#ConsProjectSG Street Art Workshop

By 9:00 PM

I'm sure the brand Converse does not sound foreign to you. I was pretty excited when I received the invite for this event :) Am glad I went for it and tried my hands on creating Silkscreen posters under the guidance of Zero, a famous street art artist part of the RSCLS crew.

Converse Inc., through its Singapore licensee, Alantic Sports Pte. Ltd., 
announces the launch of CONS Project: Singapore that is designed to 
engage the community and the next generation of creative spirits through 
music, art and skate. 

Spot us! :p
Pics without my watermark are credited to the event photographers :)

After the insightful and inspiring talk by Zero, we moved on the the DIY activities. 
Next up was the Silkscreen DIY workshop! Love hands on events like these~

And this is how we do it! :D Steps 1, 2, 3~
 And here's our masterpieces! :D Nice?

Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather, we could not get a chance to try out spray painting on a wall. :( Sobs. Oh well.. but we got a chance to visit Zero & RSCLS' workspace! Pretty interesting & inspiring. :D I'm hoping to find my passion too! Hopefully, soon enough~

 Spray Paint galore! :D
And here's my ootd! :p Very casual and I love my navy blue leggings from Uniqlo, super comfy.  *super random lol*
With B <3, thank you for always being supportive in the things i do :)  Here's a pic of us after getting lost while we were trying to locate Aliwal Arts Centre :p
 With @gohrosental :D Nice seeing familiar faces at the event! Didn't manage to take any pics with @venzzzie though :x 
Thank you Zero for sharing so much with us! Check out my previous post on what I've learnt from this event: http://chloewl.blogspot.sg/2014/04/converse-consprojectsg.html

Just trust yourself, have fun & let your creative juices flow in anything you do~!
Thank you Converse, NookMag & Sheron for having us over at the event! <3

Ended off the night with Korean BBQ with the girls at Tampines 1! :D YUMS!
Love the Jap Chae잡채 & Goguma 고구마! :p Looking forward to my trip to Seoul already!
Had a nice catching up session with the girls! More meet ups soon kk? :D

That's all for now! Will be trying my best to keep this space filled before I head off for my two weeks plus holiday :p Do follow me on instagram @chloetwl for my upcoming Korea trip! So excited now!! Follow me ok? :D

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