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Do you like cafe hopping and travelling like I do? 
Ooh all the yummy yummy food hehehhee~

I have a soft spot for sweet treats and there is always space for them even after a heavy meal ;) I guess most girls have similar sentiments. However, I guess you will agree how sinful those sweet treats are, especially having an impact on your outer appearance. 

Do you know that apart from constant intake of sweet & sinful food, another main cause that takes a toll on our lower body would be sitting down for long hours? Sitting is one of the main causes of heavier bottoms. (i'm super guilty of that!) I'm sure many of you are guilty of that too. >.<  Subsequently, issues like cellulite and stretch marks sets in and affects even ladies who may not be big in size. (i'm also guilty for falling into this category :( ) 

Although I might look slim but a concern that has been constantly bothering me would be issues with my lower body (waist down, especially my thighs and buttocks) :( Although I can fit into a small size top, my bottoms are usually one to two size bigger than my tops. This always frustrates me when I am shopping for bottoms. I just have a hard time looking for the perfect pair of bottoms. Arghh.. I guess my body shape is like that of a pear :x

Even though I've tried to exercise and diet, some areas are very difficult to lose weight, especially our lower body. My waist area might have slimmed down after diet/exercise but the lower tummy bulge and saggy buttocks are still intact. It gets pretty frustrating, don't you agree?

I have heard of BottomSlim previously when I was watching the Star Awards 2014. Guess how thankful I was when I received the invite from BottomSlim, the Pioneer in lower bottom slimming? I was super duper excited!!!  Oh yes, BottomSlim has also generously provided free treatments for my readers to try out too! :D (read on to find out more!)

BottomSlim is the pioneer in lower body slimming to effectively solve these common lower body treatments such as:

-Bulging Tummy
-Wide Hip 
-Bulky Thighs
-Chunky Calves
-Stretch marks
-Toxic & Water Retention
-Sagging Buttocks 

BottomSlim is also one of the main presenters for Star Awards 2014 :) Quite reputable right? 

The treatments at BottomSlim targets these precise areas to help ladies look better with a slimmer and more slender, toned lower body. If you look good, you will feel good as well! So this definitely helps to boost self confidence and self esteem in the long run. :D 

Let me show you how my treatment went :

During my first consultation, I was greeted by a friendly specialist who brought me into a cosy room for consultation to find out more about the concerns I have about my lower body.. The whole consultation process was private and professional and she promptly identified the suitable treatments for my main concerns (tummy bulges, sagging buttocks and bulky thighs). Love how the specialist made me feel comfortable although I was slightly nervous given that it was my first treatment. Hee! She was so nice and easy to chat with :D

After the personal analysis, I was shocked as I didn't realise that slow jog actually bulks up my thighs instead of helping me to slim down. Although my thighs were firm (due to exercise), the muscles wrapped up my fats within hence I was unable to achieve slimmer thighs that easily via exercising. (as advised by my specialist). Hence, I needed treatments that can break down the fats within.

After the analysis, we were brought over to measure my weight before I was brought to the cosy room to start my treatments. :D
These were the two treatments that she has customised for me:

1. Signature Tummy, Hip and Thighs Trimmer: 
Aims to: 
  •  Shapes and trims away unwanted bulges at difficult to lose areas ( tummy, hip, thighs)
  •  relieves water retention
  •  tones and shapes up body area
  •  detoxification
  •  improves overall circulation
  •  increase metabolism

Pain factor: 1 out of 5
Maybe my pain tolerance level is higher than others, but this treatment didn't felt painful to me. Only felt the heat on the affected areas after the treatment ended as the blood circulation was improved :)

My tummy felt more toned after the treatment, as if i did numerous sets of crunches haha.. Perfect for lazy people like me :p

2. BottomTrim Therapy
Aims to:   
  • breaks down stubborn fats into smaller pockets for easier dispersion
  • breaks down bulges accumulated over prolonged sitting poor posture
  • improve skin texture - smoother and firmer
  • reduces appearance of cellulite
  • lightens stretch marks and scars
  • tones and lifts sagging muscles for better definition : perkier butt!
  • promotes overall circulation and boosts metabolism
  • boosts lymphatic drainage, lessens lethargy
Pain factor: 3 out of 5

This treatment was painful in my opinion but it was bearable pain as i had quite abit of stubborn fats that they need to break down. No pain, no gain right? ;)  

This was me taking a selfie while my specialist was doing the BottomTrim treatment for me hehe.. So i guess it's not too painful! The specialist will also constantly check with you if the strength of the treatment was bearable, so don't worry too much!  

Here's a before & after picture of my thighs:

On the left would be the thigh before treatment, more flabby and no bruises yet. On the right was my thigh after treatment :) Toner and there were bruises like the mini red spots seen in this picture (disappeared after 2-3 days so not to worry!) too many toxins in my body :p

After the treatment, i felt that my butt was perkier and my thigh bulge was reduced!! Pretty obvious difference when I wore a old pair of jeans which was usually tight around my thighs area.. There was more space around my thighs after this treatment! Wow!

Oh yes, bruising is normal after doing this treatment due to the amount of toxins in your body. More bruises = more toxins! My bruises faded off two days after my treatment haha.. But the effects from this treatment was really visible after just 1 treatment! I'm so amazed ^_^ Resulted in quite a bit of bruises around the affected areas but wow my saggy buttocks were way firmer and perkier. And also, my thighs were more toned! Woohoo! Can wear shorts more often already hehe! Hoping to go for more of this treatments for slimmer & toner thighs & buttocks :D Do try this out!

Oh yes, I was given these two solution for after treatment care as well. 

These two slimming & contouring gels helps to battle against horrible sagging and improve skin elasticity in time, making skin feel significantly tighter and firmer. Aids in hydrating and burning of existing fat deposits (will apply them daily! burn fats burn~ :D)

Love how both of the products are really light and gets easily absorbed into my affected areas! Not much sticky feel after applying either Nano X Plus Gel/ Nano Firm Gel! Love it!
Really love how the treatments at BottomSlim were fuss free and I could see significant difference after one session. If you would like to lose weight without exercising, and do it in a quick & natural way, do give BottomSlim a try! :D 

PS:Thank you Miko, my specialist for being so friendly and answering all my queries :) as well as Marilou for accompanying me throughout the treatment. ;)


Get your Free 3 x Customized lower body treatments + Anti-Cellulite Treatment. (worth $738) simply by indicating your interest in the form below:

In Addition: 1 lucky winner will win a pair of VIP tickets to Running Man Race Start Season 2 on Nov 19 worth $696! :D


3 other lucky winners will get Gold Class Movie Tickets of your choice worth $29! :)

-      Females 21 years old and above only with no Ezcema or other skin problems
-      Strictly by appointment only.
-      Promotion valid for 2 months

Why not give it a try if you have similar lower body concerns like me? :) 

Bottomslim is conveniently located at various outlets such as Ngee Ann City, City Square Mall, Square 2 (Novena), Parkway Parade, Nex Mall and Jurong East. For more details, visit any Bottomslim outlet,   BottomSlim Website or call 63632525 to make an enquiry/ book an appointment now! :)


Let's work hard to look good & feel good together! :D 

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  2. Thigh slimming is really hard. I have tried with exercise and diet but it didn`t work. Eventually, I`ve done thigh slimming procedure in Singapore. I did it last year. The result was amazing. I`ve done 6 procedures.