V face without any surgery! :) [Review]

By 11:17 PM
I was always complaining to B about how chubby my face always looks. I always envy all the famous bloggers and pretty girls I see on instagram with perfect V shaped faces.. :p And guess what I found in my mailbox? :D Woohoo! The perfect saviour for my chubby face! Say yay to transforming into your desired V shaped face by using the new Firm-365 Facial Firming Serum with V-Technology! 

The Kase [Review]

By 6:38 PM
 Looking for new "clothes" for your handphone for the upcoming CNY or the perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine's day, or simply a birthday gift or wedding gift? This is the perfect place to go to! :D 

As you would realise, almost 80% of the time, we would be holding on to our smartphones or iPads/tablets wherever we go~! We just need to stay connected all the time lol~ How about getting a UNIK phone cover that is uniquely you? :D 

Happy Saturday

By 12:56 AM
Just to say hi! One new blogpost is coming right up! I love making gif images now hehehe.. Stay tuned! :D

PS: Results for the winner of the ZA Liquid Rouge giveaway will be announced in the next post! Thanks everyone for participating! <3
Kk thanks bye! :D 

ZA's Rouge Affair - Spring/Summer Launch [Giveaway]

By 6:01 PM
Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming new launch from ZA for their Spring/Summer collection! :D
I will be doing my first blogpost giveaway for this post! Do read on for more details~

A survey was done by Shiseido Research Centre which shows that over 75% of Asian women across all ages wears lip colours before they head out. 

Do you? :D I do!! 

2012 Korea Trip's Itinerary

By 10:02 PM
Hi everyone! I'm back to blog about my past Korea itinerary to try to finish my 2013 backlog :p
I have received several emails requesting for my Korea Trip's itinerary and as I am in the midst of planning my upcoming Korea Trip for this year, I've decided to do up a post to compile my past travel itinerary for future reference :) Hope this post will help you in planning your free & easy itinerary~

Flight Details
 Airlines- Air Asia, Cost - S$460 (inclusive of baggage of up to 20kg and taxes)

Depart: SIN (2120 hrs) to KL (2230 hrs) - KL (0100 hrs) to ICN (0820 hrs)

Depart: ICN (0935 hrs) to KL (1505 hrs) - KL (1730 hrs) to SIN (1830 hrs)

Accommodation Details
Shinchon Hostel: 6 nights for KRW 528 000 (Family room for 4 adults with a private bathroom)
Booked via Booking.com
Address: 90-15 Daehyeon-Dong, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, 120-809
Day 1
  • Take the Airport Limousine Bus 6002 & proceed to Ewha Women's University area to deposit our luggage at Shinchon Hostel.
  • Head to Hongik University Station for HOPE Flea Market ( Line 2 Hongik Uni Exit 1)
  • Shopping near Ewha University Area
  • Haircut at Juno's Hair Salon
Day 2
  • Head to Gyeongbokgung Palace by 10am. Entrance ticket costs KRW 3000.

SGShop - Stay at home and shop around the world [Review]

By 2:16 PM
As you would have known, I really love shopping and online shopping is definitely on my list! So.. without further ado, let me introduce you to the most convenient channel for you to order stuff from Taobao! It is none other than SG Shop! Thanks to Nicole from SD, I had the opportunity to try out SG Shop's service! :D Yay!! I finally get to order things from Taobao!! 
*but boohoo.. my wallet won't be too happy about it though.. :x*

I have been searching for quite a while for an easy channel to order cheap stuff from Taobao, but I always end up not buying the items as the process was too tedious. I have found some sprees though, but usually they need to meet the quota before they proceed to order the item (the confirmation might take up to 2 weeks), and being the usual impatient me, I rather not order the item anymore. :p

With SG Shop, they have made my Taobao shopping experience so fuss free with 6 simple steps! :)

Detox Nectar from Mygenlife [Review]

By 6:54 PM
Hello everyone! :) Do you feel guilty after all that feasting and indulging in good food during the recent festive season? I do!!! And with the upcoming Chinese New Year at the end of this month, I'm sure most of you feel that it's time to detox before the next festive season! 

I definitely am going back to my weekly exercise regime and badly need a detox regime so that I can still keep in shape for the upcoming CNY :) 

Here's a beauty supplement from Mygen Life that is perfect for your detox regime: The Detox Nectar which is an all natural, great tasting health drink! :) I was delighted to find this box of detox goodness delivered to my doorstep. It's recommended to take one bottle a day to promote the inner cleansing of your body.

*Please note that if you are taking any medication or nursing, do consult a doctor before taking any of these health/beauty supplements. *