Feel Fresh with NIVEA Deodorant [Sponsored Review]

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Woohoo! I was pretty lucky to get an invite for this cosy & insightful luncheon thanks to NIVEA SG and Nuffnang!^^

So excited to find out more about the new product launch by NIVEA!

 Did you know that NIVEA has more than a 100 years of history? Being a well established brand, NIVEA believes in caring for skin as healthy skin is the most beautiful. 

For the past 4 years, they have been the No. 1 deodorant in Singapore and is also the first to launch the invisible range that leaves zero stains on your clothes. This is exceptionally important for all ladies especially if you love to wear white tops like me. You would not want to stain your new top or dress due to the use of deodorants.

You might think, then why not avoid using deodorants altogether? That, i would say is a rather big no-no especially when you live in Singapore where it is sunny all year round >.< Chances are, you will often sweat and that might result in unsightly underarms or even body odours that perfume can't mask.

 So.. how high do you think you can go? :D For me, I was wearing long sleeves so I was BRAVE hehehe.. If I was in sleeveless, I would probably be SHY.. >.<  How about you?

 Are you guilty of shaving/plucking your underarm skin daily or more than twice a week? I am! 

So whitening is really important to me especially when I'm looking for deodorants. This is because the whitening variants helps to target & correct the dark skins caused by shaving/plucking. Didn't know that shaving/plucking does so much damage to our underarm skin until we watched the presentation. :x

It's not too late to get started on underarm care! :D

Here's 4 reasons why you should try out the new Extra White & Firm NIVEA Anti-Perspirant:

  1. For the first time, deodorant has a firming ingredient present in skincare: co-enzyme Q10 to help firms up saggy skin (highly important as age catches up and as you wax/shave daily, much tugging & damage causes your underarm skin to sag over time.
  2. Fairer skin thanks to licorice extract, a whitening ingredient
  3. All-day anti-perspiration action to protect from sweat and odour 
  4. Long lasting protection (48 hours) against sagginess and darkening

The whitening range comes in: Extra whitening roll on/spray and Whitening Happy shave roll on/ spray
 Two of the Nuffnang Bloggers also shared with us more on their underarm care tips as well as underarm horror stories haha.. You wouldn't want to be spotted with unsightly underarms when you reach for a new shopping purchase, hold the bus railings or even when you stretch your hand out to hail a cab right? :x
Learnt more on why we should use an anti perspirant daily especially when this new product prevents saggy underarms too! Let's not be lazy & keep our underarms firm & clean ^^

Oh yes.. let's get to the food too! 
 Food for Thought serves pretty yummy wagyu beef although service was pretty slow >.< YUMS! love the lunch set hehe!

 Perfect venue to chill out for the weekends ^_^

 Thank you NIVEA SG & Nuffnang!
Let us all have the confidence to reach up high with fairer & firmer underarms! :D

Do try out the new NIVEA Extra White & Firm Q10 Deodorant available at all major retail stores and supermarkets at only S$4.90! Really affordable! Definitely worth a try! ^^

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