Ma Chérie & Majolica Majorca Winter Launch

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Hello everyone! :) Sorry for the hiatus, was away for quite a while as I went on a holiday and was down with food poisoning, my iPhoto crashed, as well as the overwhelming workload after I was back! So sorry to all! I will be updating this space more regularly to make up for it! I promise! :D Please don't abandon me okay?

Anyway, I'm back to show you the pretty Ma Cherie and Majolica Majorca Winter Launch which i've attended! :D Thank you for the invite!
I love the fairylights! :D

Attended this event together with Celine too! :)

Are you fretting over what to buy for your upcoming Christmas exchanges? Here's a few beautiful and pretty gifts from Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie's latest winter launch that costs less than $30~ I'm sure these will make great gifts for your girlfriends, colleagues and loved ones :D Psst! You might want to consider getting some to pamper yourself too! :p 

*Tis the season for gifting!*
Check out the pretty packaging! Tell me how can you resist not getting one of these? Furthermore, this hair fragrance not only looks good, it also helps to hydrate and protect your hair! :D Do grab your limited edition Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance available at selected Watsons stores now for $16.90~

This is perfect for OLs like me, ever recall how you head to a hawker centre and come out with bad smelling hair? Keep this bottle of hair fragrance in your drawer and you can smell good all day, even after heading to the hawker centre for lunch! Cheap & good food ftw! Nothing can deter me in indulging in cheap & good food anymore hehe~ This is my number 1 pick as a Christmas gift! :D Thanks to Ma Cherie, I can have my hair smelling good & remains protected all the time~
Spray away odour with Ma Chérie Winter floral fragrance
Purer and sweeter than the original scent

Formulated long lasting fragrance to sustain fresh top note and effectively combat against food and tobacco smell. Protecting every strand of hair with its unique Champagne Honey Gelee for moisturising effect! Indulge in the scent of blooming flowers all day!
Usage: Use it as the last step after styling. Spray at a distance of 15-20cm (pic is not an accurate representation :p) onto hair with a upward direction. Shake well before use.

*Do note that it is extremely flammable and you should place it in a cool dry place.
A pretty fun game to let you know the ingredients used in the floral hair fragrance! :D The moisturising ingredients are:
  • Champagne: protects against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Honey: Naturally retains moisture and adds shine to your hair
  • Hydroxyethyl Urea: Repairs cuticle hole and cortex
  • Inositol: Vitamin B that helps to soften your hair

 More pretty products from Ma Cherie that are perfect as stocking fillers! Girls would love to receive these for Christmas! :D 

Moving on to the new products from Majolica Majorca~

Psst! This is not a biased comment! I really love Majolica Majorca's Mascaras! Have been using Majolica's mascaras since 4 years ago :D So the number one item I would recommend you to get from this latest collection: Chapter 39 Pure Play would be the Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 which is the seasonal limited edition coloured mascara.
This mascara is formulated with gloss oil and blue lame specks to give a beautiful blue glittery stardust-like finishing on your lashes~ Super pretty! Perfect for the Christmas season!! :D

Moreover, with the 4mm jet black long fibers and liquid lengthening base, it helps to coat each lash to give a voluminous effect. And simply reiterating on the mascara wand's duo comb design that ensures you get to reach even the shortest lashes.

Last but not least, this mascara is water-proof and is also formulated with Speedy Dry Oil, Vitamin E derivatives and Macadamia Nuts oil to give a long lasting curl effect on our lashes.

Get your sparkly limited edition at Watsons for $25.90 now, before it's all sold out! :D

The second item I would highly recommend would be the Rouge Majex! It comes in two shades: Pure Apple and Poisonous Apple. Pure apple is the brighter red colour while poisonous apple is the more subtle darker shade of glittery red. I was given the one in Poisonous Apple shade and I'm so loving it! Love the staying power of the lip rouge and it is really very moisturising unlike some of the other lip glosses that I have used before. Imagine the eeky dry chapped lips, yes some other lip glosses gave me that yucky look :x This rouge majex doesn't! :D It's one of my top favourites among all the lipsticks I have now! 

Grab yours now at $17.50 (a pretty affordable price & makes the perfect Christmas gift! :D)
Next up, another new product in the Winter Launch would be The Little Humming Book IV! This palette is part of a series of 4 limited edition palettes that was launched in conjunction with Majolica Majorca's 10th Anniversary. What makes this makeup palette unique is that it can be used as an eye shadow palette to brighten the eye area as well as a highlighting powder to give a beautiful finish! :D The compact palette can be applied lightly over the face to add shimmer to it! Perfect for the Christmas parties that you might be attending! :D In addition, it also helps to cover up your pores while eliminating sebum for a long lasting, refreshing and pure finishing~

Are you tempted to get it now? :D At $25.90, I think it's pretty worth it given that it has so many functions, from contouring to eyeshadow colour and providing the glittery glam look for parties. Do take a look and test it for yourself at the Watsons counters! :D

There was also a makeup booth for us to try out the new products on the spot as well! Thanks to the professional makeup artist, I can have pretty sparkly lashes (Lash Expander Edge Meister 17), luscious looking lips (Rouge Majex in Poisonous Apple) and a more defined/ contoured face shape (The Little Humming Book IV)! :D Yipee!!
Oh yes! There was also a cute game booth where we could play mini indoor golf with the mascara wand! Kudos to DSPG for the decor and creativity! I really enjoyed myself at the event! :D
And of course, with the pretty makeup done at the makeup booth, taking pics are a must! Especially with the Laneige Beauty bloggers & Celine! :D

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to Watsons store where you can get Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie products for your upcoming Christmas gift exchange! :D
So sorry for the late updates! But I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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