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Hihi! :D Here to clear my backlog of photos from June :p Here's my review on the much hyped W.39 Bakery & Bistro!
Firstly, as we stay in the East, the journey to the west to look for W.39 Bistro was quite long :x Nevertheless, it's pretty accessible as there's a straight bus from Clementi bus interchange :)

Here's their FB link if you are interested to check out this cafe too! 

It was packed on a Saturday afternoon :( We had to wait for nearly 30mins or so before we got an outdoor seat. Would advise you to make reservations before hand! Saves you the waiting time haha..

Love this backdrop! Super cheery colours!

And here's the W.39 Bakery & Bistro menu for brunch, mains and drinks!

So here's what we had! :D
We had the Brie, Parma, Ham Panini (listed as a hot favourite).

Our verdict: Pretty yummy! Love how soft the bread is! You can never go wrong with cheese, ham and bread! I like the salad that came along with this dish too! However, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of the surprise factor for this dish. Was expecting something more "WOW" but this was more like a "yup it's good, full stop." So yup, slightly on the pricey side for this simple dish.
As well as the Confit of Duck Leg :)

Our verdict: The duck leg's portion was just nice. Love how tender the meat was! But I was disappointed at how little sauce was given. The mashed potato doesn't seem very appetising either. Have tasted better confit of duck leg at Saveur for a cheaper price tag so I won't actually recommend this dish :p

 And last but not least, we have the main attraction of this cafe trip: 

The Rainbow Cake!!! :D
We love how it was not too sweet and the amount of cream cheese was adequate :D Love rainbow cakes! A decent slice of cake that is perfect for Birthday celebrations! <3

And here's my companion for this short cafe visit: :D
Hope you like the mini Birthday celebration dear! Stay pretty always hehe! :D 
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Overall, the experience at W39 was not bad! But as it's at the West side, I doubt I have the energy to drag myself to the cafe unless I'm near the area. Service was prompt at the cafe but I really hated the sweltering hot weather and we could not get an indoor seat haha..oh well...i'm just glad we finally had a catch up session! :D

OOTD: White top, wedges and clutch from Korea, Denim shorts from Gold Coast, watch from NakedGlory

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