2 Ingredients Cookies? :)

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Hi dears! Hope your week has been going well! I've been really busy with work, what's new? hmm..

 By the way! Please pardon me if i'm late with replies for my personal email kk? I had some problems syncing the emails onto my new hp and currently just fixed everything! :) Still sieving through my emails >.< I will try to reply everyone asap!

In the meantime, let's check out this Two Ingredient Cookie recipe i found online! :D
Image below was the screenshot I got from FB. Looks pretty easy huh? :)
And here's my attempt at it! :D 

Best to use ripe bananas! Finally found a use for bananas that turn ripe too quickly! ^_^

Step 1: Gather your ripe bananas (x 2) and rolled oats (1 cup) .
Mix mix mix!

I've added in extra choco chips for tastier cookies hehe!

And once ready, bake'em! :D

And... tadaaa..! Final step: Munch! Nom nom nom! Eat them all! :D

Overall, here's what i've concluded from this "Tried & Tested" segment!

Difficulty level: 2 out of 5 (easy to follow, easily available ingredients but i didn't get the temperature right, my cookies turned out pretty soft though :S)

Taste test: Yummy if you are a banana lover! So it might be subjective. Tasted slightly on the bland side, more choco chips to be added in next time round! 

Yup! So that's all I have for you now! Do give this simple two ingredients cookie recipe a try and drop some comments on what you think about it! ;)

Till the next #Chloecooks! Byeee~!


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