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Hi everyone!!! :D
I’m so excited to share with you all that I have learnt from Laneige make up workshop on a fruitful Saturday! I was so happy and excited on Friday after I received the phone call from Nuffnang that I’m one of the 10 selected bloggers! *hyperventilates*
 I literally laughed out loud while I was having lunch with my colleagues. This is my first attempt in writing a beauty blog post and I’m so happy that it has gained some recognition, furthermore from my favourite skincare & makeup brand! This recognition has provided me with a huge motivation to continue writing on beauty blog posts! If you know me personally, you will realise that I’m a really huge fan of Laneige! Really thankful!

Please read on and vote for me!!! :D
Vote for CHLOE TEO! :p
Thank you in advance hehe!!

Without further ado, let me show you pictures of my dream make up workshop! When we first arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff from Amore Pacific Corporation / Laneige.

First up, we had our welcome pictures taken with the Laneige background! We were treated like VIPs with a designated photographer to take the photos for you! The photographer was really nice and friendly too! But.. This was how my first picture turned out to be.. *yikes* Awkward to the max..! I guess I’m not really used to taking photos with a professional photographer.. but luckily the photos for the final look turned out better! :p as the saying goes: ‘Practice makes perfect!’

I was pretty overwhelmed by the entire set-up for the makeup workshop! Check out the stash on the table!!! And we each have one set to bring home!!! OMG!!! From a cute cushion.. to a pouch, magazines and FULL SIZED make up products! Yes, let me repeat again haha.. it was not samples but full sized products! Laneige is so generous!!! :D

 *In my heart i kept thinking: ‘Is this for real??* 
I was not expecting to bring home so many goodies! LOL! THANK YOU LANEIGE!! 

Oh oh oh!!! Did i mentioned that I simply love the gigantic powder puff cushion? Absolute love love love! It’s super cute and definitely a photo-taking worthy prop, perfect to pose with it! (Here's a picture I took!) <3
Laneige really knows how to pamper us; they even had cupcakes and fruit juice as refreshments! 
The whole event was simply a dream come true to me! I must really thank my lucky stars!***
I also took a pic with the super pretty Song Hye Kyo and handsome Song Joong Ki! :p hehehe.. and here's Hui Ning! She looks really cute right? :) Not forgetting the make up brushes provided for the workshop~

I have heard so much about Laneige's Skincare series and used them personally, however, I have not heard or used much of the make up products from Laneige except for my ultimate favourite BB Cream! Soooo excited to be given this chance to doll up with a full set of make up products from Laneige! :D

Before commencing the makeup workshop, we watched a video on how to create the bling bling look :) Today, the workshop aims to teach us on how to achieve a natural K-Beauty look!

Let me share with you what I've learnt from the workshop! :D

Here's an introduction to the 10 Make up products that I've used during the make up workshop! :D

Let's start with the 10 Steps to transform into a K-Beauty! <3

Remove your make up

Laneige was really thoughtful and provided both the eye makeup remover as well as the face makeup remover.  Didn’t really need to tug on my skin to get the makeup off my face especially for my eye make up! *Thumbs up*

Spray some Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist before continuing with moisturising and skin care :)

 Mini Tip : Rest the cotton wool dipped with makeup remover on your eyes for 1-2 mins before cleaning off the makeup. This will minimize the tugging and pulling at your eye area which will cause the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines!

Moisturise and apply the skincare series to prep your skin (For the perfect face canvas)
We moisturised our skin with the White Plus renew Skincare series! The White Plus renew Skincare series provides protection from Melanin. It targets to protect your apple zone which is the delicate area on your face most prone to sun exposure, pigmentation and dehydration.

Psst! Check out the pretty model for the day - Agnes :) The lucky girl who won a trip to Seoul previously for Laneige's beauty camp! She even managed to get a photo shoot with Song Joong Ki! *Envious*
Skincare regime begins with the refiner -> emulsion -> essence -> eye cream

Tap the refiner all over your face.
Before the refiner is entirely absorbed, apply emulsion and spread it evenly.
Next, apply the essence starting from your cheeks before spreading it to the rest of your face.
Don’t forget to treat your neck with the skincare goodness!
Before we finish up the skincare series, apply the eye cream in a tapping motion using your ring finger all around your eyes to brighten it up!

*I am so tempted to purchase the White Plus Renew Skincare series after trying out the products! I’m currently using the hydration series but I want to have a fairer complexion! According to the recent skin analysis I did, my skin tone is kind of uneven. So probably investing in a whitening skincare series is a wise choice? ;)
Apply primer
Apply primer to brighten your skin for a glossy and defined skin texture that reflects light. Apply all over the face and at your jaw area as well.

 Mini Tip: Remember! Less is more! Don't be greedy and apply too much primer! Roughly around this pea-sized amount will do! :D
Apply my favourite BB Cushion
Apply this BB Cushion for sun protection! :) SPF 50 PA++ It gives a light to medium coverage perfect for a natural look. 
(You can refer to my previous blogpost on why I love this so so much! :))

Spread from the center of your face to your forehead, cheeks and chin area. Press the patented puff onto the BB Cushion and gently pat all on your skin for a polished look.
 Mini Tip: As the skin near your eyes area are rather thin, fold the puff into half and gently apply the BB cream around your eye area. The puff is really handy and delivers a polished look! *Remember to wash the puff every now and then!
New discovery! I didn't know that you are able to use this even when you exercise! According to Tina our make up instructor, Snow BB cushion does not clog up your pores, protects you from the harmful UV rays and makes you still look good! Now you no longer have to worry about your looks when you are heading out for a jog! *Thumbs up!*

*Psst! Now you know the secret to those girls who look so good even when they go to the gym or for a jog! They must have been using this BB Cushion! :D*

 Mini Tip: You can also use this BB Cushion for any flaws accidentally created while doing your makeup! :) Learnt about this during the workshop.. just use a Q-tip pressed onto the BB Cushion and you can use it to erase any errors you might have made (particularly useful for me when I was doing up my eye makeup)
For a sheer coverage: Press the puff onto the BB cushion and apply onto your face in swiping motions. This allows the product to be thinly blended out for a sheer and translucent finish!
For a medium coverage: Press the patented puff onto BB Cushion & gently pat all over your face. This gives you a natural finish with medium coverage! 

For a thicker coverage: TGIF! If you're heading to a party after work, you need a long-lasting, full coverage foundation! To achieve this, pat BB Cushion gently over your face & repeat this step, concentrating on the T-zone. Lastly, set your makeup with a light dusting of loose powder all over your face!
*Got the above info from Laneige SG! *:D

 For me, I'm using the No. 21 shade. It's the most popular shade of colour! (as mentioned by Tina) You can visit any Laneige counters and approach the friendly staff to test out the shade on your neck to determine the most suitable shade for you! :)

This is how I look like after i've applied my favourite snow BB Cushion! Say hi to a more even skin tone! :p
Apply the Water supreme finishing pact
This powder has SPF protection of up to SPF 25. Gently dab onto your face to set your make up! :D
Use the finishing pact from outwards to inwards motion to set your foundation.

I'm using Shade No. 2 Natural Beige <3
Next up, let's work on our eyes make up! :)

Apply the eyeliner for the top and bottom lash line
(comes in Black or Brown colour)

I choose Black! :D
To achieve the doe-eyed natural looking eyes, draw the inner part of your eyes as close to the lash line as possible, aka waterline (i'm still practising so my pictures might not be the perfect representation. I think I might have drawn it a bit too thick >.<)

You can probably refer to Laneige SG's facebook page for the model example! :p
(Picture from Laneige SG's FB)

 Laneige's Multi-Shaping Eyeliner is smudge free and long lasting! Perfect for people like me, who has a tendency to rub my eyes.
It was quite a challenge for me when Tina taught us how to apply the inner eyeliner that’s v close to the lash line, but practice makes perfect! You have to lift up your eyelid with one finger and draw the inner line very close to your lashes :)

The lower lash line is a bigger problem to me.. I have never drawn my lower lashes before the workshop so my eyes turned watery while i was trying it out.. *need more practice on this portion!* was panicking during the workshop because all the other girls did theirs pretty well! Luckily, the Laneige staff were really nice and coached me personally (while I was struggling to catch up!) & kept checking back on me after I've tried! Thank you so much! :)

{ Line the bottom of your eyes starting from the middle of your pupil. *refer to the picture below* You do not need to line the lower part of your eyes fully. For the K-Beauty look, simply line half of your eyes to join the upper lash line at the end of your eyes will do.}
Check out the difference! Haha! My eyes on the left looks way nicer now right? :D 
Lol! I can't stop laughing at this picture because I look so weird omg.. But to highlight the difference, this picture is essential! By using the technique that Tina taught us, it has opened up my eyes even more than my usual way of drawing my eyeliner, so do try it out! :)

In addition, you can use the brown eye shadow that I will be talking about in Step 7 to blend with your eyeliner for a more natural look!

And this is how my eyes look like after putting the eyeliner! Yay to bigger looking eyes hehe!

Add on the mascara for pretty looking lashes *blink blink*
Laneige's Volume Setting Mascara is in the classic black colour with very fine fibre which gives a natural yet flirty touch to your lashes!

It's really good! Love the lengthening effect and how it volumizes my lashes!

It is water resistant, sweat proof and comes with Laneige's specially designed double twisted brush. Found out from an online review that the left side of the brush is for stronger volume while the right side is to maximize the lengthening and curling of the lashes.  

{Put the wand near the root of the lashes and do the zig-zag motion back and forth for 3-4 times on both eyes}

 Mini Tip: Before coating your lower lashes with the Volume Setting Mascara, you can press the masacra wand against a tissue paper. This will help to prevent your lashes from clumping up or sticking together like 'spiderwebs'. An important tip in order to get defined looking lashes. ;D
Apply the Multi Professional Eyeshadow
Shade No. 1's colours are all so easy to match and it's the basic colour palette everyone should own! :) This shade No. 1 is also Song Hye Kyo's ultimate favourite! *according to Tina, hehe!*
So, if you are aspiring to be as pretty as her, use the same shade of eyeshadow! #justsaying :p
 Mini Tip: Always start off by applying lesser and add on, instead of adding too much and having to remove it later. Avoid spreading too thick a layer which may result in puffy and swollen eyes.
Apply the first shade of colour on the crease like this picture. 

*Credits: Picture of the eye from*
PS: Sorry! I accidentally deleted the picture of my eye, so I decided to borrow this picture to show the exact area to apply the first shade of colour :)

Apply the first shade of colour with the most intense portion nearest to the lashes and blend it so that the colour is the lightest at the top of your eye socket :)
You can apply the lighter shimmer (Look at the pic above pointing at the light colour) at these few areas like the inner part of the start of your eyes, chin, brow bones etc to highlight these areas. Didn't know that an eyeshadow palette could also give you a highlighting effect! :D
*Value for money*

This is a MUST BUY!!! :D

PS: Apply a slight amount of the lightest shade of eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to enhance your eyes further! :D

Last few steps to completing your look~
Draw your brows
Again, like the lower lash lines, I have never drawn my brows before.. Such a noob in make up.. arghh.. Thank goodness this Laneige workshop saved me! Lol! Learnt these two important techniques for make up! :D

Thick eyebrows are a signature K-Beauty look to make you look youthful and innocent. The K-Beauty look focuses on straight and thicker brows that visually makes your face looks smaller and more youthful!

{Fill it as if you are drawing a straight line to achieve straight brows and start from the under outline.}

 Mini Tip: Always apply with soft strokes because you won’t want to look too fierce! :p
PS: Still a noob trying to learn how to draw my brows, so please pardon me if this is a bad picture tutorial :x
You can opt to use the eye shadow to make your brows look less harsh too! :D Mix the last two colours at the bottom of the palette, blend it properly and apply onto your brows for a fuller looking (less angry bird looking) brows! :)
You can also use the lipstick to tap on your cheeks for a blusher effect.(Multi use!)
Or you can opt for this blusher which comes in a different gradient and hues of pink! Apply the blusher around the apple of your cheeks and a horizontal line from the nose tip.
 Mini Tip: Tap the powder blusher on your cheeks for a more natural look, instead of brushing it on!

Finishing touches~
Moisturise your lips with a lipbalm and use a lipstick too!
Apply the moisture lipbalm followed by my Silk Intense Lipstick in SR105 Blonde Coral~
*Pretty pretty colours!*

The lipbalm is really moisturising, unlike some other brands that I’ve used before! It is one of the must have in our trainer Tina’s make up pouch! Since the expert says so, it must be really good right? Have been applying it every day before i head out, given that I sleep in an air con room, my lips peel more easily because it’s really dry..

My verdict: Must buy! You won't want to go around with flaky lips, no one would want to talk to u! >.< Buy this!!! Even for those who not used to applying a lipstick, you should apply this for luscious fuller looking lips. It is transparent looking so no worries if you don’t like to apply lipstick, then you can simply just get the lipbalm simply to protect your lips!

This is a highly raved, best selling lipstick that always goes out of stock in Korea or Singapore! I think this is a must buy! You will never go wrong with a product that is so highly raved by so many people! The demand for this lipstick is really high! Trust the crowd man! *Singaporean nature lol!*
I feel even more lucky that I own this lipstick now!! :D
 Mini Tip: You can even double up your lipstick as a blusher! :) *Value for money*
Pls pardon my fat face hahaha..

And for the rest without icons, buy them after you have bought all the MUST BUY and GREAT BUYs!!! :D Really highly recommend Laneige's entire series of makeup products! :)
I hope you managed to pick up some important make up tips through my mini tutorial! I really regretted not taking a video of the entire workshop.. It was a really enriching experience! Especially for a novice in makeup like me! Really hope to attend more of such workshops in future especially for eye make up so that i can learn the different variations.

Do you think I look better now after the ‘Makeover’? :D 
Here's my comparison between the 'before' and 'after pics'! I looked hideous before the makeup session! Thankfully for makeup, at least I look slimmer and more presentable than the sans makeup look.. :p

Really hope i win this competition! I’m always blogging more enthusiastically when it’s something I really love! And this is my favourite brand, so if i really get chosen as the winner, it would be awesome!!! If i get chosen, maybe I can get my vainpok bf to advertise for the male skincare series too! *daydreams*   He tried the Homme series and has really good reviews about the product! Bought it from Korea for him hehe.. So choose me pls! Pretty pls! Lol! I can blog about both the men's and women skincare series! :D  Buy 1 get 1 free!

Nevertheless, if I am not chosen as the winner, I am really thankful for all the goodies that i bagged home! Thank you Laneige for organising such a workshop where I got to meet new blogger friends, encounter star struck moments meeting Qiuqiu & Velda + learnt alot more on skin care + make up tips!
Teehee! one of my favourite pictures! They were very nice and friendly when I approached the both of them for a picture!! :D A picture with two of my favourite bloggers!! *starstruck!* They look really pretty in real life! *fan girl mode*

Really hope I can be as successful as them one day~ :p
*Pic from Hui Ning's iphone*

With all the pretty girls I've met at the workshop! :)
With Gwen & Hui Ning! :)
*Celebrity effect!*
Thank you one and all! Especially Tina who taught us so many things on achieving a clean polished look, special thanks to all the staff who were so helpful and friendly, helping us to clear the many Q-tips I have used up, and coaching me personally on the eye liner, and browliner when I was desperate for help, given that it was my first attempt :p

Picture with Tina and Hui Ning! :)
Last picture before we lug home our loots from the make up session! :D

THANK YOU Laneige and Nuffnang for making my dream come true~! I would love to blog more on Laneige products! Please vote for me at this link :
Vote for CHLOE TEO! :p*Pretty please* Every bit counts right? :p
*Keeping my fingers crossed!* 

Thank you for reading and do drop me some comments on how I should improve my future beauty blogposts! Thank you for your feedback in advance! ;)

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