Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Hair Serum [Review]

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Are you a victim of unmanageable & rough hair in the morning? Ever since I started dye-ing and perming my hair, tangles and frizz are part of the daily irritating culprits for a bad hair day! >.<

Do you also know that the friction between your pillow and hair during sleep can cause hair cuticles to be peeled off, worsening hair damage?  
One of the main culprits for my messy unmanageable hair would definitely be tangles!! >.< 

I was so happy when I received the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Hair Serum in my mailbox! Jumped at the opportunity to try it out when I came back from my Korea vacation :D

After towel drying, simply dispense an appropriate amount and spread evenly onto your hair, concentrating on mid length to the tip. Do not rinse off. When using the product for the first time, you will need to pump a few times before the product is dispensed. Can be used on dry hair too! :)

It's as simple as 1,2,3!
Then you can proceed to sleep! Hehe..the one thing I look forward to everyday :)

So how does the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask work? 

It has cuticle care formulation that weightlessly repairs and moisturises damaged hair cuticles. The cuticle protection ingredients acts as an invisible veil over your hair to protect it from damage caused by friction.
"Drifting off to lala~land" zZZzzzz
Day 2
"Rise & Shine!! :D "
PS: Please pardon my bare face :x 

"So how will my hair turn out to be?
Less frizzy and definitely a good hair day! :D Even Tuxedo-sam agrees! :p

My review: Nice smell and the non-greasy milk texture gets absorbed instantly!:D No traces of the hair mask left on my pillow. My hair really turned out to be more manageable with minimal tangles present! So happy! Will definitely be using this every night coupled with the hair serum to protect my hair~ Affordable hair care range that I will recommend everyone to try! Love the scent!

Retailing at: S$11.90 (Sleeping Treatment Milk), S$11.90 (Hair Serum)

So what are you waiting for? Redeem your free samples of the NEW Essential Sleeping Hair Mask on to try it out now!
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