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"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin."
-Gwyneth Paltrow-
Although one might say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, being comfortable in your own skin is more important :) To achieve this, a good skincare regime with reliable skincare products are essential! 

 Do you recall the recent blogpost where I've blogged about the things to buy from Korea? :)
Click to read all about it: 

As you can see, the number 1 thing I will stock up from Korea would be skincare and cosmetic products! However, as much as I would love to, I am unable to make frequent trips to Korea just to stock up on cheap skincare and cosmetics (due to $ & time constraints).. but the price of skincare and cosmetics in SG are often overpriced :x So what should we do...? :( 

Let me share with you this new avenue where you get to purchase Korea Skincare brands at a cheaper price (nearly 40% cheaper) than retail prices in SG! :D Furthermore, you can also get to purchase Korean skincare/cosmetic brands that are not available in SG retail stores yet! Eg. Innisfree, Saem and Lioele.

Here's some snapshots from the blogger party held at Blisshouse :)
Thank you "Beauty in the Eyes" for the sweet & savoury treats! :)
With pretty Vivian~
And our team for the day: Vivian, Carmen, Cynthia & I :)

And we had a mini competition with some of the products that we were given. Our team received the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid! :D
Would love to purchase this peeling liquid for soft baby skin on my feet! :D You can get it from this link here!

With all the bloggers, Nicole & the team from "Beauty In the Eyes"! :D 

Introducing to you this hot product from Saem! Saem is recently endorsed by G-Dragon from Big Bang :p This Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask is enriched with black pearl extract which improves the moisture level in your skin, removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates and provides radiance to your skin! :D

Check out this picture below where one of the bloggers did something cute on her wrist! This is how the bubble mask looks like after it foams up~ Cute right? :)
Saem is one brand that you can't find in SG's retail stores~ I'm so tempted to try out this product for a full review on it! Shall KIV this on my wish list! :D 

You can get it from beauty in the eyes' website for $32.80 (pretty affordable in my opinion!)  Click here to get it now~^^ 
This is random.. but here's a pic with Cynthia! Do we look alike? :p Haha i think we look like sisters in this pic lol!  My sister is called Cynthia too~ teehee ^^
OOTD for the event at Blisshouse:
White tunic from The Tinsel Rack + favourite brown oxford heels
Now, let me present to you two of the products from Beauty in the Eyes~
Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel
(Made in Korea)
How to use: Gently apply on sensitive and dry areas on your face & body. Let the gel be absorbed by gently tapping all over your face :)

This Multi Seaweed Gel has a great soothing effect on sensitive skin with more than 90% of seaweed extract. It also contains Coenzyme Q10 which increases skin elasticity. *Boink boink* Hehe^^

Check out the pretty box packaging! I always have a weak spot for pretty packaging lol~ Anyway, I have tried using this seaweed gel on my face and body where I tend to get heat rashes. It has a really nice cooling & soothing effect when applied! After tapping the watery gel on the affected area, your skin does not feel sticky at all~ 

Oh ya, you also do not need to worry about the seaweed smell~ It definitely does not smell like seaweed at all! :D I think it works like aloe vera gel hehe.. Do give it a try by ordering it from here~ A pretty good deal at $20.65! :D

Next up, can you guess what is this for? 
Yes this is the Tomatox Magic Massage Pack from Tony Moly (Made in Korea)! :D Super cute bottle that will brighten up your day! Psst! perfect for a phototaking prop too hehe!

How to use: After cleansing your face, take an adequate amount of the massage pack and softly massage with your finger tips for about 1min or so.. After massaging, leave it on your face as a mask pack for approx 5-10mins. After which, gently wash off in a patting motion! :) Use this 2-3times a week~

*Do note that you should not rub your face too harshly while washing it off*
This massage pack contains tomato extracted water and tomato ingredients. And the tomato extract helps to make your skin radiant as well as tones your skin to make you look younger! Provides an instant magic revitalising effect on your skin! *Bling bling~* ^^

Click here to get your Tomatox pack at $17.85! :)


Head on to Beauty In the Eyes to check out their products now! (You can click on the pic below to be directed to their website!)  :D You can consider getting some of the products as Christmas gifts too! ^^

Thanks for reading! :)

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