Phantom Joker Escape

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Hi guys! I'm back with a review of a real Escape game outlet that I've recently tried out! :) If you are running out of ideas for group activities, do try out an escape game room! Check out the sneak peeks below :D
The Phantom Joker Escape is designed with story lines that links up to a whole story and has a variety of high-tech machineries! :)

Here are the various exciting missions available~
There are 5 Missions available! :D You Can Start With Any Episode!

Phantom Joker Escape's game series is designed in such a way that each individual game has its own independency and integrity. You can start with any episode and you will enjoy it! ^_^

Episode 01
Mysterious Lab Lost in Time
A dubious star company housing a mysterious lab
Where time travels beyond human knowledge
Hideous dangers emerging from an inconsistent dilemma
What should I do
Am I coming back in one piece ...?
Episode 02 - Path A
The Spooky Forest in the Inner World
Search for my mysteriously missing brother
Leads to an enigmatic world
An ancient forest
Home to black magic
Or killing in disguise?
I have to confront the unknown ...

Episode 02 - Path B
The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa
Smashing roots of evil
Free from the confinement of time
In a homely, beautiful ancient cabin
An unfinished chess game, paintings, and a nautical chart
Am I hallucinating or seeing what I see?
Shining stars, scattered in the galaxy
Is it where the Fallen Star hides its secrets ...

The Conspiracy-Haunted Office
Recommend to play after EP01 and EP02

A disturbing no-show
Followed by a terrifying phone call.
What happened to my little brother ...
A deep-pocketed biochemical company
Setting up a maze of security cameras
And armed with spectral guards.
Behind a flickering electronic lock
Conspiracies hidden in a pitch-dark office
Only succumb to my discovery ...

Truth behind the Grinning Mask
Ultimate Challenge For You, My Young Detectives ...

*Most Difficult of all!!*
The notorious thief, a natural enemy of the world’s police
The darn Joker is back!
To return the stolen national treasures?
Did I hear wrong?
Damn! I’m too careless!
My colleague is taken, and I’ve accidentally activated a bomb.
Trapped! The malicious Joker is up to no good, as always ...
Wait, something wrong about the bomb ...
Wait, the awkward messages ...
The old newspaper clippings ...
What exactly is the Joker trying to do? I’m confused.
But there seems to be a glow of enlightenment amid the chaos ...
So let's go! Some sneak peeks from the theme room that we went to! :D We tried out :
Episode 02 - Path B
The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa
Woohoo! So exciting! Love how the decor is so apt for the theme! 

Here's a mini tip:
I would highly recommend that at least one person in your group should know how to play English Chess. Haha.. Or not you will be spending quite a bit of time figuring out how English Chess works :p 
Simply love the effort put into the decor as well as the unexpected ways where you will find your next clue! :p Shall not spoil the surprise factor so I will not reveal the details! Some of the machineries used really gave us a shock and we screamed haha..

You will also love how you get to explore the game room with a candle in your hand!
*don't worry it's pretty safe! It's a cool looking candle torch light!*

And check out this starry starry display! Really cool!
The puzzles were pretty mind boggling haha.. But when you solve it, you get the "eureka" moment hehe!
With my awesome teammates for the night! ;) Thank you Phantom Joker Escape & Nuffnang SG for the invite!! Love the concept on how the rooms are linked it's like completing different levels of a game to get the complete story :D Interesting!

Here's their details if you are interested to check them out for your next group outing! :)
Address: 146 Neil Road, Singapore 088875
Tel: 6423 1830 (12:00-22:00)

$22/pax (Mon-Fri, 1230pm-1800pm), 
$28/pax (Mon-Fri: 1800pm-2230pm, Sat,Sun,PH:  1100am-2230pm)

Getting There
Located at the cross of Neil Road and Cantonment Road,
near the Police Cantonment Complex,
and opposite The Pinnacle @ Duxton.

Conveniently located near Outram Park MRT (less than 15 mins walk)
Exit G (near NE line)
Exit H (near NE line, walking under shelter to Phantom Joker Escape)

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