The Fabulous Baker Boy

By 10:36 AM
Hihi! :D Are you thinking of somewhere to go to for sweet treats or desserts?

I'm sure most of you have heard about people raving about the cakes from The Fabulous Baker Boy right? :) And so.. we went to check out how good the cakes were! It is located directly opposite Liang Court in the Foothills.

This is a rather backdated post :p but since I am craving to go back to try the famous red velvet cake, I better post up this post before my next visit hehe~ B brought me here as part of my b'day celebration, sweet treats after the yummy brunch at La Villa! :D 
You have to walk quite a bit from the entrance. The distance seems rather far as it was too sunny (scorching hot) and the both of us were sweating by the time we reached the end. (it's located at the last building in this picture *points up*)
When you see these pretty human sized tulips, you are reaching the cafe! :D really wanted an OOTD with the tulips as the background but... the weather was really too hot, all you want to do is quickly run to a shady area :x

And we are finally here!

Backbeatgo2 - The Perfect Travel Companion

By 1:40 PM

It's nearing the end of 2013 soon! :) I'm sure many of you have upcoming vacations or travel plans in the next few months to come~ It's time to unleash the wanderlust in you! One important thing to do is to have a travel checklist to ensure that you don't miss out on anything for your vacation~

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This is part of my SOP before any trips :) To print out a travel checklist hehe! Typical traits of a Virgo. Lol! I guess many people do this too! :p Hmm.. So many things to bring, but what are the items to bring with you wherever you head to? 

Minions date at St Marc's Cafe

By 12:00 PM
Bello!  Do you remember your Minionese? :p

Here's a recap for the Minion fans~
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This is a rather long overdue blogpost with images that I just found in my hard disk :p I didn't want to park them away without sharing with all of you, so here I am! :D

I hope this blogpost brings back happy memories of the Minion fever~ I'm sure most of you are minion fans right? *winks* 

Do you recall the crazy rush for the happy meal minion figurines? :D Teehee~
Here's one of them which lights up!
*cues song!*

La Villa - Missing le Squid Ink Pasta

By 8:56 PM
Today, I will be introducing this Mediterranean eatery located at 341 River Valley Road - La Villa [Italian Grill & Bar]. It's easier to take a cab or drive to this Italian Grill & Bar~ Highly recommended to plan a trip to this quaint location soon, as this restaurant will be relocated due to upcoming MRT plans :( Heard that the last day of operation at this pretty place will be on 8th Dec 13~ So do it give a try at this quaint chill-out spot, away from the hustle and bustle before their last day there! :)
This was B's attempt at surprising me for my B'day this year by having the entire day planned out for me~ and he succeeded! Never expected to dine at such a nice quaint place for lunch hehe~ So it was a pleasant surprise! Thanks B! <3

Beauty In the Eyes

By 10:26 PM
"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin."
-Gwyneth Paltrow-
Although one might say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, being comfortable in your own skin is more important :) To achieve this, a good skincare regime with reliable skincare products are essential! 

The Sample Store: Free Hada Labo samples anyone? [Review]

By 10:39 PM
Hello everyone! I'm back again! Check out this pretty parcel that I've just received a few days ago! Woohoo! Yippee! I just can't contain my excitement when I saw this parcel on my table! Prettiest parcel received ever~! Thank you SampleStore! :D
So you may ask: What is all about? :) It is a website where you get to redeem free samples from body, hair, face products etc!

Confessions of a Shopaholic: 8 Things to buy from Korea! :D

By 2:25 AM
Hi everyone! :) So sorry for the hiatus as I was trying to dig out the photos for this post! 8 Main things to buy from Korea!!! :D These are my 2012 Korea Trip Hauls~ Confessions of a shopaholic haha.. I know this is a really backdated post but nevertheless, I think this will serve as a pretty good guide to those who are heading to Korea soon, so you can plan how much cash to bring for your shopping expenses! :D

Personally, I am a shopaholic.. So, these 8 things to buy might not apply to everyone! :p Hope it helps in your planning for your trip to Korea!