Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream [Review]

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Hihi! :D I'm back again with another beauty product review! Yay! :D Today, we will be featuring the Bioessence Tanaka White Whitening Serum & Day Cream! 
If you are wondering what is Tanaka all about...?

Tanaka (also known as Thanakha) has a rich history in Myanmar. It is a traditional whitening secret 
adored by females in Myanmar for more than 2000 years. Tanaka means both "cosmetic for beautifying the face" and "cleansing agent". It is recognized as a great aid to help withstand the heat of the sun and is thus an ideal cosmetic for those who have to work under direct sunlight. Women who work outdoor apply thick layers of Tanaka as a sunscreen to prevent sun-burn while its natural cooling properties help them tolerate the intense heat during the day.
Love how pretty the bottles look! Looks super pretty on my vanity table hehe!
First up, we have the:
Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum - $45.80 / 30ml
It is a 4X Intensive White Serum that fights darkness on outside and work fairness from within.
This 4X Intensive White Serum contains 4 key ingredients:
1. Tanaka Tree Bark Extract
2. Tranexamic acid
3. Alpha Arbutin
4. Kojic Acid

It is non-greasy and the formulation helps to lighten your skin, resulting in total fairness inside and out.

If you have used any other previous products from the Tanaka White series, you might have noticed that they have this Beta-Arbutin ingredient present in the product. This new version/ product launch which contains Alpha Arbutin is actually 9x more powerful in comparison to Beta-Arbutin.

Apply twice a day after cleansing. Spread a sufficient amount of the serum evenly onto entire face. Then, apply another layer over areas with dark spots & freckles.
I'm so looking forward to having fairer looking skin! :)  It's very important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. So, a day cream with SPF protection is essential for those who wants fairer skin like me :D
Here we have the:
Bio-essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream - $29.80 / 50g
The Double Whitening Day Cream comes with SPF 20, Tanaka Extract and Tranexamic Acid to help suppress excessive production of melanin, protects skin from harmful sunlight and repairs skin for instant fairness from within so that your skin glows with crystal clear luminosity.

This is how the cream looks like, the texture was non greasy and slightly on the richer side (in my opinion). Simply use a bit of the cream will do (don't be too greedy and lather on too much)

Apply daily on clean face. Smooth cream evenly onto your face till it is fully absorbed.
My Review
I will recommend the Intensive White Serum! :) B tried out the Intensive White Serum too and he loved it so much he's planning to steal it from me hahhaa..! Do try it out! :D

Where to buy?:
The Bioessence Tanaka White 4X Intensive Whitening Serum and Double Whitening Day cream can be found at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, Sasa and major supermarkets.

For Free Samples:
For more information on Tanaka White 4X Serum & the Double Whitening Cream, check out , "Like" the FB page and check out July's free sampling there!

Hope that this review is useful for you! :)

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