L’Oreal La Palette Nude Rose & Beige [Giveaway *closed*]

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Hi dearies! I'm back with a new beauty post and this time round we have these 2 palettes from L’Oreal! The highly raved L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Rose & Beige ^^ So excited!!

Having seen numerous reviews by US & UK beauty vloggers, i'm so excited that these lovely palettes have landed in Singapore this year! Like finally!!!!^^

Loving the wide range of colours available in different textures within each palette! It's also really sleek and easy to carry around! It's perfect as a travel/on-the-go palette!!^^ Think packing light yet being able to achieve different looks for your holiday. Definitely topping the makeup #travelessential for me!

Each palette consists of 10 colours in 3 different textures:

I did the following swatches on my arms and I love the colour payoff for most shades. Can you guess which are my personal favourites?

I'm a fan of shimmery shades so Bouquet Rose and Ballerina Rose are my top favourites^^ Personally, I feel that the quality of the palettes are pretty good and is a good palette to start off with for first time eyeshadow wearers who might not be keen to invest in an expensive luxury palette.  The shades are quite comprehensive and versatile to create the different types of looks you might be looking for!

Without further ado, let me show you the different looks you can create with these 2 palettes~

Here are the 3 looks I have created using these two palettes:


1. Sultry Smokey Eyes 
This look is created using the shades from L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Rose, Shades 1, 7 & 10.

  1. Start off with applying a primer all over your eyelids.
  2. Then apply Autumn Rose (Shade 7) all over your eyelids
  3. Next, apply Violet Rose (Shade 10) at the crease area in a wind swiper motion, creating the winged ends.
  4. Apply Dreamy Rose (Shade 1) in the middle and inner corners of your eyelid.
  5. Also apply Dreamy Rose (Shade 1) at your undereye area to glam up the look.
  6. Dot your undereye waterline area with L'Oreal's Superliner Gelmatic (Brown) to complete the look.


This is a really different look from the usual makeup I usually put on. 
Loving the pigmentation of the eyeshadows used in this look, especially the Violet Rose shade which was really pretty!

2. Nude Ombre Look 

This look is created using the shades from L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Beige, Shades 2, 6, 7 & 8.

  1. Start off with applying a primer all over your eyelids.
  2. Apply Mocha Beige (Shade 6) in the inner corner across your lash line.
  3. Apply Whiskey Beige (Shade 7) in and above the crease.
  4. Apply Bombshell Beige (Shade 8) in outer lid and blend well.
  5. Blend Sun Beige (Shade 2) into outer crease near brow bone.
  6. Line your eyes with L'Oreal's Superliner Gelmatic (Brown) to complete the look.

Perfect for the easy daily work makeup look  :)

3. Fancy Feline Look
This look is created using the shades from L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Beige, Shades 3 & 6.

  1. Start off with applying a primer all over your eyelids.
  2. Apply Nude Beige (Shade 3) to inner corner across lid and lower lashline.
  3. Apply Mocha Beige (Shade 6) directly above the pupil.
  4. Apply Shade 3 to our outer lid, blending upwards and outwards on ends.
  5. Layer Shades 3 & 6 into lower lashline.

A wilder look all ready for a girl's night out! 

4. Apricot Makeup Look

This look is created using the shades from L’Oreal La Palette Nudes in Rose, Shades 1, 5 & 7.

  1. Start off with applying a primer all over your eyelids.
  2. Apply Ballerina Rose (Shade 5) all over your eyelids.
  3. Apply Autumn Rose (Shade 7) along the inner crease, across your lashline.
  4. Line your eyes with L'Oreal's Superliner Gelmatic (Brown).
  5. Apply Dreamy Rose (Shade 1) on your brow bone area for the highlighting effect.
  6. Complete :)

There are endless possibilities with these two palettes!!

Affordably priced at $29.90, these two beautiful palettes are available at all L’Oreal Makeup Counters at Watsons, selected Guardian, SASA, Fairprice & Department stores.

It's time for a giveaway!! In collaboration with L’Oreal Paris Makeup, I have a L’Oreal La Palette in Nude Rose up for grabs!^^

  1.  Comment in my blogpost below (telling me why you want to win this awesome La Palette Nude (Rose))
  2. Like my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/ChloeWL.sg/) & L'Oreal's FB page (https://www.facebook.com/lorealparissingapore)
  3. Click through this link to learn more about L'Oreal Paris Makeup: http://dv.sg/loreal-chloe  
To increase your chances of winning this giveaway, do also follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/chloetwl/)  & subscribe to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/chloewlsays)!! ^^

Giveaway ends on 09 Sep 2359, open to all readers residing in Singapore ^^ Good luck to all!!

#LorealParisSg #LaPaletteNude @LorealMakeup #LorealMakeupDesigner

Congrats @papamuacci for winning this giveaway!!^^ Thanks all for participating! Many more giveaways coming up!

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  1. Hi Chloe! I really want to win the La Palette Nude (Rose)so that I can experiment with the different looks like what you have done. The colours on the L’Oreal palette looks very usable on a daily basis for both work and weekends out with my friends. DO PICK ME!!!
    THANK YOU :)

    (ps: I have:
    1) followed you on ig
    2) subscribed to your youtube channel (please upload more videos!)
    3) liked your fb page
    4) liked L'Oreal's fb page

    THANKS for always having giveaways!!

  2. The rose palette looks really pretty! And has anyone mentioned that you resemble Pony a little?!

    xoxo, Cinddie

    1. Thank u dear!! ^^ Haha nah, i wish i look like her though, she's my idol! <3

  3. I'd love to win this giveaway!! I've always admire those Korean drama actresses who can pull off such nice eye shadow make up and yet look so radiant and natural. Hope to try that look someday with L'Oreals la palette!!

  4. I would like to win la palette nude because I love the nature colour it suit my skin tone. It also easy to apply and it lasting.
    Fb:joanne hakuro
    Ig: kim_hakuro

  5. Hi Chloe! I'd like to win this nude palette as I'm in love with neutral tones, this palette would complement my brown eyes and make them pop!!

    paulayipkl@gmail.com /Paulie

  6. First to comment? Yay!! Love to win it because this Loreal La Palette nude rose gives me so many different opportunities to design different looks for different occasion! I'm never a believer of palette for eyes..but looking at this...I love to win this Loreal palette to try out different looks! :) Thanks!

    Liked it
    IG: @papamuacci
    FB: O wan ting

    1. Congrats dear! You have won yourself the La Palette Nude (Rose)! Please drop me a message via Instagram on your mailing details :)


  7. I want to win this awesome La Palette Nude (Rose) because it has a good ratio of mattes to satin shades, feels soft to touch, nice concept (decent size packaging and not flimsy) and texture better than most drugstore eyeshadow palettes.
    FB: Ajeek syasya
    IG: syasya101088
    Youtube:Noorsyahidah Jumatjj

  8. Hi😃 Thank you for hosting the giveaway:) I would appreciate it if I could win as I am still new in the makeup world🌍✨ I am not daring enough to play with bold colours. I think this is a great opportunity to try out a neutral but elegant eyeshadow palette for beginners like me👌 I hope the best for myself:) Stay beautiful and charming❤

  9. Liked and followed you!

    Fb: joey chew
    Ig: joeychew77
    Subscribed to your youtube channel!

  10. I would love to win this so I can finally experiment with eye shadows and learn how to apply them properly by reading your tutorials. There is nothing better than getting naked with LOreal! Definitel must have! The mixes of illuminuous colours result in ‘PERFECTION.’

    Name: Mizi sarte
    IG: @mizichic

  11. Hi Chloe! I would like to win the La Palette Nude (Rose) because it has the best color range that suits my taste on makeup and as well as perfect for everyday look - which I need! ❤️

    FB/Instagram/YT : jejeenomoto ❤️

  12. Hi
    I want win this Gorgeous Palette set as i can create endless look with 10 colours plus i love playing with make-up.Hope to win so i can wear to all my gf birthday party..hehe to also show off n share with them that Loreal actually offer alot wide great range of makeup.
    Makeup is my best friends forever ❤😊

  13. I want win this Awesome palette as 1 palette i can create alot different look.
    I want show off to my friends as well n give them a WOW look & to share with them how great is Loreal brand now.Best of all,price so affordable as beautiful girl dont need expensive makeup brand to look pretty😊

    IG: siti-aishah-yeo
    FB: Siti Aishah Yeo