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Hello everyone! I'm back! PS: Do keep a look out for the upcoming blogposts as I will be doing my first blog giveaway soon~! :)
Back to today's post~
Do you know... that sugar gives you wrinkles as it breaks down collagen?? 

"In a nutshell, sugar hastens the
degradation of elastin and collagen, both key
skin proteins. In other words, it actively
ages you" :(

as quoted from:
This is really bad news for me, especially when I love sweet treats so so much!! :( *Sobs*
You know how girls love to eat sweet treats so often right? I am definitely one of them! Check out my food posts and you will understand. :x 

So what can you do if you can't seem to give up on your dessert and sweet treats? I guess the only way would be to replenish and increase your daily collagen intake! :D 
Here's a beauty supplement to my rescue! Thanks to the samplestore and ITOH Collagen Powder, I can have my sweet treats and slow down the process of ageing too! 
*But of course, I will also need to reduce my intake of sweet treats (for the sake of beauty) :p*

I was so happy when I received this box of collagen powder! :D Something to boost my collagen level since I'm hitting my quarter life crisis soon! >.< 

This collagen powder is endorsed by one of my favourite beauty gurus; Kevin老師 Check out this video where this collagen powder was featured on 女人我最大:

  1. Colourless (it's white and when you stir it in any beverages, it "disappears!" *Poof* :p You do not really see it in your beverage anymore) *refer to the pic below*
  2. Tasteless (Tried and tested! You don't really taste it even when you only drink it with plain water :D)
  3. Non-Sugar (like duh... since sugar breaks down collagen.. :p *sorry for stating the obvious*)
  4. Non- Fat (Yay!! This is very important since you won't want to look youthful at the expense of an increasing waistline right?)

Check out the pic on the right where i've mixed the collagen powder into plain water :) Colourless checked! Maybe not entirely if you didn't stir it well enough~ Tasteless checked! My water did not have any weird taste hehe.. This will be my daily beauty supplement from now on~ :)

Each sachet contains 3000mg of Collagen powder which can be dissolve to any drink or soup <3

The Collagen Powder can be taken throughout the day, but best recommended to take ITOH Collagen powder on an empty stomach or before sleeping. 

You can add the collagen powder to hot soup or drinks like coffee, milk, tea or water! I think it does not necessarily have to be hot drinks since i've tried mixing it in with room temperature water hehe :)
I can't wait to try mixing in the collagen powder with the cinnamon cocoa mix my boss gave me for Christmas! :D hehe.. the mini whisk is too cute! :p

The low molecular powder enhances the absorption of collagen, capturing all the benefits that collagen contributes! :)Not to worry if you did not see any immediate significant results after consuming. Results are usually visible after 1-2 weeks~ 

(But of course, once again, here's a disclaimer: results might vary depending on individuals. Do consult your doctor before taking any beauty supplements if you have any pre-existing medical conditions :))

So.. where can you get this from? :D One box costs $49.90 (14 sachets in a box) the sachets are so convenient to bring around, so you can get your daily collagen intake wherever you head to! Be it overseas, or to the office :) 

If you are someone like me who wants to eat her cake and prevent wrinkles from forming, do get your ITOH collagen powder at Guardian stores now! ;) Get one box to retain your youthful looks <3

If you would like to get a free sample of this collagen powder before buying it, do head down to now! :D Here's the link to get your free samples:

 Do redeem it fast, limited samples only! :)

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  1. Collagen can bring real relief from pain by directly combating aging tissue and arthritis by aiding normal repair of ligaments, tendon joints and bones while improving the connective tissues of the skin.

    Marine collagen supplements

  2. Chloe, am loving your look! I can empathise, I can't resist ice cream and sweet treats too! Great post!
    I saw that Beaute Spring is currently offering the collagen at $13 only!!!!!! They are having some Great Renovation Sale at their Bugis Village outlet.
    I bought a few boxes based on your review and am planning to stock up for a year's supply me kiasu =P

    1. Hi there! :)

      Thanks for sharing on the good deal! Will check it out soon ^^ Thanks for the support for my blog!