2012 Korea Trip's Itinerary

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Hi everyone! I'm back to blog about my past Korea itinerary to try to finish my 2013 backlog :p
I have received several emails requesting for my Korea Trip's itinerary and as I am in the midst of planning my upcoming Korea Trip for this year, I've decided to do up a post to compile my past travel itinerary for future reference :) Hope this post will help you in planning your free & easy itinerary~

Flight Details
 Airlines- Air Asia, Cost - S$460 (inclusive of baggage of up to 20kg and taxes)

Depart: SIN (2120 hrs) to KL (2230 hrs) - KL (0100 hrs) to ICN (0820 hrs)

Depart: ICN (0935 hrs) to KL (1505 hrs) - KL (1730 hrs) to SIN (1830 hrs)

Accommodation Details
Shinchon Hostel: 6 nights for KRW 528 000 (Family room for 4 adults with a private bathroom)
Booked via Booking.com
Address: 90-15 Daehyeon-Dong, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, 120-809
Day 1
  • Take the Airport Limousine Bus 6002 & proceed to Ewha Women's University area to deposit our luggage at Shinchon Hostel.
  • Head to Hongik University Station for HOPE Flea Market ( Line 2 Hongik Uni Exit 1)
  • Shopping near Ewha University Area
  • Haircut at Juno's Hair Salon
Day 2
  • Head to Gyeongbokgung Palace by 10am. Entrance ticket costs KRW 3000.

  • Lunch at Tosokchon Samgaetang Restaurant

  • Cafe hopping at Samcheongdong- Zoo Cafe
How to get there: (From Exit 5 of Gyeongbokgung Palace Station, walk 10-15mins along the stone wall of Gyeongbokgung Palace to the starting point of Samcheongdong walkway) 

*From what i recall, I think that the walk actually took nearly 20-30mins instead of what we researched, so please be prepared for quite a bit of walking. It will all be worth it when you reach the street full of pretty cafes :)
  • Shopping at Express Bus Terminal underground shops
  • Shopping at Gangnam Station underground shops
  • Dinner at Chicken Glass Noodles shop by Seven  @ Gangnam outlet (they have alot of outlets for this restaurant everywhere)
Day 3
  • Head to Nami Island via Zipwire from Gapyeong Wharf
  • Insadong
  • Miss Lee Cafe @ Insadong
  • Bukchon Village
  • Jimjilbang at Siloam Sauna (Seoul Station)
  • Lotte Mart at Seoul Station
    Day 4
    • Garogusil for cafes & boutiques 
    • Shopping at Myeongdong
    • Visit to Ewha Women's University
    • Shopping near Ewha Women's University area
    Day 5
    • Hongdae area for shopping, cafes, 
    • Trick Eye Museum 
    • Luxury Noraebang
    • Dongdaemun for midnight shopping
    Day 6
    • Nandaemun for seaweed shopping
    • Namsam Tower + Teddy Bear Museum
    • Back to Ewha Women's University
    • Pack Luggage
    Day 7
    • Head to Incheon International Airport
    • *Do note that you should head for the tax refund counter before checking in your luggage as they require items bought, to be shown.
    • Transit at KL
    • Home sweet home
    Do drop me a comment on any other query you might have for my itinerary :) 

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    1. How ur cost for tis plan??

      1. Hi! :) I spent around $1k on accomodation, tickets, transport and entrance tickets as well as food if i did not rmb wrongly :p And probably another $1k+ on shopping. Hope this helps! :)

    2. Hi Chloe,
      Did u buy the ticket separately from SG to KL then KL to Incheon?
      den how about the baggage?

      1. Hi Lia :) Sorry for the late reply as i just came back from Seoul. Nope I did not purchase the tickets from Air Asia separately during 2012. You can simply select the destination as Seoul and there will be options given. The baggage handling fees would be charged twice SG to KL then KL to Incheon unfortunately :(

        During my recent trip to Seoul (Apr 14 to May 14), I took Scoot Airlines instead :) Probably you can check out Scoot airlines to see which is more suitable for you depending on the price and flight timings. Hope this helps! :)

    3. Hi Chloe,

      How much does each person pay at the Luxury Noraebang? Approx?

      1. Hi there! :) If i never recall wrongly, we paid less than S$10 each, for an hour. :D It is pretty affordable! Do give it a try, their sound systems are pretty good!

    4. Thanks for the posts.

      How did you travel to airport back SG? Depart: ICN (0935 hrs). As it might be too early to take the Airport Limo from Seoul?

      1. Hi there! :D

        We arranged for a mini van to pick us up with the guesthouse's help as we had too many lugagges and like what you mentioned, we had an early departure too! :) Hope this helps!

    5. Hi,
      Love your post! What's the temperature like during April in Seoul? Isn't very cold? Thanks!

    6. Hi! ^^ Thank you for your support! It's air con temperature, about 15 to 20 degrees, best time to visit Korea :D Not too cold in my opinion!

    7. Hi! Saw that you took Scoots airline to Seoul in 2014. Understand that the arrival time is late night. How do u go to hotel then? Which hotel do you stay at for this time?

    8. Hi! Saw that you took Scoots airline to Seoul in 2014. Understand that the arrival time is late night. How do u go to hotel then? Which hotel do you stay at for this time?

      1. Hi there!^^ I took the Airport Rail Express (AREX) to my accommodation at Hongdae. I stayed in Pigfly Guesthouse in 2014 and another airbnb accommodation in the same building in 2015. Will be posting up my 2015 Korea itinerary very soon!:D

        Hope this helps! ^^

    9. Hi There,

      May I know the link for your Korea Trip 2014 Itinerary. Thanks