Shinsegae Spa Land

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Woohoo! I'm back with a new blogpost! Let me show you more on the nicest Korea Jimjilbang i've been to! It's the Shinsegae Spa Land at Busan. :D

Sorry for the delay in updates! I have been caught up with the CNY festivities and activities as well as work :( Anyway, let's move on to the happy things! Here's another episode from our Korea adventures!^^
It's conveniently located at Centum City subway stop ^^

After reaching, we walked around for quite a while looking for the entrance, find Shinsegae, then locate the Prada shop and the entrance is just right behind!
 Chart of the entrance fees :D Psst! We went in after 8pm for the late night special discounted rates!^^ (Money saving tip*)
And here's the floor map of Spaland. Remember, if you are going with your boyfriend/husband/guy friends, remember to tell them to meet at the seating area right after they exit the locker room :) Remember to set a time too haha.. 

Ben & I had some miscommunication and we wasted quite a bit of time locating each other after changing into the Jimjilbang outfit haha.. -_-'''
Nicest and most posh looking Jimjilbang in my opinion! Looks like a five star hotel lobby haha..

And yes, finally reunited with B hahaha! I nearly wanted to go and make an announcement through the PA system to look for him hahaha..
Took the lift up to the restaurant to grab some food before the restaurant closes :p
Here's the menu!
*Meh Meh* Do I look like a sheep? 
Success! Finally knew how to fold the Jimjilbang hat using the towel, thanks to Youtube tutorials. It's really easy! ^^ Here's one for your reference!

Nom nom!! Jjigae! Bean Paste stew *Slurps* Piping hot, perfect for the tummy before heading for the steam rooms :p
And how can we forget about the chicken wings?? :D
Pretty yummy! However, the price was abit expensive haha..7000 won. But, justifiable given that it's in one of the best Jimjilbangs in Korea, food prices tend to be more expensive.
It's all worth it! Especially for the dining ambience and environment! The whole place was so clean and felt really posh :D Enjoying life to the fullest at a discounted rate hehehe ;)
And a couple pic! :D
Guess where is this place? 
It's the cafe! Looks good right? And best part was, the floor was really clean! All these while, we were walking bare foot everywhere. Deposited our shoes at the start, before the locker rooms :)
And here's the menu :D
After getting our drinks and eggs, off we went to soak our feet first! 

You can pick the hot/cold bath at different temperatures. Try walking on the pebbles too! Good for health hehe!
B falling asleep hahaha..
So, two really important things you need to eat/drink/try when you are at a Jimjilbang would be:
1. Hard Boiled Herbal Eggs *NOMS*
2.Shikhye 식혜 (Sweet Korean Rice Beverage)
Doing it the K-drama style lolololol!!!
And this is the way to eat your eggs~
Cracking the eggs as per what we saw on Running Man ^^
Crack onto each other's forehead wahahaha!!
Somehow it tastes yummier like that :p
Psst! It's really painful haha but it's pretty fun! >.<

Moving on to the steam rooms!
Really love the decor and how the floor feels so clean! You know the yucky feeling of walking on sticky flooring? Probably one of my pet peeves, but this place just gave me really really comfy vibes. Love it!
They have two storeys of steam rooms and many resting areas everywhere!
Here's the Roman room at 38.4 degrees
And my ever-ready model posing in front of two rooms we were about to try! :D
We probably tried most if not all of the rooms for at least 5 mins each :p And ended off with the cold room^^
Yup, it's to close up our pores after releasing all the toxins through the other steam rooms :D (our own theory lol!)
That's all I have for now! Am almost done with my other Busan posts! So do stay tuned for more! I love Busan hehe! Next up, I will share with you a place to view a really pretty sunset view and even a petting zoo! All for free, no entrance fees! :D Follow me on Instagram at @chloetwl to be updated of the next blogpost!

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  1. Hi Chloe,
    Thanks for the great post and pics. Can I know if it is crowded at night?

    1. Hi dear! :)
      Nope it was not overly crowded when I went after 8pm. The place is pretty huge! :) Hope this helps!


  2. hi.. is it open 24 hrs? how much do you think I will spend if i stay overnight?

    1. Hi :) Sorry, this Jimjilbang does not open 24 hrs unfortunately. I would have loved to stay overnight if they do. Hope this helps!