Renaza Girl Journey Part 2

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It's been quite a while since i've updated this space of mine! Blaming my work and all for all the delay. Without further ado, let me bring you on Part 2 of my Renaza Girl Journey and my review for Simplistiq!!^^
You can read Part 1 of my Renaza Girl Journey in the link below:

I'm so pleased to introduce to you another of my favourite centre/brand under Renaza.. and it is none other than SIMPLISTIQ!!
(My current favourite place to go to! Hahaha!)
For the effective treatments as well as the awesome people there!
When I first heard about Simplistiq, I was initially rather apprehensive about heading there as I have never been to an aesthetic clinic before. But once i've stepped in, everything just feels so clean, cosy and especially @Dr.YzTan and his assistants Shannon and Eve are sooo friendly! <3
 Before getting to know them, I always thought that the doctors will be rather stern and not easily approachable. Over at Simplistiq, @Dr.YzTan was the exact opposite from the usual perception of doctors hahahah.. That definitely helps to lighten the mood when I tried out Q-Switched lazer (good for acne skin and for lightening of acne scars) for the very first time!

Oh yes, after rambling so much, let me show you the main reason that "motivated" me to try out aesthetic treatment!

Yes... it's this annoying huge cyst like pimple that was soooo stubborn and refuses to budge from my nose!! it's the worst pimple one can ever have. Looking like Rudolph even before Christmas arrives. I have tried all kinds of pimple creams, pimple patches etc. BUT NOTHING WORKS T_T 

No amount of concealer can cover it. It will only make it worse.... my confidence level was at one of the lowest point :( Sigh... I would feel so conscious of myself that whenever someone looked at me, they are looking at my pimple. >.<

When I heard about Q-Switched lazer, I was like @_@ is this going to be my saviour?? Omg is it going to be painful? >.< Is it going to burn my skin? HAHAHAHA.. All these random extreme thoughts popped up in my head. But the actual treatment was the exact opposite haha.. nope it did not burn my skin. It's slightly painful, maybe about 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. I could still chit chat with the doctor while the treatment was on-going, so i guess pain was really minimal haha.. Downtime was also minimal. 20 mins was all I need after the lazer treatment for my face to cool down and I was ready to go! But of course, mini red patches still appears on my face.

The 3 pictures below shows my face and that annoying cyst like pimple on my nose before Q-Switched lazer, after Q-Switched lazer and the last picture would be after application of cooling gel to cool down my skin for about 15 mins :)

And I'm so happy with the progress so far!!! Remember the pimples at the side of my cheeks?
They used to be angry and bumpy, protruding out.. but now.. here's the progress thanks to Q-Switched lazer and also the Crystal Tomato that I bought from Simplistiq too! (Will elaborate on my review of the Crystal Tomato in the next post to come!) It's an antioxidant supplement.^^

#nofilter #nonedited pictures ahead >.<

Still quite abit of acne marks but look at the improvement from this photo to the next one.

This definitely is a huge confidence booster!! :D And yes, I start to pile on lesser base makeup as I no longer need as much concealer to conceal the acne spots hehehe..

After doing Q-Switched lazer, I definitely see a huge difference when applying my makeup on.. The powder and bb cushion just glides on easily and not as much makeup is required to achieve a smooth finish :D
Check out the #nofilter picture below where I have put on light makeup:
Did you realize that the pimple on my nose is gone??? :D I'm so happy!!!! Thank you @Dr.YzTan & Simplistiq for the treatments so far!! I finally think I can get closer to my dream goal of achieving radiant acne free skin :D

So looking forward to my next visit! Hehe!!

8A Marina Boulevard #B2-52 Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore 018984 
Tel: 6634 4033 Fax: 6323 4338

Nails update!

Check out my cute nail art for the past few months!! It just makes me so trigger-happy!! And definitely makes my nails less boring and suited for the various events I had to attend :D 

Drop me a comment in the comment box below on which is your favourite nail art! ^^

PS: This is my latest favourite set featuring cute and chubby Totoro as well as marbled nails!! Done by Manicurist Elayne :D

Now you know where to go for your Christmas and New Year nails pampering session right? ;)

Oh yes, don't forget to pamper your feet too!!
The Feet Paraffin treatment made my feet feel so pampered and helps to soften the skin around my feet! Yay to baby skin for my feet!! And yes, I really love this turquoise OPI colour recommended by the manicurist! Trying out something bold and I love it!!!

Don't you think it's perfect for the festive season too? Get your hands and feet pampering treatment at Renaza too! ^^

Last but not least, for my hair...

Hair updates!!
Did I mention how much I love the hair colour I currently have? Yay yay yay!!!

I can finally have ombré coloured hair in a shade that is not overly bold yet vibrant and more interesting than my previous hair colour which faded off.
It was time for a change of hair colour and I showed hair stylist Leven the hairstyle and hair colour I wanted.  Brown with ash brown highlighted ends.. and tadaaa~!

 Super happy with this shade of hair colour that got me quite a bit of compliments hehe! *confidence booster*

And oh yes, did I also mention about the awesome blow outs that Renaza provides? Check out these curls! It's not overly aunty-ish yet gives my hair sufficient volume and style :D

"Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be!" 

So so thankful to Renaza for all the opportunities given!! The services from hair, to nails and facial & aesthetics have been awesome! Will share more in the next few posts to come! <3


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  1. Hi! I've read your blogpost on nami island and since then I've been your blog quite a lot. Haha As I was checkin' it I was really envy of your photos. I'd like to ask if what camera you're using? Did you use a lense to it too? I hope I'd get a response from you. thanks! Have a good day chloe :)