Top Girl 2014 Top 10 Finalists Behind the Scenes :D

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Hi dears!! :D It's been over a week since the Top Girl 2014 Top 10 Finalists were revealed! :D I'm so happy & grateful to be part of the Top 10 teehee! 
Such a pleasant surprise to be chosen! So thankful to be given this rare opportunity by The Face Shop Singapore! Without further ado, let me show you the behind the scene snapshots I took with my pretty girlfriends during the photoshoot!

PS: Pls pardon the numerous selfies, it's not often that I get my makeup and hair professionally done up so it's an excuse for more selfies! Yippee! ^_^

 Sans makeup

 The makeup artist used the palette on the left for me :) Peachy colour!

Thank you for helping me with my makeup, helping to conceal all my flaws and showing me how to stick on the pretty falsies :D 

 With Rachel who looks super korean! :D My selfie buddy for the day wahahaha.. love her selfie camera!

 Check out the cute bear! hehe!

 And here's a selfie with Rachael after we got our hair done up! :) Mine was slightly too curly for my liking :x Haha! but oh well!


 And with Hannah! :D 

 Oh yes, and that's me the noob in action! Haha! My hair is really abit too curly lol! 

 Check out the pretty lashes from The Face Shop! I was touching my falsies the whole time after my MUA helped to put them on.. My lashes never looked so pretty! 
*need to learn how to put on falsies properly* (mental note to self hehe)

 And more pretty makeup! ^_^

 The packaging for the makeup looks so adorable too! :D

 1st group picture! :D Spot me!

2nd look after lunch! Hehe with Rachel again! :D

 And Shevonne & Shufeng! :D All of them looking so pretty in J Runway's apparels!

 And here's Geraldine & Hannah!

 With Shevonne! :D

 And Rynna the selfie master who has so many different expressions! ^_^

And yup! That's me in the J Runway sponsored apparels and I love the Guy Laroche Watch we wore!  <3 <3 <3

More group selfies! (Rynna & Vivyanne were missing as they were doing their hair :( )

Muahahaha guys are you jealous of me? Selfies with so many pretty girls hehe!

So happy to meet all these pretty girls and got a chance to talk to them! Love how everyone was ever-ready for pictures teehee!! 

And it's a wrap! :D
It was a great experience! Thank you The FaceShop Singapore!! :D Hope to meet up with you girls soon! ^_^ Let's await the news of the lucky winner who is heading to Korea! Stay tuned to The Faceshop Singapore's FB page!

And last but not least, a Big THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for me and liked my pictures on the FB page! Thank you for all your support! Much appreciated!


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