Minions date at St Marc's Cafe

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Bello!  Do you remember your Minionese? :p

Here's a recap for the Minion fans~
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This is a rather long overdue blogpost with images that I just found in my hard disk :p I didn't want to park them away without sharing with all of you, so here I am! :D

I hope this blogpost brings back happy memories of the Minion fever~ I'm sure most of you are minion fans right? *winks* 

Do you recall the crazy rush for the happy meal minion figurines? :D Teehee~
Here's one of them which lights up!
*cues song!*

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And yup! Bestie and I went on a Minions date! :D With our complimentary movie voucher in hand, and minions on our nails, we went to watch Despicable Me 2! We were dressed in Minion colours too haha.. Pics are in Bestie's camera though :p Minion themed for the day~
I thought that Despicable Me 2 was nicer than the first one hehe~ Officially a Minion fan after Despicable Me 2 :D


And dinner at Siam Kitchen :) Craving for thai food right now!

Here's Stuart saying: "Could we have some dessert pls?" 

And off we went to St Marc's Cafe!
I really love shops/cafes that display food model figurines outside, to entice you in to give it a try! :D Just looking at the display, your mood will lighten up immediately hehe~

And St Marc's Cafe is famous for their chocolate croissant! Simply delicious! We ordered one to share~
And... How could we give the Chocolate Banana Fuji a miss when we are here? :D

We had a dilemma deciding between Little Fuji & Choco Banana Fuji, but I guess as Minion fans, the choice is pretty obvious~ "Me want banana!!"

YUMS! I need to head to St Marc's Cafe for a Choco Banana Fuji really soon!! :p I would rate the desserts at St Marc's Cafe 4 out of 5 stars! Gives you a satisfied and happy feeling after finishing it~ and most importantly, brightens up your mood once this was served. Crispy and hot on the outside, soft on the inside! Served with ice cream and bananas, drizzled with rich choco sauce, simply heavenly!
The Minions can't wait to get their hands on the dessert too! How about you? :)

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Tank you for reading, Poopaye~! <3 Check back for more updates soon~

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