ZA's Rouge Affair - Spring/Summer Launch [Giveaway]

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Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming new launch from ZA for their Spring/Summer collection! :D
I will be doing my first blogpost giveaway for this post! Do read on for more details~

A survey was done by Shiseido Research Centre which shows that over 75% of Asian women across all ages wears lip colours before they head out. 

Do you? :D I do!! 

Love this pretty beauty blogger backstage pass that they have prepared :) Personalised touches like these are really thoughtful~
It's going to be a pink affair~ With pink decor everywhere hehe! <3 Pink is the perfect colour to bring you from a sweet, natural look to an elegant look, even to a strong yet classic look which exudes feminine confidence.
And guess who did I meet at the event? :)
With Trista and Alene <3

PS: Took this pic from Alene's blog! Hope you don't mind babe! :p

More and more women are seeking for pigmented lip colours yet do not want to sacrifice the moisturising factor. With that in mind, ZA is launching the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge, a cross between Lip Gloss and Lip Stick that not only provides rich colours, but also comes with an ultra moisturising formulation.

Do check out my review of this liquid rouge at the later part of this post :D
After the presentation on the new product launch, we were free to roam around and try out the different game booths prepared for us. Yay!

First stop: Gripz Shoes :D
We had to guess which type of leather we were given~ Faux leather, Pig leather, Lamb leather or Calf Leather

Love this pair of brown heels <3 So pretty hehe!

All three of us made correct guesses for the piece of leather we were given :D And with that, we got our first stamp~Yay!
2nd Stop: Revealed with a Kiss 

We got to find out what Lips Personality we belong to! :D

Guess which one is mine? :D
Hehe.. Bow-Shape Lips <3

3rd Stop: Pretty Dresses from Hollyhoque

There's 8 shades of ZA's new rich glam liquid rouge to match any outfits that you might have for the upcoming Chinese New Year :) Check out the colours below!

Do you know the secret behind ZA's new Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge?

ZA's Rich- Glam Liquid Rouge Secret #1: The Glossy Colour Effect
The Lipstick colour layer is firmly locked in by gloss layer so that the glossy, rich colours can last. With the Glossy Colour effect, you can easily achieve both rich colour and glamorous shine within one simple step!

ZA's Rich- Glam Liquid Rouge Secret #2: The Ultra Fit Applicator
This applicator helps to create the perfect pout you are looking for. An appropriate amount of liquid is held in the curve of the applicator tip and the spoon-shaped curve perfectly fits your lips. This makes application of lip rouge so much easier :D

4th Stop: Make it Match
I was pretty lucky at this station and scored a low timing :D But... Alene was even faster! Congrats babe for being the overall winner for this station hehe! :p
Loving the decor at each game booth and the mini games thoughtfully planned by the event organisers! Love the flower petals hehe.. <3

 5th Stop: Toss & Win
I was pretty lousy at this booth haha.. Oh well.. but i had fun!! :D
And not forgetting the refreshments as well~ Nom nom nom hehe :p
And the mandatory photo booth session! :)
With Alene & Trista <3
And Gwen as well! :D So happy to meet these girls at the event!
Thank you so much for the invite to this wonderful event! 
And here's my review after trying out the rich-glam liquid rouge in shade PK331 :D Love this coral shade of colour. It's a shade which I was looking for to add to my lipstick/lipgloss collection <3 Thank you ZA!

So here's my verdict! Indeed the ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge did not disappoint me! I really love how the colours turn out nicely by using the ultra fit applicator :D My favourite part about this liquid rouge would be it's moisturising factor! My lips are naturally very dry and I have to apply a lip balm before applying any lip colour. However, for this particular liquid rouge, everything just glides on so easily! Goodbye chapped looking lips! It's so hard to find a lipstick that won't give you unsightly dry looking lips, so i'm pleasantly surprised with this liquid rouge! Yay!! Love it so so much! It's going to be a staple in my makeup pouch from now on~ 

The only thing I think this liquid rouge pales in comparison to other lipsticks/ lip gloss would be the packaging. It's not as pretty as the packaging from YSL or Jill Stuart but it's pretty compact and easy to bring around. Just hoping for a prettier packaging in future! :p 

Nevertheless, I really love it and would stock up on this liquid rouge when it's launched in stores! <3 Do hop on down and get it once it is launched~ I'm sure this will be a hit! :D

The 8 New Shades of Rich Glam Liquid Rouge with Asian Flattering Pink Undertones will be retailing at $18.90 each, in stores from 30 January 2014 :D

Here's a chance to win a Rich Glam Liquid Rouge for yourself in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year! 

Simply follow the steps below and you might be the lucky winner of this Liquid Rouge in shade RD411 before it even launches in stores :) To win this Liquid Rouge+ Eye & Lip Makeup Remover from ZA, simply:

1. Follow me on instagram @chloetwl
2. Like my Facebook Page at Chloe WL. 
3. And drop me an email at with the following details:

Eg: "I want to win this ZA Liquid Rouge :)" 
Name: Chloe Teo
Instagram: chloetwl
Facebook Name: Chloe Teo

PS: if you have already followed me on Instagram or have already liked my FB page, you can also join in for this contest! Thank you for your support all these while! :)

Entries are only open to Singapore readers until 17th Jan'14 (23:59) and I will draw one winner on 18th Jan' 14. Good Luck! :)

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