My First Balinese Massage at Le Spa

By 8:36 PM

Have you tried the Balinese style massage before? :) 

It was my very first try at Le Spa and it was a surprisingly pleasant one! Thank you for the pampering treat! It was really relaxing and loosens up all the tense muscles in my body.. haha.. 

I went to the outlet at Club Street (near Telok Ayer MRT) pretty convenient! :)

Recently, Le Spa also opened a new outlet at Chun Tin Road, convenient for those who stay near Upper Bukit Timah Road ;)

I didn't know that there are 24hrs Spa/Massage places in Singapore till I went to Le Spa :D Pretty cool huh?

Here's their website with more details on the different types of massage they offer :)
Upon arriving, I was brought into this cosy couple massage room, perfect for couples or best friends who are thinking of going for a massage session together ;)
And that's me after the relaxing Le Royal Balinese Massage. I actually fell asleep half the time hehee.. It was that good! Love that the massage therapist checks if the strength was appropriate and there wasn't any discomfort or awkwardness during the massage session. As I do not usually go for massage sessions, this was my very first Balinese massage and I was so scared that they might bend my limbs here and there! LOL! Didn't know what to expect :p

Based on my experience, they are pretty skilled in their massage techniques and nope, my limbs did not get contorted to weird positions hahaha.. It was a simply relaxing and de-stressing session from head to toe. Aaah felt so refreshed after the massage. <3
At the end of the session, you are served a cup of tea and you are ready to go! Off to shopping and cafe hopping after a much needed de-stressing session :D Thank you Le Spa for having me and William for extending the invite! 


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