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Hi dears! :D Hope your week has been going well! The weekends are coming soon, i can't wait!
Recently, my skin condition took a turn for the worse when it's the time of the month again :( sobs.. outbreaks and a much oilier T-zone.. So irritating.. 
Luckily, I was introduced to this set of new Sebum Trouble Care products from Curél! :D So happy! Finally something to address my oily T-zone problems! 

If you have the same skin condition like me, you would be interested to try out this new skincare series too!
Although I already have a set of whitening skincare series in place, I think that a sebum trouble care range is essential to go hand in hand! :D Especially when you have targeted trouble areas that you want to address eg. oily T-zone in my case. Whitening products will not be able to address your trouble areas as well as sebum care products do.
This sebum trouble care series helps to control excess sebum secretion while strengthening skin barrier function for a calmer and more comfortable skin condition throughout the day.
It helps to cleanse impurities and excess sebum from your pores and contains this active ingredient called Antiphlogistic which helps to reduce acne occurrence.

 This is how the Curél Sebum Care foaming wash looks like. Really love how it leaves my skin refreshingly comfortable instead of the dry and tight feeling some other cleansers made my skin feel. 
Washing your face more frequently does not help to address oily skin problems, it might aggravate the acne or oily condition instead. Hence, hunting for a good facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin is essential!

What I like about the Curél Sebum Care foaming wash is that it removes the excess sebum yet still maintains your skin's natural protective layer. The advance ceramide technology from this product helps not just to replenish but boost the production of ceramide for our skin :) Super good! I use this foaming wash everyday and night and sooo loving it!

Now, my daily skincare routine starts off with the Sebum Care Foaming Wash, followed by the Sebum Care lotion and the Sebum Care Moisture Gel :D

Both the Sebum care lotion and Sebum care moisture gel are non-sticky and are easily absorbed into your skin. With the Eucalyptus extract, it helps to boost our skin's ability to produce ceramide, an essential component in our skin that protects against skin sensitivity. So, after controlling & protecting your skin with the foaming wash, the lotion & moisture gel will help to control and strengthen the sebum control effects. It helps to leave your skin fresh, matte and comfortably hydrated. :D

 Really love how my skin clears up and the bumpy oil seeds are lesser after two weeks of usage of the Curél series! Lesser red spots as well! Yay! Will definitely be using Curél sebum care daily especially for my T-zone and trouble areas :D

For good skin condition 365 days a year, do give this Curé Sebum Care series a try! ;)

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Hope you like my recommendation for this week on the trouble skin care products! Let's work hard towards having better skin together! :D 

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