Detox Nectar from Mygenlife [Review]

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Hello everyone! :) Do you feel guilty after all that feasting and indulging in good food during the recent festive season? I do!!! And with the upcoming Chinese New Year at the end of this month, I'm sure most of you feel that it's time to detox before the next festive season! 

I definitely am going back to my weekly exercise regime and badly need a detox regime so that I can still keep in shape for the upcoming CNY :) 

Here's a beauty supplement from Mygen Life that is perfect for your detox regime: The Detox Nectar which is an all natural, great tasting health drink! :) I was delighted to find this box of detox goodness delivered to my doorstep. It's recommended to take one bottle a day to promote the inner cleansing of your body.

*Please note that if you are taking any medication or nursing, do consult a doctor before taking any of these health/beauty supplements. *
For those who are interested to know:
The ingredients contains:  Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x, Multi Vegetable Enzyme, Multi-Berry Extract, Vitamin C& E, water, baking powder, Lactitol, Fructose, Black Jujube juice, Citric Acid, Plum flavour, Arabic Gum, Sodium Citrate and Xanthan Gum.

Here are the main ingredients and their functions:

Aloe Vera Gel SD 100x helps  to maintain an optimal state of health. It helps to level the PH by reducing stomach acidity and promotes gastro-intestinal bacteria balance.

Multi Vegetable Enzyme helps to break down the food that we consume and aids in digestion.

Multi Berry Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant to help to support your immune system and protect against free radicals damage.

Vitamin C helps your body to produce sufficient collagen to maintain the tissues of your digestive tract, while Vitamin E helps to prevent oxidative stress and aids in your digestive system.
According to Mygenlife, slow infrequent bowel movements may cause fatigue, bloatedness and overall sluggish feeling. The Detox Nectar drink stimulates cleansing by eliminating waste matter that sticks to the walls of the colon over the years. It also helps to maximise assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals in your body system.

All in all, it helps to make you feel lighter, more energetic and cleaner inside after drinking this detox nectar! :) 

I'm currently on my third bottle and after drinking this detox nectar, bowel movements are indeed more frequent and I do feel lighter somewhat haha.. What I really love about this drink is how the bottle is so convenient to bring around and the drink tastes just like berry juices except that it is more concentrated :) i love to consume the detox nectar drink when chilled. It's slightly on the sweeter side probably because of the multi-berry extract, but still quite yummy.

Are you interested to try out this detox nectar drink that i've just reviewed? :) Hop on down to Guardian stores or to purchase this drink! :) 
A box of 6 bottles costs S$49.90, so technically you are only paying $8+ a day for a detox regime that is essential after all these festive meals :D hehe.. Do give it a try! 

PS: They have drinks for slimming, beauty collagen, whitening and bustful too! Do check it out~

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