L'Oreal Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion

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Hello beauty lovers! I'm sure the term BB Cushion or CC Cushion does not sound unfamiliar to many of you! It is the fuss free solution for many of us as we can simply slip the sleek casing into our handbags and touch up our makeup on the go. Easy peasy!

But.... one major issue I tend to face with BB Cushions would be the lasting power and the dewy finishing. Yes, although dewy finishing is part of the K Beauty trend, unfortunately we are in sunny and humid Singapore. Make up with dewy finishing tends to slide off my skin pretty easily (especially on my T-Zone areas), either that or my face would appear to be really shiny in an hour or two >.< Need to blot or touch up again haha..

I was really happy when I heard that L’Oreal Makeup Designer Paris recently launched a new Cushion Foundation Range –Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion in Demi Matte finishing!!

Don't you think the casing looks really pretty? I have a soft spot for anything rose gold!! Hehhehee!! Definitely slipping this into my bag more often! What's more lovely would be the pleasant surprise you get upon opening the cushion! That pretty Effiel Tower print on the cushion!!! *too cute!*

Apart from the look and feel of the cushion foundation, let's talk about the most important aspect of a cushion foundation - The Finishing~
In terms of finish it is a sweet spot between dewy and matte, giving a Demi-matte finish. It's actually a dimensional matte finish (matte without the flat). Woohoo! Less contouring needed ^_^

This cushion uses a new “Double-net Technology” which essentially means there are 2 nets in the compact. The double-net holds the foundation reservoir in place hence omits the need for a cushion sponge to soak up the foundation which may cause it to dry easily.

You can see that as compared to the usual bb cushion (Brand X), the finishing for the Lucent Porcelain Cushion is indeed more matt and not as sticky to touch after application!

Coverage is pretty high as you can see in my "before & after" photo! :D It covers up the blemishes on my cheeks pretty well! Just a few taps of the cushion foundation would give you a flawless porcelain complexion.

In comparison to Brand X, the Lucent Porcelain Cushion fares better in terms of coverage! It covers up the heart shape that I've drawn pretty well! Watch the clip for the comparison ^^

Do you know that traditional cushion foundation lasts around 9 weeks while the lucent porcelain cushion can last up to 5 weeks longer with the rich foundation reservoir found beneath the net? The double-net holds the foundation reservoir in place hence omits the need for a cushion sponge to soak up the foundation which may cause it to dry easily.

Here's how the cushion looks like underneath!^^

In comparison, the Lucent Porcelain Cushion is definitely more value for money!

Now, i'm going to show you how I achieve a sleek everyday makeup look with the following products:

1) Lucent Porcelain Cushion
2) Cushion Blush
3) Cushion Tint

Tadaa~! So this is my final makeup look!^^

Hope you like my recommendations! Go grab your Demi-Matte Lucent Magique Porcelain cushions now!^^

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