A cafe you must visit in Korea: Dreamy Camera Cafe

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Hi dearies! In this week's Monday Chloesays, I'm back with a post on my favourite free and easy trip to Korea thus far! Loved every bit of it! 

Will be compiling all these posts into my {Korea Trip 2014 Itinerary} :)

Presenting to you one of my favourite cafes in Korea! It's a cafe you must visit if you have extra time to travel to the outskirts of Seoul; Yang Pyeong (nearest station: Yongmun Station) :D 

Yes, the cafe is inside the Rolleiflex camera building! :D Amazing huh?

So excited to order the food and start snapping away! :D Perfect cafe for all camera lovers, photography enthusiasts and anyone who loves cafe hopping!

And here's the menu if you are interested to know the pricing: 

Pretty affordable in my opinion! :) And thank goodness they have a English menu! So not to worry if you can't read/speak Korean ;) The owners of the cafe can converse in simple English too!

Such a pretty place, i can just stay there the whole day~!

Did you spot any difference? :p

Hehe! Top two pics of me was with a dummy camera prop i found in the cafe! :p And this pic above was Nikky in action *hiak hiak*

So glad I brought both Nikky & Sulli along for my trip! Perfect chance to use up the memory space hehe!;)

Just check out all the cameras which the owner collected over the years! ^_^

So inspiring! How i wish i can own such a space/cafe in future! It would be a really amazing dream come true! :D

So many vintage cameras, I nearly went crazy snapping away hahhaha! I was in a camera paradise!! :D

And our food arrived! In the prettiest teacups and setup! :D Love it!

The yummy rice cakes! :D

And my all time favourite Churros! :D Taste was pretty yums as it was served warm.

I really miss the time we spent there! :( It was a perfect spot to getaway from the bustling city life. Everything was nice and serene, and it was just so idyllic to have a cup of tea with a view in the most interesting place I've been to so far! <3

And thank you B for accompanying me to the different places on our itinerary and making this my favourite visit to Korea! Shall we head back again next year? ;) 

Look! Such a cute mini wooden camera accessory! 

And yes! How can we forget Duffy who joined us on our #bcseoulenjoyable adventures? :D You can check out more photos of our trip on instagram via this hashtag #bcseoulenjoyable <3

This is how the cafe would look like at night! :) Pretty!

And the process of building this camera cafe! Wow! Best part is the owner's house is just right beside the cafe! :D Perfect to close the cafe and go back to rest, any time at your own leisure. {The life i'm looking for} #envious #dreamyindeed

Oh yes, and the owner was really nice too! He helped to take pictures for us using a pro-DSLR before developing it into polaroids :D 1 for us to keep, and the other for us to write a message and stick on the wall! Perfect service from the perfect cafe!

Everything was just thoughtfully placed beside us including the markers. It was one of the perfect cafe visit! 

<3 Find our pic on the photo wall if you drop by at this cafe k? :)

I'm sorry if i overused the word "perfect" hehe, but if anything can come close to my mood and memories I brought back that day, the only word that came to mind would be "perfect". Please pardon my lack of vocabulary haha..

Ok, my only regret was that the taxi came too fast! And I didn't manage to take a perfect selfie/ootd with the beautiful backdrop. That was my biggest regret :(  Had people photobombing me in the picture above but oh wells.. We will be back again right? ;)

Here's the directions to this beautiful place if you would like to add this to your Korea itinerary:

If you are going from Seoul,
Find Cheongryangri station(청량리역, Subway Line 1 is usually used). 
Transfer to the center line and go to Yongmun station(용문역).  (about 1.5hrs away from Seoul)
After coming out from Yongmun station(용문역), take a taxi.
Show the taxi driver this:  "go 중원리 꿈꾸는 사진기"

Cab fare from Yongmun to Dreamy Camera Cafe was around S$15 if i did not recall wrongly, roughly around 15mins away from the station :)

Special thanks to the owners of the Dreamy Camera Cafe for the wonderful service, cafe and responding so promptly to my FB messages. Thank you so much!! :D

That's all I have for now! More posts on our adventures in Yang Pyeong/Yongmun Station coming up soon! Hope you like this post and do share it with your friends too! 


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  1. Hi babe!
    When will you be posting your Korea Trip 2014 Itinerary?
    I can't wait to read it as I'll be travelling there the following week :)

  2. Hi there,

    Will you be posting your Korea Trip Itinerary 2014 anytime soon? :)