all the help during the workshop! And not forgetting my starstruck experience meeting two of my favourite bloggers: Qiuqiu and Velda! 
*fangirl alert! I took pics with them! Hehhee.. First up close experience with my favourite bloggers! Never had such a chance before!*
*Sneak peek of the upcoming post at the end of this post*
Back to the main topic for today! I'm going to show you what are the top 3 cheap thrills to try out in Seoul! :D

Number 1
You may think that neoprints are very old school since everyone uses their handphones and the neoprint apps to add the cutesy fonts etc etc, but think again!!!

Check this out!! There are hanboks and cute accessories to wear for free to take your neoprints with! <3 <3 <3

Awesome right?? And at no extra charges!!! It's only 7000won (less than S$10 *divide it between 4 ppl, it's less than $2.50 each!* Value for money!) for a neoprint shot and you get to wear the costume and accessories for free! It's a must go/must try when you are in Seoul! This neoprint machine store is located in Insadong 인사동 on the second level near the cheerful Ssamzie-gil complex (쌈지길).

So glad we managed to stumble upon this cheap thrill when we wandered around the area!

What I have been up to for the past few days...

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So sorry for the lack of posts for the past week! >.< Have been really busy and here's what I have been up to! :)

1. Revamping my blog
(Special thanks to B Love!)
 Do you notice that my blog looks neater now? :) I hope it is easier to navigate with the categorisation of my blogposts into:

Travelogue, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Events

And my contact info is also available via the menu at the top!  :D 
I'm currently still in the midst of transferring the links of the past posts to the respective categories. Only done with 'Travelogue' & 'Beauty' as well as 'Contact'! :)

Let me show you my Travelogue tab!

 Do click on it to take a look! :D

I Love Laneige!! [Review]

By 2:03 AM
This is my very first beauty blogpost so do pardon me if i am very naggy or if i miss out any details kk! Please provide me with comments & feedback on how to improve my post! Thank you!! :D

*Warning: lots of without make up dull looking vain pok pictures ahead!*

Argh.. First blogpost showing my without make up dull looking face without any editing :( 
Please don't leave my blog becos of this kk! Pls continue reading! *Pretty pls!!*
 These are the usual worries and thoughts that never fail to run through my mind almost everyday or every weekend! It's so frustrating! Esp when I want to look good for a date with B! It's not everyday that he can spare time to go out with me! *Pumpsfists!* 

Must look good!! *Fighting!* but what should i use??? :(