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Hihi! :D I'm back again with more updates.. woohoo.. I'm on a blog roll~!!
Check out where I went to two weeks ago! :D Thanks to Amantha & Qinxin from Nuffnang, I got to try out the reality room escape game at Freeing SG! And here are my team mates~

{Anna, Wendy, Jasmine and Alyssa}
I was so happy when I saw Anna hehe! Didn't know any other bloggers beforehand :p Glad I managed to make new friends at the end of the event! Anyway, back to the reality room escape game! I have actually been to Freeing SG before this event so I have an idea of what it will all be about. It was really fun!! :D 

I've tried "Mission Incredible" the other time when I came~ You really get the feeling as if you are on the movie set of movies like "Night in the Museum", but on a smaller scale :p That's how I felt!
 There are many reality room escape games in SG right now but I guess Freeing SG is still the largest 5D reality room escape game provider in Singapore so far! :D Heard from my friend that Freeing SG originated from Japan.
Just check out the wide variety of themed escape rooms they have to offer! :D 

1) Painter’s Murder – Solve the mystery behind the death of a famous painter

2) Silent Blood – Escape from the mysterious castle…could this be the infamous castle of Count Dracula?

3) The Unforeseeable Pyramid – Find out the truth behind your friend’s disappearance while doing research at the ancient pyramid

4) 逃龙记 (Only Available in Mandarin) – 你是否有能力盗取本门最高武功绝学? 事成之后,你将能称霸武林,一统江湖!

5) Unmask - Uncover the dark secret behind a top biology graduate…..

6) Mission Incredible - Sneak into the museum and seize the brightest diamond before The Evil steals it!

Can you escape in time?!

There are 4 more additional rooms not open yet, will be up by October!! I can't wait to go back to try the 4 new rooms! :p
With decor and set up that matches up to Universal Studios standards, I was really impressed!
And here's all the bloggers who attended this event! We were all looking very excited before we enter the rooms to try them out! :D
Let's go!
My team got the theme: Silent Blood.. Ooh.. sounds spooky hehe! But it was lots of fun! There was a surprise in the game which I did not expect! Really exciting!

Silent Blood
Recommended group size: 6-8 people
Duration: 45mins
The story: It is the night of a full moon and you are going to end up as a vampire's meal if you don't do anything about it. Will you be able to dodge the sight of Earl Dracula and escape from the mysterious old castle within the limited time?

At the start of the game, we were all chained up and we had to work together to unlock ourselves before we could move on to the next room! Involves lots of teamwork so you really got to communicate and work together! :D Great for team building games or simply a fun session with your buddies rather than the usual movie sessions or window shopping session~

Here's Anna & I looking really excited :p
Haha.. I was told that I looked too happy to be locked up lol.. So i gave the sad duck face :p Ugly to the max hahahha..
My advice to all adventure seekers: Listen very very carefully to every single word the game coordinator is saying during the briefing! It's very important in the whole escape game haha.. 

Another tip, look everywhere, up down left right, don't miss out any spot! And put on your thinking cap :D
Fret not if you really cannot solve anything at all, there's always a help button that you can press and the game coordinator will come in to give you some hints! :D that's what we did :p but.. unfortunately, we still didn't manage to escape in time haha.. The puzzle games were too mind boggling for us~
Nevertheless, here's a group picture to mark the end of our adventure! :D Thank you for enlightening us on the puzzles at the end of the game! It was really interesting.

And the last two group pictures with all of the bloggers! Thanks to Amantha, Qin Xin & the game coordinators from FreeingSG for helping to take the pictures!
Check out this video too! :D
Freeing SG is located at: Level 7, Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street S(188067)

Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs : 11am – 10pm (last game will be at 10pm) 
 Fri & Sat : 11am – 1am (last game will be at 12am) 

Mon – Fri, before 5pm: $22 per person 
Mon – Fri, after 5pm: $28 per person 
Sat, Sun & PH: $28 per person 
Are you excited to try it out too? :)

I hope you like my review and do check out these interesting game rooms @FreeingSG with your friends! It will definitely be a memorable & fun filled outing! :D

Thank you Nuffnang once again for the invite! Hope to be able to attend more Nuffnang events soon :)

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