Alive Museum! :D

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Hi guys! Here's a quirky new attraction you just got to check out at Suntec City Mall! :D It's none other than the Alive Museum!! :D
Alive Museum is the original 3D visual illusion museum from South Korea! I've been to their outlet at Paju Hyeri Art Valley during my recent Korea trip! Can't wait to share more pictures on that soon! :)

So you might be wondering, what's so special about this museum? It's not the old boring musuems that you might have been to, it's actually the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore which offers a sensory experience that tricks one's visual, physical and environment perceptions, bringing fantasy to reality. 
Without further ado, let's show you the pictures we took last week! Let's go~!

It's a disco night!! Woohoo~!
Love this mirror room with all the disco lights! Does it look like a disco room to you? :p

Oh yes, for ladies, I would advise you not to wear skirts/dresses to this museum as there's lots of climbing, crawling, jumping etc etc involved haha.. You can probably opt for skorts like me! :D 

First up, let's steal a kiss with Spiderman!
And attempt some graffiti with Van Gogh!
Not forgetting how i fell into a whirlpool & got saved by Charlie Chaplin!
B: "I believe I can flyyy~~~ *Plonk* I believe I can touch the skyyy~~ *Piak*" LOLOLOL
The above would be the perfect backdrop for the hipster-wannabe! :p

You also get to be a mermaid for the day! :D *complete with the wind in your hair effect* hahahhaa!
Or you can also fight a dragon! And be a doll for the day :p
How about being a Polar Bear for the day?
Oh i didn't know I could finally do splits! :D
<And for the thrill seekers!!>

Climbing all the way up to get a bird's eye view! :D
 or white water rafting maybe? :D
For the table tennis player wannabe~
Or even spending time on a flyaway house from Up! :D
Simply lying on an elephant's trunk :p
Or simply act silly~
Me: "It's a ice cream!! *Slurps slurps*"
<Picture zooms out>

With Kungfu Panda! Hiak hiak!!
<For the couples>
The only time you can get back at your other half hahaha.. By hammering their head! :p
Single rider on the 小白船 (paper boat) seems too lonely~
Aww now this looks sweeter :D
But no hanky panky in the boat! :p No kiss kiss! hehehe!
And here we have a photo competition between B & Me! :D Vote in the comments below on who you think fared better in the next few photos to come! :p

<Ben vs. Chloe>
vote for me pls! Hehehe! 

Hope you enjoyed laughing at our hilarious photos as much as the fun we had capturing them at the Alive Museum! 

Don't worry if you don't know how you should pose with a certain exhibit, there are Pose Point & Photo Point icons at each art exhibit to show you how you can pose and which position is best for phototaking! :)

So head down to the Alive Museum this weekend and have fun with your family & friends! Do head down early to avoid the crowd! :D

Alive Museum SG
Located at: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 & 4)
Operating hrs: 10am-10pm (last admission at 9pm)
Ticket Price: $25 (adults), $20 (Children 3-12 years old)

PS: There's a promotion going on now!!
"Like" Alive Museum on Facebook & get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full priced ticket! :D Check it out now!

Thank you for having us! @alivemuseumsg & @omysg 

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