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 Looking for new "clothes" for your handphone for the upcoming CNY or the perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine's day, or simply a birthday gift or wedding gift? This is the perfect place to go to! :D 

As you would realise, almost 80% of the time, we would be holding on to our smartphones or iPads/tablets wherever we go~! We just need to stay connected all the time lol~ How about getting a UNIK phone cover that is uniquely you? :D 

If you are wondering what The Kase SG is all about...?
The Kase is an international brand specialising in fashionable and customised mobile phone and tablet accessories. Launched in France in 2012, The Kase boutiques have appeared in all corners of the globe. Each boutique has a customisation workshop consisting of a high-performance industrial machine, where you can see your UNIK creation come true in 15 minutes.

Just 3 simple steps and you will get your very own personalised handphone cover! Woohoo! Awesome right? :D

Prices starts from $39.90~ (depending on the type of casing chosen eg. bumper only or those with a flip cover)

If you do not want to print your own photos onto the cases, The Kase also has ready made designs that you can choose from! Some of the illustrations are drawn by designers :D Do head down to the stores to check out the wide range of designs they have~

So many cute and unique designs available that made me spoilt for choice lol! :p 

However, my personal preference would be to put my own pictures for the unique touch~ How about you? :D  

For your own photo collage, you can design it whichever way you want to, choosing from the various templates available.. I choose the template which you can put in two pictures :) 
Some personal tips on designing your own personalised casing:
  1. Test out the layout of your photos via before heading down to the stores.
  2. If you intend to do a more complicated collage, do edit it using photoshop or other editing software & combine into a single picture before bringing it down to the stores :)
  3. Remember not to bring hard copies of photos to the stores as they do not have scanners. You can save it in your FB account under a private folder, or simply provide soft copies of the pictures.
  4. Do not select pictures with low resolutions if you want a pretty casing that is not pixellated :) 
  5. To ensure that not too much of your photo gets cropped out due to the templates, best to choose images that are in landscape format.
Tadaaa~! The printing took less than 15mins for mine! :D Very fast and efficient~
The colours are true to my pictures' colours :D *thumbs up* And after using this phone cover for nearly a month soon, the colours are still the same! Doesn't fade off! *Tried & tested* :D Love it so much!
More samples of the personalised casings with their individual photos hehe :D Can't help but pose with my new hp casing again! Love it! Reminds me of the relaxing time spent at the beach with B just taking a walk hand in hand enjoying the sea breeze <3 Looking at the pictures during stressful times at work just motivates me to work harder :) Will work for travel! *Fighting!*

I would strongly encourage everyone to get a phone case with pictures of your loved ones and favourite moments printed on it! It works wonders during times when you just feel so listless and unmotivated :D 
Thanks Karen for being so patient & helping me to print out my personalised handphone casing! :)
Good news for those who have a flair in designing stuff! :D Here's your chance to win a free case or cash prizes from The Kase~

Unik SG Competition Details

Unik SG Phase One: 1 February to 15 March 2014
Participants are to submit designs online on The Kase’s Creators Space. All approved designs will be posted on The Kase Facebook page. A participant can submit an unlimited number of designs.
Entries in Phase One will be judged solely on the number of Facebook Likes. The top 10 entries with the most 'likes' will proceed to the next phase of the competition.

Unik SG Phase Two: 16 March to 30 March 2014
The top 10 entries from Phase One will be reposted on The Kase’s Facebook. The designs will also be featured on Nookmag’s Nooked Section ( to accumulate nooks.
The final winner will be determined by a panel of judges (50%), the number of 'likes' their designs receive on The Kase Facebook page (30%) as well as the number of nooks on Nookmag’s Nooked Section (20%).

The Prizes
$300 Cash Prize – Final Winner
$100 Cash Prize - Most Number of Facebook Likes
$100 Cash Prize - Most Nooked on Nookmag
1 Free Case Redemption Voucher (Worth $39.90) - Designers in the 2nd to 10th position
1 Free Case Redemption Voucher - 20 Lucky Voters

Registration Details
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and click Creators Space.
Step 3: Create an account. Both Country and City should be filled as ‘Singapore’. A confirmation email will be sent to your email account.
Step 4: To submit your design, click New Creations. Choose Smartphone (min 1200x2400 pixels) or Tablet (2400x3600). Files must be a RGB.
Step 5: Upload your designs.

If you have any queries with regards to the competition, do email to :)
Good luck to all who are joining the competition! :D

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that the casings all comes with a pretty gift box too! Very presentable as a gift for your loved ones~
CNY is coming soon, your handphone needs new "clothes" too! Hehe <3 Do head down to The Kase to get your personalised handphone casing in time for the upcoming CNY & Valentine's Day! PS: it's a really practical & sweet gift in my opinion~ :p 

The Kase is located at Ion Orchard B2-27 & Parkway Parade B1 #150-151, you can get your UNIK hp casing printed out in just 15mins! (do note that this excludes the time you take to design it :p) Do give it a try! :D Check out now~

PS: Thanks Sheron for the invite to review this wonderful product! :)

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