McDonald's Spicy Challenge! :D

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Interested to find out more on McDonald's Singapore's latest burgers? Read on! :D
Calling all spicy food lovers, are you up for the spicy challenge?

New Launch of Spicy Burgers from 3 Apr 11am!!
So what is the spicy challenge? :D

Selecting my burger! Check out my choice hehe! Level 3 gogogo!
Before I show you level 3, here's a sneak peek into the level 1 burger first! :D
Level 1

This Chick Sizzles~
Sink your teeth into the tender spiced whole muscle chicken, topped with a vibrant green chilli and lime sauce to deliver just the right amount of kick. Layer it up with whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun and let the party in your mouth begin!

I love the corndust bun and Level 1 is definitely for those who are unable to take/tahan the usual McSpicy burger! Interesting chilli and lime sauce combination with a huge piece of chicken!
So.. you may ask, what is Level 2?
It is none other than the all time favourite McSpicy! :D

Moving up the heat scale is local favourite, the McSpicy. The star of the McSpicy is its thick, fiery
hot and juicy cutlet of chicken thigh and drum. Sitting on a bed of crunchy lettuce and served in
between toasted sesame seen buns, this hottie can only be described as “shiok”!

and now.. we have Level 3!! 
This Thai Thriller is packed with juicy, hot action!
Succulent green curry whole muscle chicken, spicy lemongrass and coconut sauce, crunchy whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun to top.
Question is, can you take the heat?

This is my favourite burger for the night! It was even more shiok than my all time favourite McSpicy~ One level up! As a lover of thai food, this burger tastes even more appetising! Love the spicy lemongrass and coconut sauce! The combination was YUMS! 

Do give the new burgers a try! Each burger has it's individual plus points! Drop me a comment on which level did you pick ok? :D

Oh yes! Do order their new drink called Yuzu McFizz too! It's a life saver when you need something sweet to counter the spiciness! :p sweet & refreshing bubbly drink that consists of yuzu syrup etc. Remember to stir before drinking hee!
Omnom nomnom!
 Thank you OMY and McDonald's for the invite! :D I really enjoyed myself during the event hehe!
Ending off the post with a picture of the new friends I made! :D Nice meeting all of you!

Psst! I heard that they might up the level of the spicy challenge soon! Do give the Level 3 burger a try for spicy food seekers! My personal recommendation~ :p That's all for now! Will be back with more beauty and food reviews very soon!

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm disappointed with these so called "spicy" burgers.. it can't even make me break sweat. Its very mild in spiciness. I don't expect much in their level 4 spicy burger. I guess either burger are meant to be so spicy that you can breathe out flames or Mcdonald wants to play" safe".

    1. Hi Royston! :)
      Sorry to hear that the spicy burgers did not meet your expectations. Probably you could drop a feedback on Mcd's FB page so that they can improve on future burgers? :) Personally, I thought the level 3 burger was quite spicy, I guess we all have different tolerance to the spicy lvls ;) Looking forward to try the level 4 burger!

      Chloe :)