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Hi guys! Are you guilty of staring at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens for long hours? We daily overwork our eyes, making it fatigued and tired. Try out MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask to give your precious eyes the tender loving care it needs! :) Here’s my review on the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask that I’ve tried out recently!
You might be wondering what is this all about? It is actually a disposable eye mask that warms up immediately to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius upon opening of the pouch. It treats your eyes to a steam bath, soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state. (state of nirvana in my definition lol!) 
I love how the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask provides a relaxing and comfortable feeling upon putting it on. It’s a perfect treat for your eyes after a long day at work/ school. I was just amazed at how it really has the steam effect immediately after you have opened the packaging. 

I was initially slightly apprehensive about this product as I need to put something warm near my eyes area. I had this fear of burning my eyes. LOL! But fear not! I have tried and it’s not overly hot, the temperature was just right to reach the state of stress free mood (somewhat like how I felt when I had my facial session, you know the feeling when your mind reaches the state of emptiness and happy feeling hahaha..) You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m serious hahaha..!  You can test how hot the steam eye mask feels on your palms before putting it over your eyes.

Another good point about this eye mask would be how it does not take long for the mask to heat up! It was almost instantaneous from the moment you open the packaging! Love how efficient it is haha! And I timed how long the heat of the eye mask lasted and it was roughly around 10-15mins. Perfect timing for your power nap :D I’ve tried it on B too and he loves it! Especially when you are facing the computer most of the time, this MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask will give you the perfect excuse to catch some power nap and recharge your eyes!

Check out how it looks on Pooh! He also gave a stamp of approval lol! *just for laughs*
What I also love about it would be how compact it is, and how easy it is to wear it on! It uses an ultra-thin material that conforms to your eye contours with ear loops in place to cater to usage for any sleeping position haha! Perfect travel essential in my opinion! Will pack this for my October trip to make my flight experience more enjoyable! :D
Here’s the usage directions that I’ve copied from the box packaging:
1.       Remove the eye mask from the pouch. (Mask begins to warm up as soon as pouch is opened.)
2.       Tear along perforation line and place ear straps around your ears. (Keep your eyes closed during use)
*Place the white coloured side of the mask on your eyes and place the notched edge down. (Haha, I think I wore my eye mask upside down oops wrong demonstration, pls pardon me!)

Some things that I find are more important to note (entire list of precautions to note written behind the box, so do read it before using it):
Stop using the eye mask if there are any pain, discomfort, rashes or if you feel that it is too hot.
Do not press the eye mask onto your eyes when using it.
Do not use with other eye masks.
If you have applied eye drops, please wait a few minutes before using your eye mask.
And lastly, do remember that this is a disposable eye mask, it is not for repeated use! :)

When to use it?
You can use it anywhere anytime! Personally I love to use it before my bedtime so that I can get a night of relaxed good night’s sleep. Sometimes, I will also sneak some time for a power nap using this eye mask too! :)
The MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is available at all Guardian and Watsons outlets now! One box ($6.50) contains 5 pieces of mask so each piece is only $1.30 (pretty affordable for some tender loving care for your precious eyes J) Do give it a try!

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