#ABenandChloetale Part 2

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Hi there! I'm back with the rest of the photos from our photo shoot in Korea :D Really missing the time B & I spent in Korea during the beautiful spring weather! Best trip till date hehe~

Here's the link back to #ABenandChloetale Part 1 if you have not seen the pictures :) 


Part 2 of our adventures at Naksan Fortress & Ihwa Village~

*Pouts* lol..

So blessed to have you by my side :D
Thank you for always accommodating to my silly antics :p

Hand in hand, thank you for walking beside me no matter how steep the slopes might be. <3

I will never forget the beautiful sights and scenes we have seen together..

Thank you for being my best travel buddy :D

And of course, being my personal Doraemon, carrying everything that we need in your bagpack, from water bottles, umbrella to tripod and even a picnic mat. Thank you for being so sweet!

One of our favourite pictures :)

And more 自high moments :p

Thank you for supporting me in what I like and giving me so much motivation to carry on with what I am doing.
I love you!! To more exciting adventures ahead~
All photos in this post credits to Amonela: http://powerkyk123.blog.me/90189789704
Here's Mr Kim's email: powerkyk123@naver.com

Thank you @crazykyk & the Oppa with the Olympus camera once again! Hope to head back to Korea again soon & capture more wonderful memories :)

I apologise if this post is too cheesy, but it simply contains all my heartfelt messages that I would like to convey to B. Hope that you will understand :p

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  1. Awwww, so sweet and the pictures look great! :)

    1. Thank you!! All thanks to the two patient photographers :D