Cafes in Seoul Part 2: Cafe Noriter Seoul

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Hi dearies! I hope your week has been doing well!^^
Here's a part of my Cafes in Seoul guide: Cafe Noriter Seoul!
This is one of the cafes with the most elaborately decorated pretty cafe interior that I love so much!
I am so excited for my upcoming trip back to Korea with B hehe.. And so, do pardon me for spamming my blog with the 2014 Korea trip's memories :p
There's an adventure at every corner, as well as instagram & Pinterest opportunity ^^
This unique and cute café is tucked in one of the quieter streets in Edae (Ewha Women's University). This Cafe Noriter outlet is situated above a retail store just opposite the Yes APM mall.
It was just the perfect place to chill out after our hair cut/ hair perm session before we conquer the streets of Edae for more shopping! Whee~!
Cafe Noriter (카페노리터, 이대점)
Ehwa Womans University Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 2. Upon coming out of the station, turn left into the street. Upon walking further in, there should be a mall known as Yes APM on the left. Walk into the mall and come out through the other exit (you have to take an escalator to the next level to find the other exit). From the other exit, look up and you should be able to see the cafe on the second floor
Private compartments~ Sufficient privacy for everyone :D A really cosy place to be at!

With cushions for you to hug and lie on!^^
And magazines for your reading pleasure!
Here's the menu if you are wondering about the prices for the snacks & beverages :D 
We ordered the set menu : Brownie + Caffé Americano and a Waffle too!
Free Wifi available too~
There's even a cute set-up of a kidnapped rabbit! So poor thing :x Crime scene lol~
And yup! A cosy moment with a cuppa in hand and brownies as well as waffles with a scoop of ice cream on top ^^

Duffy joined us for the cafe hopping trip too! <3
The ambience was great but the food only looks good :( Doesn't taste good.. yucks :S I don't know why the waffles tasted really bad and the brownies.. Hmm.. I guess not all cafe food tastes good.. Shall give the cafe a benefit of doubt. Probably it was just our unlucky day, probably it's just these few items which were bad..
I guess, our eventual verdict would be that it's a great place to chill out and rest, as well as to take lots of pictures with the pretty cafe interior. But food wise, do keep your expectations low :x Overall, still worth a visit during your Seoul-searching trip!
Hope you like this cafe review!^^ So happy blogging about my favourite travel experiences with my favourite travel partner teehee! More posts coming right up! <3 Do keep supporting!

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