MTM (Meridians Tissue Manipulation) Therapy at Hygeia [Review]

By 11:12 PM
My very first MTM (Meridians Tissue Manipulation) Therapy with Hygeia! :)
Have you heard of MTM Therapy? Here's what it is all about! It's actually a form of remedial massage that uses buffalo horn tools to enable the therapist to go deeper to unlock the knots in your muscles, providing more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia.

Without further ado, let me show you more on the MTM Back Therapy which I've tried out, kindly sponsored by Hygeia!

McDonald's All Day Breakfast Pyjamas Party

By 4:00 PM

Have you heard about the McDonald's All Day Breakfast Pyjamas Party held tomorrow on 28 Dec 14? 

Yes! It's a PJs Party! Woohoo~! Think yummy McDonald's breakfast like hotcakes, scramble eggs (my favourite!!) and more.. Perfect Sunday isn't it? :D A good enough reason to get out of bed earlier right? ;)

MU Mieux Collagen Mu Nutrition+ by Mary Chia [Review]

By 11:27 PM
Merry Christmas everyone! :D Hope you had a great holiday!
Amidst all the festive feasting, I'm sure you will not want to neglect on your beauty skincare routine. ^_^ I'm back with a beauty review of this MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink by MU Nutrition+, kindly sponsored by Mary Chia.
Here's a look into what is contained in this bottle of Collagen goodness:
Formulated with ingredients from Japan such as Fish Collagen, Apple Extract (10% phenols), Co-Q10, Ceramide, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Malic Acid and Maltitol.

Biore Makeup Remover- Micellar Cleansing Water [Review]

By 1:28 PM

*Waves* I'm back!
Hehe! Do you often struggle with the removal of makeup after an entire day out? :( I hate removing makeup after a tiring day.. Things get worse especially when that waterproof mascara/eyeliner just does not come off easily..

Have you heard about the latest series of Makeup remover from Biore which uses the Micellar Cleansing water?

Squires & Scoundrels - A great chill out place with burgers & beers [Review]

By 1:37 PM
Looking for a new venue to chill out with your pals on a Friday night or the weekends? Here's a newly established hangout place for burgers and beer! Squires & Scoundrels is located at 72 Duxton Road in Tanjong Pagar.

I simply love the monochrome hipster graffiti mural! The whole place simply gave me the laid-back vibes, perfect to chill out after an entire day at work. You can even have a game of Shuffleboard while waiting for your food & drinks ^_^

Haircut & Hair Perm in Seoul

By 1:21 PM
Our very first overseas haircut & hair perm experience in Seoul! :D

This was one of our to-do items in Korea! So happy to have ticked it off my bucket list during my trip to Seoul/ Busan with B early this year :) I was googling on where to go for haircut & hair perm in Seoul. And...the major issue we have is the language barrier haha.. The hairstylists at Juno Hair Salon speaks pretty decent English to understand your hair needs based on my research, so we went there! :D

Passage New York Massage & Facial [Review]

By 6:00 PM

Hi dearies! How was your week so far? :) Hope it has been great for you! Sorry for the hiatus as I just came back from my holiday to Hongkong! Now clearing all of my blog backlogs, so sorry everyone! 

Anyway, have you heard about "Passage New York" before? If you have not, you are in for a treat!

Passage New York is a well established luxury brand with a reputation for providing the best in today’s woman’s lifestyle needs. :D

Vitamin Science [Giveaway]

By 10:00 PM
Hi dears! This week is zooming past for me! I just hope we can speed up till the weekends and slow down the pace then :p Hehe! Don't you agree with me? 

Today, I'm back with a new Korean brand called "Vitamin Science" (launched on which manufactures all its products using natural & organic plant ingredients! :D 
Paraben free products yay!

2 Ingredients Cookies? :)

By 6:30 PM

Hi dears! Hope your week has been going well! I've been really busy with work, what's new? hmm..

 By the way! Please pardon me if i'm late with replies for my personal email kk? I had some problems syncing the emails onto my new hp and currently just fixed everything! :) Still sieving through my emails >.< I will try to reply everyone asap!

In the meantime, let's check out this Two Ingredient Cookie recipe i found online! :D

Top Girl 2014 Top 10 Finalists Behind the Scenes :D

By 6:00 PM

Hi dears!! :D It's been over a week since the Top Girl 2014 Top 10 Finalists were revealed! :D I'm so happy & grateful to be part of the Top 10 teehee! 
Such a pleasant surprise to be chosen! So thankful to be given this rare opportunity by The Face Shop Singapore! Without further ado, let me show you the behind the scene snapshots I took with my pretty girlfriends during the photoshoot!

PS: Pls pardon the numerous selfies, it's not often that I get my makeup and hair professionally done up so it's an excuse for more selfies! Yippee! ^_^

Nivea Intensive Moisture Serum [Review]

By 7:00 PM
Hi dears! :) I'm back again with another product review! This time it's an essential moisture serum I highly recommend for you to try! :D Cheap and good! Read on to find out more~

Have you always paid more attention to skincare for your face rather than the rest of your body? I'm super guilty of that! It’s time to stop showing favoritism to your facial skin! Remember how sometimes your neck, face and arms/legs skin tone does not match? Haha.. uneven skin tone due to negligence in skin care routine :p 

Does your skin have any of these 10 signs of dry and damaged skin?

Tsubaki Hair Oil [Review]

By 5:10 PM
Hi dears! :) How was your week so far? Hope it has been great! I have been really really busy :( but oh well, anyway I will be flying off for my much awaited holiday soon! Hehe! Working hard before enjoying my holiday! :D

Anyway, I'm so happy to share with you this new hair product that I have used daily for a week now! ^_^
Presenting to you.. the Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil!

Thank you Shiseido!!  Yay to new haircare product to add to my haircare series! Much much needed! I use tons of hair oil everyday because of my damaged hair (from using the hair dryer daily, hair dye & hair perm) :(

A cafe you must visit in Korea: Dreamy Camera Cafe

By 12:31 AM
Hi dearies! In this week's Monday Chloesays, I'm back with a post on my favourite free and easy trip to Korea thus far! Loved every bit of it! 

Will be compiling all these posts into my {Korea Trip 2014 Itinerary} :)

Presenting to you one of my favourite cafes in Korea! It's a cafe you must visit if you have extra time to travel to the outskirts of Seoul; Yang Pyeong (nearest station: Yongmun Station) :D 

Chloesays Monday

By 12:42 AM

"I think we like to complicate things when it is really simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you're set. Promise."

{The pursuit of happiness.}

Solution to lower body problems - BottomSlim [Giveaway]

By 8:00 PM
Do you like cafe hopping and travelling like I do? 
Ooh all the yummy yummy food hehehhee~

I have a soft spot for sweet treats and there is always space for them even after a heavy meal ;) I guess most girls have similar sentiments. However, I guess you will agree how sinful those sweet treats are, especially having an impact on your outer appearance. 

Do you know that apart from constant intake of sweet & sinful food, another main cause that takes a toll on our lower body would be sitting down for long hours? Sitting is one of the main causes of heavier bottoms. (i'm super guilty of that!) I'm sure many of you are guilty of that too. >.<  Subsequently, issues like cellulite and stretch marks sets in and affects even ladies who may not be big in size. (i'm also guilty for falling into this category :( ) 

My First Balinese Massage at Le Spa

By 8:36 PM
Have you tried the Balinese style massage before? :) 

It was my very first try at Le Spa and it was a surprisingly pleasant one! Thank you for the pampering treat! It was really relaxing and loosens up all the tense muscles in my body.. haha.. 

Curél Sebum Trouble Care

By 7:00 PM
Hi dears! :D Hope your week has been going well! The weekends are coming soon, i can't wait!
Recently, my skin condition took a turn for the worse when it's the time of the month again :( sobs.. outbreaks and a much oilier T-zone.. So irritating.. 
Luckily, I was introduced to this set of new Sebum Trouble Care products from Curél! :D So happy! Finally something to address my oily T-zone problems! 

If you have the same skin condition like me, you would be interested to try out this new skincare series too!
Although I already have a set of whitening skincare series in place, I think that a sebum trouble care range is essential to go hand in hand! :D Especially when you have targeted trouble areas that you want to address eg. oily T-zone in my case. Whitening products will not be able to address your trouble areas as well as sebum care products do.

Cafes in Seoul Part 1: Cafe Mamas

By 8:08 PM
Hi dears! It's a new week again! Let's fly to Korea for some cafe hopping! ^_^

In the next few weeks to come, I hope to be able to finish blogging about the interesting cafes that B & I checked out during our recent trip to Seoul in May 14. Will be doing up a list of cafes in Seoul you must visit! Exciting? hehe! I miss Seoul & Busan sooo much while I was blogging about this!

So this week's first cafe would be.... Cafe Mamas!
It's a cafe chain which has numerous outlets all over Seoul, we went to the outlet at Gangnam station to meet dearest Jessica! :D *miss u dear!*

It was drizzling when we were walking there and thanks to Jessica, we managed to get seats pretty quickly (around 15mins or so) :) Yay! You have to write your name in the reservation book near the entrance and they will call you when your seats are ready. Thank goodness, it was not overly crowded and we did not need to queue in the rain haha..

Alive Museum! :D

By 9:00 PM
Hi guys! Here's a quirky new attraction you just got to check out at Suntec City Mall! :D It's none other than the Alive Museum!! :D
Alive Museum is the original 3D visual illusion museum from South Korea! I've been to their outlet at Paju Hyeri Art Valley during my recent Korea trip! Can't wait to share more pictures on that soon! :)

So you might be wondering, what's so special about this museum? It's not the old boring musuems that you might have been to, it's actually the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore which offers a sensory experience that tricks one's visual, physical and environment perceptions, bringing fantasy to reality. 
Without further ado, let's show you the pictures we took last week! Let's go~!

B.liv Absolute Matte Mask [Review]

By 9:00 PM
Hi dears! :D I'm back with another beauty product review! This time I've tried out the latest Absolute Matte Mask from B.liv!

So here's my review on the B.liv Absolute Matte Mask:
Do you have the same vexing problems as me? 
If you have answered Yes to any of the above, you will be interested to test out the Absolute Matte Mask! :D It might just be the right face mask for you! 

So what effects does this Absolute Matte Mask have? 
This mask helps to combat excess sebum and control surface shine while purifying and refreshing your complexion. It uses active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a magnet to draw out deep dwelling pore cloggers so you can experience hours and hours of tender loving care your skin deserves.

Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream [Review]

By 3:00 PM
Hihi! :D I'm back again with another beauty product review! Yay! :D Today, we will be featuring the Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream! 
If you are wondering what is Tanaka all about...?

Tanaka (also known as Thanakha) has a rich history in Myanmar. It is a traditional whitening secret 
adored by females in Myanmar for more than 2000 years. Tanaka means both "cosmetic for beautifying the face" and "cleansing agent". It is recognized as a great aid to help withstand the heat of the sun and is thus an ideal cosmetic for those who have to work under direct sunlight. Women who work outdoor apply thick layers of Tanaka as a sunscreen to prevent sun-burn while its natural cooling properties help them tolerate the intense heat during the day.

The Escape Hunt

By 9:00 AM
Hihi! Here's another interesting venue to consider for the upcoming long weekends or any group gatherings that you might have! :D

Introducing... The Escape Hunt!
It is a global live escape game with 20 over branches all over the world! Wow!:D
There are 6 rooms at Escape Hunt Singapore and it's split up into 3 different adventures.  Each has an exciting and different theme! The adventure itself involves escaping from a room where a mystery has taken place.  Solve the mystery and escape.  Sounds simple right? :)

So what differentiates The Escape Hunt from other Escape rooms in Singapore? 
The Escape Hunt game rooms are designed by a UK mensa member and game play follows a strong & logical story line instead of random puzzles.

At The Escape Hunt, you also get to become Sherlock Holmes for the day!  Cool right? :D You get to dress up in the costume and take a picture at the end of the game! Love this part hehe! Check out my team mates and me with all our photo props hahaha!
Ready for some mind boggling puzzles? :D Let's go! Hehe!

W39 Bakery & Bistro

By 11:00 PM
"Life is so much easier when you chill out with your girlfriends!"

Hihi! :D Here to clear my backlog of photos from June :p Here's my review on the much hyped W.39 Bakery & Bistro!
Firstly, as we stay in the East, the journey to the west to look for W.39 Bistro was quite long :x Nevertheless, it's pretty accessible as there's a straight bus from Clementi bus interchange :)

Here's their FB link if you are interested to check out this cafe too! 

Chloesays :D

By 9:06 PM
Hi guys! Hehe i'm on a blog roll!! If you were wondering why I went missing for quite a while for the past few weeks, here's why! :D

Featuring my new Youtube Channel called "Chloesays" where I will be reviewing products, cafes, introducing food recipes, makeup tutorials and also doing up my travelogues! I've created this youtube channel to go alongside my blog~ So look out for more frequent updates on both my blog and my youtube channel from now on! ;)

Phantom Joker Escape

By 10:45 PM
Hi guys! I'm back with a review of a real Escape game outlet that I've recently tried out! :) If you are running out of ideas for group activities, do try out an escape game room! Check out the sneak peeks below :D
The Phantom Joker Escape is designed with story lines that links up to a whole story and has a variety of high-tech machineries! :)

Here are the various exciting missions available~
There are 5 Missions available! :D You Can Start With Any Episode!

Phantom Joker Escape's game series is designed in such a way that each individual game has its own independency and integrity. You can start with any episode and you will enjoy it! ^_^

OOTDs for the Cafe Hopper

By 9:55 PM
Hi guys! Is cafe hopping your cup of tea? :D I miss cafe hopping! There's so many cafes popping up everywhere in Singapore! I can't wait to check some out during the upcoming long weekends hehe! So.. when you are heading to the indie, hipster or dreamy cafes, what will you be wearing for your cafe date? 

Here's two outfit recommendations that I've put together :)
For the dreamy cafes that you will be visiting~
Simply pair a sleeveless denim top that has intricate crotchet details with a tutu skirt for a girly day out! :)

Shopping tips to be more dollar savvy! :D

By 4:07 PM
It's out!! :D My first interview with Channel NewsAsia for their Money Mind Dollar Savvy Webseries :)
Here are some snapshots of the webseries! :D

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask [Review]

By 2:04 PM
Hi guys! Are you guilty of staring at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens for long hours? We daily overwork our eyes, making it fatigued and tired. Try out MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask to give your precious eyes the tender loving care it needs! :) Here’s my review on the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask that I’ve tried out recently!
You might be wondering what is this all about? It is actually a disposable eye mask that warms up immediately to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius upon opening of the pouch. It treats your eyes to a steam bath, soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state. (state of nirvana in my definition lol!) 
I love how the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask provides a relaxing and comfortable feeling upon putting it on. It’s a perfect treat for your eyes after a long day at work/ school. I was just amazed at how it really has the steam effect immediately after you have opened the packaging. 

Denim + Red = Love

By 1:00 PM
The weekends are finally here! Just here to share two of my wardrobe essentials: 
Denim + Red = Love 

I've put together this casual outfit that is perfect for the sunny weekends ;) Comfy & fuss free!
Simply love how the red shoes brings a pop of colour to an otherwise boring outfit. Do you agree? 
A comfy pair of red shoes can take you any place you want to go. Just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! :D

#ABenandChloetale Part 2

By 6:00 PM
Hi there! I'm back with the rest of the photos from our photo shoot in Korea :D Really missing the time B & I spent in Korea during the beautiful spring weather! Best trip till date hehe~

Here's the link back to #ABenandChloetale Part 1 if you have not seen the pictures :) 


Part 2 of our adventures at Naksan Fortress & Ihwa Village~

*Pouts* lol..

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Hair Serum [Review]

By 6:03 PM
Are you a victim of unmanageable & rough hair in the morning? Ever since I started dye-ing and perming my hair, tangles and frizz are part of the daily irritating culprits for a bad hair day! >.<

Do you also know that the friction between your pillow and hair during sleep can cause hair cuticles to be peeled off, worsening hair damage?  
One of the main culprits for my messy unmanageable hair would definitely be tangles!! >.< 

#ABenandChloetale Part 1

By 10:00 AM
Hi there! :D 
Here's Part 1 of our photos from our photo shoot in Korea! Have been dreaming of having a photo shoot with B overseas and my dream came true! We approached Mr Kim from Amonela with dearest Jessica's help. I am so happy with the photos as well as feeling so blessed to meet the two enthusiastic & nice oppas for our photo shoot! They are one of the best photographers whom I've met where they went out of the way to snap the photos for us. :D They were like Ninjas! Definitely salute their professionalism! If you are thinking of having a photo shoot in Korea, I will highly recommend Amonela! (PS: this is not an advertorial :) just a review from a highly satisfied customer)

Shall place their contact details at the end of this post, do email them if you are interested in any travel photo shoot, couple or even pre-wedding photo shoot :) 
And let's begin our journey to Ihwa Village, a very cute place with many quaint cafes nearby & the pretty mural walls! Definitely a place to add to your Korea itinerary! 
Nearest subway: Hapjeong Station Exit 1/2
*I miss korea so much *cries** the weather was simply perfect during our photo shoot. #loveit

One of the Rooftop Prince filming sites :)

Goodskin Labs Pore-365 All Over Pore Reducing Serum [Review]

By 5:14 PM
Have you had times when you envy those celebrities and models who has flawless and matt  complexion? Do try out this new Pore Reducing Serum from Goodskin Labs! 
Pretty satisfied with how my skin feels after applying this product before I layer on my makeup :) Gives your face a really smooth finishing after application. Works like a primer but even better as it helps to reduce your pores in the long run ;)

The Beauty of Denim

By 12:05 AM
Hi guys! What would be your wardrobe essential during your upcoming vacation? :D
For me, a well structured denim top would be great! Definitely a fuss free piece like the one which I wore during my recent Korea trip. No need to crack your head over how to match your outfit. ;)

Denim is timeless. 

I'm back! Sorry for the hiatus!!

By 7:54 PM
Hi everyone! :D I'm back!! So sorry for the two weeks hiatus! I was away on my long awaited trip to Korea- Seoul, Busan, Gangwon-do! Do give me some time to clear my backlog and I promise to be back with my latest Korea 2014 itinerary! :D More pretty places to share with everyone, yummy food (we've tried different food for every meal during our 15 Days 14 Nights trip) and not to forget a post on my shopping hauls, especially on the skincare & make up hauls! :p

Please don't abandon this space, I will be right back! ;) For now, let me catch up on my much needed sleep before getting back to work! Check back on my blog kk? :D

Tips to achieving the perfect smile :) [Review]

By 6:00 PM
A smile speaks every language. A healthy smile wouldn't be the same without shiny teeth to lend their support. :D

So what is the most important tip to achieving the perfect smile? To me, it will be to brush my teeth at least twice a day to maintain appropriate oral hygiene.

A good toothpaste would definitely aid in your daily brushing routine for a healthier smile! :) 

Here's a new toothpaste from Darlie that has been clinically proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days. The Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) in the Darlie Charcoal Clean White Toothpaste helps to remove yellowish stains. 

So what's so different about this toothpaste from other brands? 

#ConsProjectSG Street Art Workshop

By 9:00 PM
I'm sure the brand Converse does not sound foreign to you. I was pretty excited when I received the invite for this event :) Am glad I went for it and tried my hands on creating Silkscreen posters under the guidance of Zero, a famous street art artist part of the RSCLS crew.

Converse Inc., through its Singapore licensee, Alantic Sports Pte. Ltd., 
announces the launch of CONS Project: Singapore that is designed to 
engage the community and the next generation of creative spirits through 
music, art and skate.