Face On Clinic Acne Treatment Review

By 4:16 PM

Hello beauty lovers, I'm back with a review of my journey with Face On Clinic thus far! ^^

Through the dedicated help from Dr. Khoo and team, I am so happy to say that the acne nodules from my face has disappeared!!

Just check out the photo below:
The acne nodule which was previously beside my nose has disappeared! YAY!

This quick treatment helped with shrinkage of my pores, controls the oil production and improves my acne condition by so much! Gone are the tiny bumps which bothered me. And no more huge pimples popping up on my nose. That’s the worst kind of pimple anyone can ask for in my opinion. So thankful that it is now finally gone just in time for my bridesmaid duty for dearest Anna’s wedding!

What's even more amazing was that the PA Medical Lazer also helped to reduce the fine lines around my eyes significantly! Just check out the image below, what sorcery is this???

The green lines are where my wrinkles/fine lines used to be! WOOHOO!!!
You might be wondering what exactly is the PA Medical Lazer and how it works? It actually uses the PhotoAcoustic energy to vibrate and re-organize the collagen scaffolding. Through the subtle heating of deep dermal layers, it stimulates collagen regeneration! 

Coupling the PA Medical Lazer together with this 3-step skincare routine specially formulated by Face On Clinic, my skin condition has improved tremendously!
I'm currently using the Face Clear Cleanser, Face Glow and Face Clear serum.

The Face Clear Cleanser is my ultimate daily essential now! It’s gentle yet helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce congested pores & acne. 

PS: You can even use it as a mask for 15-20 mins every night before washing it off! It’s really effective! 
I would strongly advise all of you to start early for good skin throughout! I wished I knew about PA Medical Lazer and Face On Clinic during my teenage years. Would have avoided all these acne scars T_T

Now onward to working on the remaining acne scars for clearer looking skin! Stay tuned for my next update ;)

If you have any further queries on the PA Medical Lazer or what kind of treatments will be suitable for your skin, feel free to contact Face On Clinic! 


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