Cafes in Seoul Part 1: Cafe Mamas

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Hi dears! It's a new week again! Let's fly to Korea for some cafe hopping! ^_^

In the next few weeks to come, I hope to be able to finish blogging about the interesting cafes that B & I checked out during our recent trip to Seoul in May 14. Will be doing up a list of cafes in Seoul you must visit! Exciting? hehe! I miss Seoul & Busan sooo much while I was blogging about this!

So this week's first cafe would be.... Cafe Mamas!
It's a cafe chain which has numerous outlets all over Seoul, we went to the outlet at Gangnam station to meet dearest Jessica! :D *miss u dear!*

It was drizzling when we were walking there and thanks to Jessica, we managed to get seats pretty quickly (around 15mins or so) :) Yay! You have to write your name in the reservation book near the entrance and they will call you when your seats are ready. Thank goodness, it was not overly crowded and we did not need to queue in the rain haha..

Pretty and cozy interior that is so welcoming! I could stay there for a longer time if not for the desire to shop more at the Gangnam underground shopping stalls :p

I really love their display! everything looks oh-so-yummy!
It's self-service at this cafe and they don't have service charge/GST unlike SG haha!

And here's the Menu! :D
Food galore! Woohoo!! 
And yes! This kiwi/grapes/grapefruit (if i did not recall wrongly) fresh fruit juice was super super shiok! Really refreshing and a definite must try when you are there! It's one of their recommended/signature drinks! :D
Thanks to Jessica's recommendations, I'm so glad I tried this Ricotta Cheese Salad! The cheese was so good! And the bread if i did not recall wrongly, was free flow!! It was just so soft and yums! Would love to go for a second round! Shall try to recreate this salad one day.. but i've no idea where to get the cheese :( Oh yes, the salad dressing was also 대박! ♥ 
{11500 won}

PS: The portions are pretty huge though! Good for three to share :)
And tadaa!! With the Paninis too!
The must order Honey Caramelised Cheese Panini대박! I can't describe how much i miss this! It was a combination of all the things I love! Sweet, toasted, cheesy, salty, sprinkled with almond bits and salad at the side. My favourite out of all the really good stuff on the table!
{8500 won}
This photo does this dish no justice! You just got to try this melt in your mouth goodness!
And this interesting Mozerella & Tomato Panini! Tastes good too! Good for those who don't really like food that are on the sweeter side :p Savoury goodness! YUMS!
{8500 won}
And one more of this honey caramelised Panini! Just too good not to share about this! Haha!
Special thanks to Jessica for bringing us to this cosy cafe with really good brunch! Love you dear and I can't wait to head back to Korea to meet you again! 
I will be back with more Korea Cafe reviews to share with you more on which cafes you need to visit and food you must try! :D Really love the cafe brunch experience in Seoul! Prettier decor, more affordable than brunch in SG, taste wise was also YUM YUM YUM !

Hope you like my recommendations and do share with me in the comments on what other Korea cafes you will highly recommend! :D

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  1. dear, what camera do u always use?

    1. hi dear! :)

      I use Sony RX100III and Nikon DSLR for the pictures on my blog! Hope this helps :)