UU Care Sanitary Panty [Review]

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Happy package in the mail! This time it is a pretty useful monthly essential!! 
Guess what it is?
It’s the essential item to combat the time of the month hahaha.. But this time it’s pretty interesting!
PS: This is a feminine related post, so you can skip to the next post if you are not comfortable reading about it ^^
Have you heard about sanitary panty?? 
Sanitary Panty is a specially designed panty for menstrual use, its unique patented design effectively prevents back and side leakages.
So why use sanitary panties?
Do you know 80% of the market pads adhesive contains a fluorescent agent that gets repeatedly stuck to the panties and might reach our uterus and lead to infections and gynecological disease??
The leftover adhesive that cannot be seen with the naked eye causes the bacteria to multiply and may eventually cause harm to our body.

Therefore, by using sanitary panties, you can actually reduce the risk posed to your body in the long run!

This is how it looks like:
The panty is made of breathable material mainly from Europe, Korea and Japan. 
There are 4 sizes available ,S, M, L, XL, and various colours and design to choose from.
How it works?
UUcare Sanitary Panty is designed to suit the lifestyle of modern ladies, its unique crease design pulls the panty upwards from the crotch to the haunch thus avoiding leakage from side and back caused by movement of body.
Double layers crotch are designed specially for sanitary pads with 90° angle wings to avoid them rubbing against tender skin of the thighs
Simply fold the wings of the sanitary pad into the gap/slot between the lining and the panty and you are done!

Here’s my review:
For me, I’m pretty particular about the quality of the monthly essential that I am using. I think there’s 3 main points I will look out for when searching for the right monthly essential:

1. Comfort
Comfort is key to me especially when the cramps already caused me to be so cranky. The friction caused by the wings can give me rashes on the surface of my skin. With UUcare Sanitary Panty, this situation is solved! No more irritating winged pads felt on your skin causing frustration due to persistent rashes.

2. Safety/ Cleanliness
Another key concern for the time of the month would have to be anti-leakage!
I have tried out the sanitary pad and I have to say, the fast water retention makes surface of pads dry and comfortable. And the design of the panty did help to reduce the possibility of any leakage.

3. Seamless and not seen 
Last but not least, for your every day’s outfit, no worries about the ugly visible panty line! I have tried and tested, this sanitary panty is smooth and definitely does not cause any hindrance for #OOTD phototaking opportunities! *thumbs up*

Retailing at Guardian, Cold Storage, OG at $29.90/box.
Each box of sanitary panty comes with a 2pc trial pack sanitary pads (240mm x 1pc + 360mm x 1 pc) and 2 sachets of panty stain remover (a special liquid that effectively removes blood stain from panty).

To find out more about UUcare products, visit their website and Facebook page.

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