The Fabulous Baker Boy

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Hihi! :D Are you thinking of somewhere to go to for sweet treats or desserts?

I'm sure most of you have heard about people raving about the cakes from The Fabulous Baker Boy right? :) And so.. we went to check out how good the cakes were! It is located directly opposite Liang Court in the Foothills.

This is a rather backdated post :p but since I am craving to go back to try the famous red velvet cake, I better post up this post before my next visit hehe~ B brought me here as part of my b'day celebration, sweet treats after the yummy brunch at La Villa! :D 
You have to walk quite a bit from the entrance. The distance seems rather far as it was too sunny (scorching hot) and the both of us were sweating by the time we reached the end. (it's located at the last building in this picture *points up*)
When you see these pretty human sized tulips, you are reaching the cafe! :D really wanted an OOTD with the tulips as the background but... the weather was really too hot, all you want to do is quickly run to a shady area :x

And we are finally here!

Pls pardon my tired looking face :x *I hate being under the sun*

Anyway, as you can see, the cafe's not very huge. I reckon that the seating capacity can seat up to maximum 40 pax.. So please do call up to make a reservation before heading down! :) so that you won't get turned away after walking all the way under the hot sun :x 

And it's time to order our cakes! :D
Really love the handwriting/ typography (or whatever you call this :p) on the wall! I would want this on my future dream kitchen! Hehe.. Too pretty!
To my huge disappointment, the cake that I was aiming to try was sold out! :( *Sobs sobs* Really really wanted to give the red velvet cake a try! I guess we just gotta make another trip there another time.. I heard a lady in front of me said: "This is my 4th time here, but I still did not get to try the red velvet cake :(" I guess this is only our 1st visit so I shall not complain! 
#wishingfor #betterluck #nextround
I think i have a secret obsession with cake stands with the pretty cake covers~ Haha.. too pretty! 
*Must have in future dream home!*
And these were the other cakes on sale :) Not alot of variety of cakes to choose from but they all look sooo good! :p

And special thanks to B who took the effort to plan the day out :D

Without further ado, presenting to you~
Strawberry Yoghurt Lemon Slice
This was my favourite between the two! This pretty slice of cake had a slight tinge of sour lemon taste with the sweet and light strawberry yoghurt. Very appetising and the cake was very light too! You can just keep taking one bite after the other and not feel very jelat after eating it! Rating it a 4 out of 5 for us~ the only point left would be the price factor. Slightly expensive for a slice of cake but it's nice to indulge in a yummy slice of cake once in a while :D

Will be back for more~
Green Tea Praline Cake
We would rate this cake 2.5 out of 5. It was not as moist as the strawberry slice, rather dry and we felt that the matcha taste was not strong enough.. Not really worth your moolahs for this slice :x
The strawberry yoghurt slice was a clear winner for us!

Which one would you vote for? :D (drop me a comment to let me know!)

Do check out this cafe at:
The Fabulous Baker Boy
70 River Valley Road
#01-15 The Foothills
Tel: +65 6694 8336
Tue to Thu: 11am – 6pm, Fri: 11am – 11pm
Sat: 10.30am – 11pm, Sun: 10.30am – 5pm


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