Viva La Papa Chips- Organic Handmade Chips [Review]

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Looking for an afternoon snack? Try out Viva La Papa! Chips for a healthier choice! Organic handmade chips ftw! Hehe!
 After my #eatclean diet several weeks ago, I became more conscious about my diet and I am trying to keep my carbs intake to the minimal.. However, when I was given the Viva La Papa! Chips for a review, I was stoked! :D It was the perfect carbs intake that I will indulge in without feeling too guilty :p 

But why Viva La Papa chips?
Viva La Papa! chips are cooked by hand in small batches with no artificial ingredients or GMOs, the product range is also gluten free and Kosher accredited! These reasons are enough for me to just open a packet and munch on those chips! Here we go~!

 Yummy Nom Noms in pretty packaging! Tell me how could you resist this?? :0

Check out the chips! :D Looks so pretty and tastes so light, low salt content & tastes like you are eating thinly sliced sweet potato, definitely my choice of guilt free chips! YUMS! What do you think? :)

Here are the flavours available:
Viva La Papa! has five delicious varieties available in 142g and 42g bags through Le Bono Collection in Singapore. They are: Andean Pink Salt, Anticucho BBQ, Chillies & Lime, Exotic Sweet Potato and Andean Native Potato.

In addition, Viva La Papa! also makes a contribution from each bag sold to Andean children’s charity Amantani. They provide schools and boarding houses for under-privileged children in remote Andean regions. 

My Recommendation:
I really miss the Andean and Sweet Potato Chips! They are my personal recommendations! Tastes really good~ And not forgetting, they look the most photogenic too! HAHA! The vibrant colours of the chips are just too enticing to resist~ Don't worry, they are not due to artificial colouring but it's the natural colouring :D Being a fan of sweet potatoes, I have tasted my fair share of sweet potato chips. These Viva La Papa! Sweet Potato Chips are by far the best I've had! I'm in love <3

For those who are looking for the salty taste in chips, you should try out the Andean Native flavour. The balance in the salty flavour was just right! OMM NOM NOM NOM~

Where to find these chips?
Available at  Real Food Grocer | SPR MRKT | Foodology | Conrad Centennial Singapore    
The American Club  | Swiss Butchery | Food Advisory 

Chips c/o Le Bono Collection. Thanks for sending these yummy healthy chips our way!  So thankful to get to review & introduce these healthy chips to my readers~ Do try them out and let me know what you think about it :D Hope you like the chips as much as I do!

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