Passage New York Massage & Facial [Review]

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Hi dearies! How was your week so far? :) Hope it has been great for you! Sorry for the hiatus as I just came back from my holiday to Hongkong! Now clearing all of my blog backlogs, so sorry everyone! 

Anyway, have you heard about "Passage New York" before? If you have not, you are in for a treat!

Passage New York is a well established luxury brand with a reputation for providing the best in today’s woman’s lifestyle needs. :D

Let me bring you through what i've tried out at Passage New York~ Thank you Sheau Jiun for the invite! :D It is by far the most relaxing massage session i've tried out! As for facial, I was really impressed by the Diamond Peel treatment that i've tried out ^_^ Read on to find out more!

After approaching the reception counter, I was brought to a consultation room by Faye. You will need to fill up a form with your particulars and you should inform them beforehand if you have any pre-existing medical conditions so that they can help to make necessary adjustments to the treatments. I love how they are really flexible to rearrange another appointment for me due to my body condition (monthly woes for ladies) and could not try out the massage session on the same day. 

After all the detailed consultation, Faye led me to the treatment rooms. And this was the stairway to relaxation and enjoyment :p (literally it was like that to me! )

The whole spa was decorated in a luxurious hotel theme and I love how the staff were really efficient & professional. You did not have to wait for long after each treatment (unlike some facial places). Everything was prepared in place for you and the whole facial & massage process just went on smoothly. ^_^

And this was the treatment room for facial:

There was soothing music and relaxing aromatherapy essential oils in place to bring your facial experience to a higher level~ Lalala~ Sooo good & relaxing!
For the facial treatment, I've tired out the Diamond Peel treatment for the first time. The diamond peel treatment helps to exfoliate and deep cleanse your face. It feels like a mini vacuum with a rough cotton pad sucking out all the dead skin cells and yucky stuff. Haha.. I was shown the amount of dead skin and dirt that was removed from my skin. Eww.. but feels good to know that your face is sooo clean now! :D

After the diamond peel, the facial therapist went on to do the blackhead extraction. 
*ouch as usual for the huge pimples* haha but it's normal. I like how the therapist checks if it is too painful once in a while during the extraction process. At least you won't suffer in pain lol! 

And yup! That was the 3 bottles of serum used for my facial treatment :) For my sensitive skin etc.

And to end off the facial session with a mask!  
(attempted a selfie while my mask was on like this hahaha.. and manage to capture myself in a facial mask lol! #selfdeclaredselfiequeen #justkidding)

And tadaaa~!
Yes, that was me sans makeup right after the facial session! As you can see, the extraction was rather mild, not much red spots on my face haha.. And the Diamond Peel really did help to brighten up my complexion. My skin feels way cleaner and smooth! ^_^

The detailed analysis after the facial treatment to let me know which are the troubled areas on my face. Dark eye rings, outbreak, open pores, congestion etc etc. :x she will also check with you on your skincare routine and advise accordingly on how best you can take care of your skin :) 

After the facial treatment, I'm sure your hair will be messed up etc. What is great about Passage New York would be the vanity area that you can use to wash up and blow your hair etc so you will look all good to go for the rest of the day! :)

Not forgetting the rose tea that they served after the facial/massage session. It was really apt to end off the whole experience with such a nice cup of tea. (unlike the yucky ginger tea served at other places (maybe i'm just biased and don't like ginger tea :p)) It's such small details that counts. 

And look! If you plan to opt for their other spa packages, there's also a personal spa pool located at Passage New York. Luxurious right? ;)
Love how the lighting was so cozy in the massage room and wow.. personal bathtub & shower area! :D I was impressed when I stepped into the room! Wow..

Next up, let me elaborate more on my first body massage experience with Passage New York. (yes, you did not read wrongly, it was my first body massage haha..)

Amidst my apprehensive feelings, Passage New York just wow-ed me for my first massage experience. There was relaxing music & nice aroma candles lighted up as well as essential oils to create this ultimate relaxing experience. I am not paid to write a good review about this so do rest assure, this is really my true account (not exaggerating!) :) 

Look! Clean and cozy ^_^ There was even a personal shower area for you to use after the body scrub and even after massage if you don't like the oily massage oil to stay on your body.

The massage therapist was really nice and she was gentle yet on point with the massage (like the parts that were sore, appropriate pressure was applied) Definitely very relaxing and pain free that I fell asleep halfway through the treatment lol!

Although I was not used to the fact that I need to take off everything except being left with disposable undergarments to wear, it was not too awkward as the therapist was really professional. Highly recommend for you to try out massage treatment with Passage New York. Oh yes, the body scrub was really good too! My skin felt so much smoother after exfoliation hehe!

And yup! Pretty vanity area for you to doll yourself up before leaving :)

The vanity area is also so well equipped unlike the facial places I went to (they don't even have a vanity area :() There's like hair dryer, even contact lens solution, hair gel & facial products! 


And good things to share! Here's the special promo specially for my readers~

 Simply quote my blog and you will get to:

Enjoy 2 luxurious spa treatments at $98 (U.P.$530) which consists of:

 90min Vitamin C Whitening and Anti-Aging Facial
45min Signature Full Body Massage
  Free Classic Leather Bag worth $480 after treatments.       

Terms and Conditions:
  • Valid till 31 December 2014
  • Valid for first-time female customers, Singaporeans, PRs and EP holders, aged 25 years and above.
  • Prior booking is required, subject to availability. Please call 6226 0888 to make an appointment.
  • Not valid with other promotions, discounts or privileges.
  • Free Leather Bag is while stocks last, designs and colours may vary.
  • Passage New York reserves the right to alter and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

All in all, I can only say this is a really worth it deal that you got to try out for yourself. It is a luxurious facial and massage experience that is worth much more than $98.

Thank you so much for the invite & I'm sure i will be back again for more! <3


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