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I'm sure many of you spend long hours in the office. What do you look forward to at the end of a long day at work? 

For me, after all the long stressful hours at work sitting in the office, all I want to do when I reach home is to get a good stretch and release the tensed muscles from all the intense moments dealing with all the time critical deadlines. My shoulders has got to be one of the most stiff ones for people my age haha.. It's as if I have two blocks on my shoulders that refuse to go away...

And guess what, this lack of blood circulation can also lead to bad skin health!!! Yes, pimples and acne outbreak is all linked to your lymphatic drainage points. Especially when the toxins build up near your shoulder area and your body is unable to release it, the irritating acne is back to haunt you T_T

I was so happy when I got this opportunity to try out OSIM's latest full back massager- uJolly! 
Heh heh..I was really attracted to the design and outlook of the uJolly!^^ It looks really modern & trendy and comes in two colours - Happy Yellow & Merry Red. I guess it's not tough to guess my pick haha! Red for the win!

Now any chair can be transformed into a massage chair! Woohoo!! I can now sit near the bay window comfortably just simply looking out of the window and spacing out (perfect therapeutic activity in my opinion haha)

You can also put it on the sofa and it will fit right in perfectly! Doesn't look out of place, in fact it makes the living room look even more luxe & sophisticated hehe!

I love how easy it is to simply shift it anywhere you like. You can even put it on your bed hahaha.. Best for lazy people like me. Or, you can simply fold it up and store it away, definitely perfect for the limited space we have at home.

Now let's try it out (the most important part of all!) :D

The OSIM uJolly's innovative V-Grip Massage Technology comes with 2 massage techniques - the Shoulder Grip and Lumbar Press delivers a targeted massage for deep tissue relief by loosening stiff and aching muscles. 

Hmm.. does it really do what it claims?

My verdict?
 4.5 out of 5 stars for the V-Grip targeted press-grip massage! 
It's as if there's a personal masseur helping you to loosen those stiff muscle joints. I especially find it very effective for the two blocks of stiff shoulders I have. The shoulder grip mode was perfect to target my stiff shoulder (my all time major concern). My shoulders instantly loosened up, thank goodness!

4 out of 5 stars for customization settings!
My favourite specialized massage program on the uJolly has got to be the Relax mode. It's a combination of gentle kneading, rolling and tapping massage to ease tension and relax. Apart from that, you can also select the height of the shoulder position (everyone has different heights and build) 

Bonus brownie points for the warm air comfort function! The soothing warm air from the uJolly is also able to warm your body to loosen the muscles and warm you up for you to enter into the zen mode! It's as if you are doing a hot stone massage. Love it especially during the time of the month.. ^^
Oh yes, do remember to always drink a cup of water after the massage session so as to wash away the toxins and improve blood circulation!
Christmas is coming and this all-in-one back massager is the perfect gift for your loved ones who suffers from stiff and aching muscles, it's really pampering & luxe yet affordable!

All I want for Christmas is....uJolly! Hehehe!! It's definitely top of my Christmas wishlist! What about you?

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Here's more Christmas gift ideas for you to pick from!
OSIM has come up with so many gift sets to pick from to fit the different budget you have!^^
You can customize to fit your liking! Personally I feel that these gift sets are super value for money!!

2 for $68 for any two from the first group
(eg. you can get an eye massager and a beauty massager for below $100 in total! WOW! Fits into most gift exchange secret santa budgets right?;))

Another of my top picks has got to be the 2 for $168 gifts! The uMist Dream Humidifier and uTingle Portable Massager! I love the uMist Dream Humidifier!! (more on that in another post haha..)

Many more thoughtful gifts for your friends, family and colleagues can be found in the full Christmas catalogue here: https://goo.gl/c6voLw
Click in to check it out!^^

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