OSIM uJolly- The Perfect Christmas Gift

By 6:00 PM
I'm sure many of you spend long hours in the office. What do you look forward to at the end of a long day at work? 

For me, after all the long stressful hours at work sitting in the office, all I want to do when I reach home is to get a good stretch and release the tensed muscles from all the intense moments dealing with all the time critical deadlines. My shoulders has got to be one of the most stiff ones for people my age haha.. It's as if I have two blocks on my shoulders that refuse to go away...

L'Oreal Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion

By 10:21 PM
Hello beauty lovers! I'm sure the term BB Cushion or CC Cushion does not sound unfamiliar to many of you! It is the fuss free solution for many of us as we can simply slip the sleek casing into our handbags and touch up our makeup on the go. Easy peasy!

Beauty Journey at Capitol Piazza

By 11:46 PM
 Have you visited Capitol Piazza, the newest shopping place in the City Hall area? If haven't, you got to check it out^^

There are so many beauty services available in this new mall!!^^ Let me bring you through 3 of the beauty stops we went to that day!

All smiles when we talk about all things beauty related :D
Can you make a guess where we are at?

L’Oreal La Palette Nude Rose & Beige [Giveaway *closed*]

By 11:58 PM
Hi dearies! I'm back with a new beauty post and this time round we have these 2 palettes from L’Oreal! The highly raved L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Rose & Beige ^^ So excited!!

Having seen numerous reviews by US & UK beauty vloggers, i'm so excited that these lovely palettes have landed in Singapore this year! Like finally!!!!^^

Loving the wide range of colours available in different textures within each palette! It's also really sleek and easy to carry around! It's perfect as a travel/on-the-go palette!!^^ Think packing light yet being able to achieve different looks for your holiday. Definitely topping the makeup #travelessential for me!

[Review] Body Wellness- Healing Light Massage Therapy

By 7:48 PM
#throwback to my visit to Body Wellness, one of the largest ladies day spa in Singapore! I visited the Winsland House branch and I was surprised at how huge their premises were! ^^ The location is conveniently located near Somerset MRT, just a 5-10 mins walk away!

I'm 4. What's the story behind your number?

By 10:00 AM
Turning 26 in a few months’ time has definitely got me thinking about the milestones I have reached thus far.

Yes, I have completed my O levels, graduated from University with a degree and secured a full-time job. I guess these milestones are pretty much age-specific.

Singaporeans usually start working around 22 or 23 . The next milestone would probably be marriage and having children. I guess that’s the question most ladies my age will get from their aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year. What’s your job? Do you have a boyfriend— if yes, when are you getting married? And if you are married, when are you going to have kids?

The milestones in my life have been a little unconventional. They are defined by the adventures that I’ve embarked on; adventures that my future self will thank me for - a YOLO attitude to try out new things in life!

So if I had to choose a number to represent my accomplishments, my number would be 4.

LANCÔME Blanc Expert Range First Impression, Review & Demo

By 1:45 PM
I'm so in love with the LANCÔME Blanc Expert Range currently! Here's my first impressions, review and demo in my latest YouTube video~

Do check out my channel and say hi!! ^^

Let's restart my story.

By 11:51 PM
Hello March! 
Yes i'm back!!!

Make a wish @313 Somerset

By 6:33 PM
Hello everyone! Happy Lunar New Year in advance!!
Sorry for the hiatus so far! Work has been really taxing and my time management has not been very well :( But i promise! More posts to come in February!! Stay tuned!

Traditionally practiced in Taiwan, hand-written lanterns are lit up and released into the sky on the 15th day of Chinese New Year which symbolises good luck and to cast away negativity. 
Read on more to find out how you can release cute lanterns for well wishes at 313 Somerset! :D
May this year be a smooth sailing year for everyone!