Guide to Busan: Seomyeon Shopping and Food Street

By 11:17 PM
Hi dearies! I'm back with another post in my Guide to Busan series ^^ Up in this post, I will show you the things to eat & where to shop in Busan! 
If you have not been to Busan, I would highly recommend booking your accommodation in Seomyeon area! Why? That's because of all the food streets and shopping all around! There's so much activity going on from day to night, it's simply the "Hongdae" in Busan! :D

Cafes in Seoul Part 2: Cafe Noriter Seoul

By 6:56 PM
Hi dearies! I hope your week has been doing well!^^
Here's a part of my Cafes in Seoul guide: Cafe Noriter Seoul!
This is one of the cafes with the most elaborately decorated pretty cafe interior that I love so much!
I am so excited for my upcoming trip back to Korea with B hehe.. And so, do pardon me for spamming my blog with the 2014 Korea trip's memories :p
There's an adventure at every corner, as well as instagram & Pinterest opportunity ^^
This unique and cute café is tucked in one of the quieter streets in Edae (Ewha Women's University). This Cafe Noriter outlet is situated above a retail store just opposite the Yes APM mall.
It was just the perfect place to chill out after our hair cut/ hair perm session before we conquer the streets of Edae for more shopping! Whee~!

Guide to Busan: Lotte Department Store Sky Garden

By 2:29 PM
Hi dears! ^^  Today I would like to introduce to you one of my favourite places in Busan that I would highly recommend for you to add into your Korea Itinerary.
This place is where I've viewed this magnificent sunset~ That's Busan tower over there! :D So, where is this pretty place? It's none other than the Lotte Department Store Sky Garden! 

The Gwangbok branch of Lotte Department Store is located at Nampodong Station. It is combined with two buildings, Main Store and Aqua Mall. In the Main Store there is a wide range of selection like the Busan main branch, and the Aqua Mall also has many shops and restaurants. Especially in the Aqua Mall, the world’s largest indoor musical water fountain which was registered in the Guiness World Book of Records is operated every hour for 10 minutes. Additionally, the rooftop park, which is the largest in Korea, offers a great view of the entire city of Busan.

PS: No entrance fees required!;)