Guide to Busan: Lotte Department Store Sky Garden

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Hi dears! ^^  Today I would like to introduce to you one of my favourite places in Busan that I would highly recommend for you to add into your Korea Itinerary.
This place is where I've viewed this magnificent sunset~ That's Busan tower over there! :D So, where is this pretty place? It's none other than the Lotte Department Store Sky Garden! 

The Gwangbok branch of Lotte Department Store is located at Nampodong Station. It is combined with two buildings, Main Store and Aqua Mall. In the Main Store there is a wide range of selection like the Busan main branch, and the Aqua Mall also has many shops and restaurants. Especially in the Aqua Mall, the world’s largest indoor musical water fountain which was registered in the Guiness World Book of Records is operated every hour for 10 minutes. Additionally, the rooftop park, which is the largest in Korea, offers a great view of the entire city of Busan.

PS: No entrance fees required!;)
How to get there?
Get to Nampo-dong Station (Line 1/Orange Line - Only three stops from the Busan KTX Station)
Head to Exit 7, underground entrance.
Elevate to the 12th floor.

Check out the map below of the beautiful rooftop garden~ You can chill out at the Angel-in-us Coffee cafe near the Observation Deck Zoo^^ The whole place was really nice! How i wish SG has a rooftop garden like this!

Could not resist taking an OOTD with the beautiful background! ^^

Look at all the pretty decor and windmills!!
Oh yes, hehe check out my new coat from Nampo-dong (<S$30) Cheap deals!
Up up and away to the Observation Deck for the City View :D
For a bird's eye view! We are willing to brave the cold and wind :p
One of the best dating spots too! ;)
Look! There's a place to lock your love too! :D

In awe of the pretty view we were blessed with <3
 After viewing the beautiful sunset view of Busan, head on over to the observation deck zoo to view the cute animals!!^^
 Simply locate the stairs that has the cute animals painted on the steps and walk right up~
 Omo.. So cutee!!! 
There was even a real life Bambi hehe!^^ couldn't resist a picture with this cutie!
And "Oinks" "Oinks"!

The whole petting zoo was pretty well maintained :D Not much of a zoo smell hehe!
There was even a funnel designed specially for the squirrels! Super cute to see them scurrying up and down and gobbling on food! NOMS~
Look at these two lazing around in their wooden house. Super cute! They were quite loud with their barks though :p It was the perfect weather to laze around lol!
And look at this little cutie! Caught midway nom-ing on his food hahahha!
And this was the small little cutie's home! Super cute right? :D
Highly recommend for all to add this place into your Busan itinerary!^^ No entrance fees required and it's at a convenient location. Just drop by for a sunset view and check out the cute animals at the petting zoo hehe!

Hope you like my recommendations so far! I can't wait for my upcoming trip to my second home (Korea) again! Hehhee! Seoul loving it!
Have received numerous query on my latest Korea itinerary, will be posting up by the end of March. I am currently finishing up all the mini posts and recommendations so that the Korea itinerary has all the appropriate links teehee!

Thank you for all the patience & support everyone!<3

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  1. HELLO! Thanks for the lovely post on korea trip! Im going korea next week! and May I know about what time did you reach Lotte Department Store Sky Garden to catch the sunset? ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU INADVANCE:D