Tips to achieving the perfect smile :) [Review]

By 6:00 PM
A smile speaks every language. A healthy smile wouldn't be the same without shiny teeth to lend their support. :D

So what is the most important tip to achieving the perfect smile? To me, it will be to brush my teeth at least twice a day to maintain appropriate oral hygiene.

A good toothpaste would definitely aid in your daily brushing routine for a healthier smile! :) 

Here's a new toothpaste from Darlie that has been clinically proven to effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days. The Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) in the Darlie Charcoal Clean White Toothpaste helps to remove yellowish stains. 

So what's so different about this toothpaste from other brands? 

#ConsProjectSG Street Art Workshop

By 9:00 PM
I'm sure the brand Converse does not sound foreign to you. I was pretty excited when I received the invite for this event :) Am glad I went for it and tried my hands on creating Silkscreen posters under the guidance of Zero, a famous street art artist part of the RSCLS crew.

Converse Inc., through its Singapore licensee, Alantic Sports Pte. Ltd., 
announces the launch of CONS Project: Singapore that is designed to 
engage the community and the next generation of creative spirits through 
music, art and skate. 

Converse #ConsProjectSG

By 5:28 PM
 Thanks to Sheron for the invite to #ConsProjectSG where we learnt from Zero the Street Art Artist :) It was an inspiring and insightful session. (more event pictures in the next post)

 Happiness can be so simple, the sense of fulfilment need not necessarily be determined by the monetary gains you can get. Simply follow your heart and let your creativity juices flow~ 

Viva La Papa Chips- Organic Handmade Chips [Review]

By 12:00 PM
Looking for an afternoon snack? Try out Viva La Papa! Chips for a healthier choice! Organic handmade chips ftw! Hehe!
 After my #eatclean diet several weeks ago, I became more conscious about my diet and I am trying to keep my carbs intake to the minimal.. However, when I was given the Viva La Papa! Chips for a review, I was stoked! :D It was the perfect carbs intake that I will indulge in without feeling too guilty :p 

But why Viva La Papa chips?
Viva La Papa! chips are cooked by hand in small batches with no artificial ingredients or GMOs, the product range is also gluten free and Kosher accredited! These reasons are enough for me to just open a packet and munch on those chips! Here we go~!

 Yummy Nom Noms in pretty packaging! Tell me how could you resist this?? :0

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie- The Floral Enchantress [Giveaway]

By 9:00 AM
Hello! I'm back with more Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie updates! :D Attended this event a couple of weeks ago, oops sorry for the late updates but I have some awesome giveaway at the end of this post! Read till the end to find out more! :)
With the pretty babes @trissy & @gwenyummy :D 

The photobooth area was quite pretty but unfortunately, we could not squeeze more ppl into the frame.. :( 
Anyway, here's another pic with pretty @paperkitties
PS @snauw: Sorry babe! Just realised didn't get a picture with you :( 
I simply love all the effort put into personalising our invitation card! Lovely! <3 

Did you know...?

The Yellow Submarine

By 9:00 AM
Hello! It's the weekends soon! Thinking of a new food place to check out during the weekends? :) Here's a cute fast food place that I went to a few weeks ago! And here's my review~
 Cute cheerful interior that brightens up your day. 

Located conveniently at Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-110, S(310177). Walking distance from Toa Payoh MRT station. 
Here's their FB page for more info:

McDonald's Spicy Challenge! :D

By 1:23 AM
Interested to find out more on McDonald's Singapore's latest burgers? Read on! :D
Calling all spicy food lovers, are you up for the spicy challenge?

New Launch of Spicy Burgers from 3 Apr 11am!!
So what is the spicy challenge? :D

Freeing SG [Review] :D

By 1:00 PM
Hihi! :D I'm back again with more updates.. woohoo.. I'm on a blog roll~!!
Check out where I went to two weeks ago! :D Thanks to Amantha & Qinxin from Nuffnang, I got to try out the reality room escape game at Freeing SG! And here are my team mates~

{Anna, Wendy, Jasmine and Alyssa}
I was so happy when I saw Anna hehe! Didn't know any other bloggers beforehand :p Glad I managed to make new friends at the end of the event! Anyway, back to the reality room escape game! I have actually been to Freeing SG before this event so I have an idea of what it will all be about. It was really fun!! :D 

I've tried "Mission Incredible" the other time when I came~ You really get the feeling as if you are on the movie set of movies like "Night in the Museum", but on a smaller scale :p That's how I felt!
 There are many reality room escape games in SG right now but I guess Freeing SG is still the largest 5D reality room escape game provider in Singapore so far! :D Heard from my friend that Freeing SG originated from Japan.